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Clarification of the rumors of Origen staff

After incredulously reading the information that has been published through social networks, and even worse, in some media that have repeated the false information without due verification, we decided to wait until the competition week ended before publishing this communication to clarify the situation. Currently, not a single member of Origen’s staff has resigned, left […]

Ago 7

Toaster will be the new ADC and Zhergoth new sub

As you all know, xPeke was training hard to try to reach the best possible level as ADC but, with our results and, being yesterday the last day we had left according to RIOT rules, we have been forced to enroll new players in our team roster. We have enrolled Zhergoth as our sub for TOP. […]

Ago 121

NA LCS Week 6 Coverage

Matchup of the Week – Team Liquid versus Immortals – Winner: Immortals (2-1) Both teams have had an impressive season so far. Immortals occupies second place while Liquid is currently fighting to hold onto third place. Each team finds themselves behind Team SoloMid but Immortals remains right on their heels and want to prove to […]

Ago 3

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The fans at Gamergy

In 2014, xPeke announced his team Origen on the second edition of Gamergy (Madrid, Spain). Origen was present during the third and fourth editions, organizing fan meetings and activities. Even though last weekend, on the fifth edition, xPeke could not be present, Origen’s presence was still there thanks to you. We want to take a moment […]

Ago 13

Motivational Lessons We Learn from Video Games

Life lessons learned from gaming – it’s really not as cheesy as it sounds. Take the time to really think about it. Video games are one of the world’s most popular mediums of entertainment. Far from being an idle pastime for the geeky and the bored, video games are in fact awesomely powerful tools that aim to provide experiences […]

Ago 19

Artwork Showcase No.9

The ninth Origen’s Artwork Showcase is here! We are so grateful for your support, thanks a lot for being there, we are nothing without you. In today’s post we have more stunning artwork (Summer split hype, anyone?), player drawings, Origen fan skins and a cosplay! Make sure you check everything! So remember: if you want […]

Ago 6