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An Ode To Support Players

Dedicated to Mithy, and players alike.

How am I to describe the benevolent efforts of a support player?

A force that is often shown through strength, healing and warding. You are vigor and ruthlessness that fights every day on the rift to provide your team with crowd control and kills. Your lane partner knows that they aren’t alone, you protect the lost, the squishy, the broken and you are an example of selfless might. You know that it’s not all about getting the kills, it’s about winning the fight.

Thank you supports, for using the little money you have on buying shiny wards, granting your team vision to prevent unnecessary deaths.

” Support: Hey guys, it’s really great that you’re working on your build, but pink wards are cheap and we can have 5 on the map. Can you please buy some?
Top: Shut up
Support: -_-  “

A word of gratitude goes out to you for  sacrificing your own speed, because boots are expensive and you don’t have coins until later because, most of the time, you move out of the way to give your ADC the gold. The lack of levels, the lack of items and the sacrifices don’t go unnoticed. You are selfless, and maybe it’s because the league world has always expected you to be.

I main support and I instantly cringe when I set up a kill beautifully and the ADC just sits there. Interestingly enough, the same ADC will dive under turret at level 3, die and proceed to flame me for not backing him up. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  Source: Lolesports

 Zven, of course knows better but for the non-challenger players, this happens way more than it should.

Janna will take a rain-check on an enemy team fight engage on account of bad weather. Bard says “NOPE!” when the enemy jungler attempts to gank and Poppy will blow you out of her teams vicinity if you think you can pull a fast one. The least we can do for our supports is say thank you.

Of course, the strongest of structures within history have crumbled under certain situations, but you, my supports, have remained strong. Ganks happen and often someone has to die. In a perfect world, it’s a failed attempt but if somebody has to go, supports would much rather it be them than their carry. They only aim for assists in the game, their personal survivability is lowest priority in team battles.

Everyone should learn to be more like you because being a support does have its perks;

  1. Shorter wait times in queue
  2. You don’t have to focus on last hitting
  3. If you carry early, you get carried later. It’s return on investment at its finest
  4. You make a big difference in team fights
  5. And best of all, fan girls. Fan girls love a selfless, caring support.


All you support mains out there – grab a drink. You’ve earned it!

Cover Photo Source: Deviant Art