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Knowing: Glenn Doornenbal

As recently announced, Origen has gone through roster changes for the summer and we would like to introduce them to you. So let’s hit it off with our new support; Glenn “Hybrid” Doornenbal. Glenn was born on August 5, 1994 in The Netherlands and his professional career started back in 2014 when he first joined […]

Ago 8

New Roster Announcement

With old endings come new beginnings! As we announced yesterday, there were circumstances that forced us to make roster changes prior to the Summer Split. We are pleased to announce today that our squad is gaining two great players. We never thought that we could find, in that short notice, a botlane that we are […]

Ago 534

Changes in Origen

Today we are very sad to announce the departure of two team members, causing Origen to go through some changes for next LCS split. Here is what XMom told us in regards to these changes: “For a while there have been rumors that there would be roster changes within the organization. The speculations stated that […]

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Artwork Showcase No.9

The ninth Origen’s Artwork Showcase is here! We are so grateful for your support, thanks a lot for being there, we are nothing without you. In today’s post we have more stunning artwork (Summer split hype, anyone?), player drawings, Origen fan skins and a cosplay! Make sure you check everything! So remember: if you want […]

Ago 2
True Gamer

Being a true gamer

What exactly makes someone a “true gamer”? According to my friend, the only people that can call themselves gamers are the ones that live for the scene, not just some Mario-Kart playing posers. There’s nothing wrong with playing FarmVille on occasion but it seems that people like to differentiate between “people who play games” and […]

Ago 7
skadi artwork 8

Artwork Showcase No.8

The eighth Origen’s Artwork Showcase is here! Can you believe it? So many fan arts, so much love for the team… we are really grateful and happy to have you! In today’s post we have more fan skins (we are never tired of Origen Oriannas, so don’t worry, send us as much as you want!), […]

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