Today we announce that Glenn “HYBRID” Doornenbal is no longer a part of Origen. It has been a difficult decision to end our contract with Hybrid. We know he is one of the best players in his position, but perhaps the difficult circumstances of this split did not let him be a 100% focussed on the project, as we expected.

At first we were very excited with the incorporation of Forg1ven and Hybrid. we thought we had a great botlane, because both of them are great players.
In fact, they were the best players that we could get at that moment. But to win games not everything depends on the individual skill and quality as a player. The human factor, the commitment to the team, helping out your teammates to create a good working environment for everyone so that everyone can give it their best are also highly influential.

Sadly, this was not achieved. the synergy we expected our botlane to have with each other, and the rest of the team, did not happen. Which led to our decision to let go of forg1ven, forcing xPeke to play in a position that is not his, despite his shortcomings.

And now, after having finished this season, we have decided to let go of Hybrid, whom we thank for his efforts for the team. We wish him best of luck in the new career opportunities which he will have surely.


Os comunicamos que Glenn “HYBRID” Doornenbal ya no forma parte de Origen. Ha sido duro tomar la decisión de rescindir su contrato, sabemos que en su posición es uno de los mejores, pero posiblemente, las circunstancias tan complicadas de este split hayan impedido que se entregue al proyecto al cien por cien tal y como esperábamos.

En un principio nos ilusionamos con la incorporación de Forg1ven y Hybrid, pensamos que habíamos conseguido una gran botlane, ya que ambos tienen mucha calidad, los mejores que en ese momento podíamos conseguir, pero para ganar partidos no todo depende de la calidad individual como jugador, también influye el factor humano, la entrega al equipo, ayudar a tus compañeros, en definitiva, crear un buen ambiente de trabajo para conseguir que todos se entreguen al máximo.

Tristemente eso no se consiguió, no surgió el feeling deseado entre la propia botlane  ni entre ésta y el resto de compañeros, lo que nos obligó en su momento a tener que rescindir el contrato a Forg1ven, provocando que xPeke se viera, a pesar de sus carencias, obligado a jugar una posición que no es la suya.

Y ahora una vez acabada la temporada hemos decido prescindir de Hybrid, al que agradecemos su paso por Origen y le deseamos mucha suerte en las nuevas oportunidades profesionales que seguro le van a llegar.



  • Helfenbein Róbert

    I think next season you will be no better if we do not change the lineup …. The Top, Jungler could stay but the rest …

  • Mick Vuur

    Eh whatever, he was a pretty average support anyway

  • Dejv Davidek

    keep froggen to OG pls, im not hating PoE but you see what happened

  • Mintaras Grybauskas

    now I be your new support? 😐

  • Malcolm McCreadie

    Once more, if PoE is still in the roster, you guys are a joke.

  • Onur Bilgiç

    Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño-Martinez support inc.

  • Gert Groenhof

    get rid of poe and put a real adc in the carry role

  • Nguyễn Đăng Khôi

    bye Hybrid :'(

  • Malcolm McCreadie

    And hybrid was one of origins most consistent players last split…U0001f611

  • Juanma Telleria

    Pls, Froggen is in one of the teams with best management in the Western scene rn, why would he come here xD

  • Thomas Seiler

    Xpeke mid Hans sama adc and noxiac supp

  • Sindre Street

    He left you monkey he didnt get kicked

  • Celine Eb

    Sad, liked Hybrid a lot :/

  • Matik Ližbetiín

    Need support? I am ready!

  • Andrea Paci

    Take paolocannone as support

  • Ignas Skaparas

    I am bronze but i main Tristaną ! xpeke could supp me. Deal?

  • Jake Johnson

    Jordan Lee Shane McQueen Damien McQueen deep

  • Giorgos Giannakos

    So what’s next?

  • Igor Izbinski

    Noxiak is thrash, hans won’t leave misfits 4sure
    Peke can’t play full time but he would be the best option

  • Desislava Zheleva

    Malcolm McCreadie If you read the tweets you will se its obvious that he didn’t get kicked and learn to behave

  • Matej Žula

    Hans sama has a team that is actually good.

  • Christie Kidd

    Look at all these expert fantasy LOL players that have ideas…

  • Ivan Corvera

    bring back Zven & Mithy! lol

  • Ryan Jennings

    He He from second place eulcs to complete and utter garbage, the feel good story of xpeke’s super team

  • Victor Alonso

    a cachos se cae esto

  • Matej Žula

    I dont think anyone who is not in a really bad spot right now will be willing to join origen anytime soon.

  • Zak Feasey

    Consistent maybe, but consistently under performing is still no use. Of course, take my words with a grain of salt, its hard to really perform on a team that isn’t performing, especially as a support player, who though can have impact, needs a decent team. Point is, I read his KDA was like 9th worst in league, considering Origen is 9th in the league, means his KDA was on par with Origen’s season, and so his performance was nothing great

  • Ricardo Santos Marques

    Cuz of no results…

  • Daniel Haack

    Do you blame him though…

  • He He

    Dont you mean top 4 worlds lol

  • Gabrielė Agnietė Butvydaitė

    Arnas Surblys damn

  • Egemen Gökcan Göktaş

    PLs HolyPhoenix adc

  • Marko Glavan

    To bo xPeke odpru denarnico pa bo usak hotu pridt U0001f648

  • Julien Viles

    xPeke Support ? Valentin Arrouy mdrrr

  • Youcef Omar Ben Younes

    That’s what happens when you have traitors on your team 😀 a life lesson learned, now they should make updates on terms of leaving a team months before the tournament

  • Malcolm McCreadie

    Zak Feasey perfectly fair. I feel that if he had an actual ADC next to him the team as a whole would do a lot better.

  • Zak Feasey

    Everyone rips on PoE too much. PoE was the best player of Origen last split. Yes, Summer 2015 OG without PoE was amazing, but the biggest loss was losing Zven and Mithy.
    Would changing PoE solve Origen’s issues? Is PoE just not looking good because Origen don’t look good? sOAZ and Amazing looked really good 2015 Summer and not as good now, so maybe there are deeper issues that need solving

  • Ray Subia

    I love origen but look how far their ideas have gotten them U0001f64a

  • Toño Carames

    Este equipo desde que se fueron Mithy y Niels se cae a cachos , que dedique el verano a buscar jugadores competentes y si no que venda la plaza , xpeke quería ser Ocelote en los negocios pero Ocelote ha sabido gestionarlo mejor.

  • Matej Žula

    Idk 2 bot lejna sta šla v eni sezoni xd pa tudi mithy pa zven sta se pritoževala baje da jim ni najbolj za trenirat

  • Ryan Hörlein

    Changing the coach every 3 weeks was a big factor of all this. But ofc losing our botlane was a really big change

  • Marcel Koch

    Hybrid was a strong support and had a good champion-pool
    I hope Origen manages to get togehter a strong team.
    And stop hating on PoE guys. He is not to blame for this split. A true fan of Origen supports the team trough good and harsh times. #OGwin

  • Gon Martinez

    Tenes razón y casi todos los jugadores se van por la misma razón: la falta de entusiasmo o ánimos del equipo, creo que debería vender el equipo y dedicarse a otra cosa como coach o volver a jugar por lo menos una o dos temporadas mas

  • Martín Giménez

    “traitors” JAJAJAJAJAJA my god…

  • Ray Subia

    Its ok, no matter what your fans will always be there #OGWIN U0001f604

  • Jorge De La Puente Morales

    WTF why Hybrid? … Awesome…

  • Viropoulos Paris

    To supp ftaiei pou den kouvaliete o Peke sto bot…??
    Otan exanan oi Origen pou panta exanan GT POU PAS ME X-PEKE ADC???kai to sugekrimeno supp htan to mono pou epaize mazi me ton Soaz…
    Re oust

  • Geoffrey Gauthier

    Good Luck Hybrid 😀 Thanks for support Origen and hope you will join a new great team and become a legend among the legend 😀 But i stay OG fan ^^ and hope Origen will be prove they are the best of EU and maybe the world

  • Mahad Ilyas


  • Mahad Ilyas

    We lost a gem. Best of luck hybrid!

  • Med Mansour

    He did Carry the team for the entire last split. Mostly the only player who had always a nice performance even in when losing. sad to have him go.

  • Mick Vuur

    you can’t judge a player based on one game where he got player of the series. I’m not saying he’s a bad support ( hes a hell of a lot better then i am) but he doesnt really stand out from the rest of supports such as yellowstar, mithy, KaSing, aphromoo, biofrost, etc.

  • Αποστόλης Δούβρης

    Forg1ven was the problem…Just kick PoE pls

  • Darko Hrvojić

    Inb4 Origen get’s sold in 2 months.

  • apologo


  • Joshua Fuentes

    Eso eso seguid chutando a los que no tienen la culpa y dejad a Soaz y Amazing por colegueo cuando son el problema real, nada más falta que digan que Peke sigue de adc entonces ya me despollo. Muy a cuenta te salió vender la mejor botlane de Europa eh.

  • Arnas Surblys

    o daym f

  • Darko Cvetković

    R.I.P Origen. You really betray my love this season :'(

  • Fábio Godinho

    Wtf is going on? You can’t take a player for more than 1 month?

  • apologo

    El problema (creo yo) es que Peke ha sido demasiado buena persona, y no tan buen empresario. Hay que separar lo personal de lo profesional cuando tienes tanta responsabilidad y has invertido tanto, pero a Peke le influyen demasiado los lazos emocionales me parece a mi. Por ser mas profesional no va a ser peor persona, y si tiene que echar a alguien que le eche a tiempo o se van a hundir todos, además es que es su trabajo, nadie puede reprocharle buscar lo mejor para su club. Lo de la OG Family esta bonito, pero no es eficiente: una empresa es una empresa, no se debe mezclar con la familia.

  • Mario Jamić

    Nah, its not PoE’s fault. It’s mainly forg1ven bailing on them that gave them a very hard time, while he returned to h2k. OG now has alot of time to prepare for the next split. You win some, you lose some

  • Ivan Atanasovski

    Froggen key for new successful story

  • Curtis James King

    Agreed ^ their bot leaving them with little notice screwed them, now they have the whole off-season to prepare. Peke did say that instead of recruiting players they were attempting to ‘mould’ some new talent into really good players and then take them into the LCS

  • Aleksandr Semenov

    It’s sad that both of bot not suitable for team. Wish Hybrid to find a new great team and take opportunity to reach new heights! ^_^ Wondering who will be new bot for Origen, at least you have some time to choose now =)

  • Liam Valo

    Dafuq… 》THE PROBLEM《 is Soaz… no one thinks the same?

  • Leo Dethlefsen

    xPeke Support Incoming

  • Tim Stofferr

    I hope he joins FNATIC ,they need à good suppie

  • Claire Desoulle

    best of luck for whatever’s next, Hybrid!!

  • Manuel Bean

    Xpeke Support incoming?U0001f633

  • Laura Epstein

    Best of luck to Hybrid! Luckily, there’s a good amount of time now to test out new players and see who’s a good fit. Good luck, Origen!

  • David Mancilla

    Soaz es una maquina en top y ya lo ha demostrado

  • David Mancilla

    Xpeke junta al antiguo fnatic plox:’v

  • Fynn Kleinert

    Tim Stofferr They have Bora i don’t think that they let him go even if this split wasn’t his best.

  • spikeESP

    Hybrid se fue por su propia decision dejad de reprochar a Peke su salida. Creo que no es el mejor empresario del mundo eso esta claro pero ha hecho mucho. Cuando se fueron Zven y Mithy los cuales tienen muy buena sinergia (por que creeis que G2 esta de primeros?) Y el resto fue no saber adaptarse al meta y a tener poca sinergia Forg1ven y Hybrid y despues la propia salida de Forg1ven por su propia decision en medio del split obligando a Peke a jugar de adc y solo pudiendo usar a Toaster 2 partidas aparentemente sin muy buenos resultados han sido las razones de que OG haya tenido un splut tan malo. No es culpa de nadie y menos de Peke. Los que dicen que s0az y Amazing estan por colegeo, s0az sigue siendo un MUY buen toplaner y Amazing aunque no sea el mejor jungla y realmente se deba cambiar yo diria que Peke le dio otra oportunidad y ya veremos que hace para el prox split pero no podia cambiar de jungla a medio split porque paso forzosamente con el adc y mira lo que paso. PD: queria hacer la version en ingles pero se me ha ido de las manos lel.

  • Malcolm McCreadie

    I have said since he was brought into the roster that it was a bad choice. Mechanically PoE is an excellent player, but his map awareness and decision making have always been majorly flawed. That has and always will be my problem with him being OG mid. The meta is solely based around map movement and rotations, PoE has consistently been caught out.
    As for forg1ven… I can only wonder what xPeke was thinking U0001f615.

  • Hynox Impresionante

    Good Luck Origen Stay Strong for next season

  • Χρήστος Βούρδας

    Stfu bonobo U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Malcolm McCreadie

    I would like to state. I am as die hard an Origen fan as I am Scottish. #OGForever #KeepSmilingU0001f499

  • Isaac Mota

    Now what ?? Xpeke will pay supporrt as well, i guess you guys have to get focus on the issues that ur team has, amazing is playing horrible, soakz has a good game and then 5 bad games, xpeke is trying to play roll that he has no idea how to do it, if you really wanted to be with the team why you got POE ??. . This team needs more than that to be what it used to be cause you know what the problems are but u are juat looking at other side

  • Jakub Kresila

    I miss old fnatic.. Bring back rekkles..yellowstar.. And xpeke to mid !
    You were so strong team guys..

  • Alexandre Patron

    Just why ? HYBRID is a very good support … Then select your next botlane well for the next season and please, Make Origen Great Again !

  • Jose3012

    Solo tengo una pregunta. Bueno, en realidad dos. Quien va a ser el nuevo support? Y luego. Si no hay support, Toaster sera Adc y Peke support??

  • Jm Canimo

    Still solid OG fan

  • Sebastian Hausegger

    Lukas Renner Phillip Kovacs jetzt kann ma endlich an Biofrost 2.0 einstellen^^

  • M.J. Nami Veela

    im giving you all my energy to find a solid botlane 🙂

  • Patrik Döme

    Good luck Hybrid. We need back Mithy and Zven!

  • Fer D Grimes

    No crro que soaz sea el problema. Es un muy buen top. Creo que amazing si es un troll.

  • Fer D Grimes

    Pero que mmg xD

  • Isaac Mota

    Y no es la vdd? -.-

  • Benja Ignacio Castillo Latorre

    Bunnyfufu and gosu

  • Johnny Hu

    Isn’t it obvious that he is leaving a team that is struggling to stay in the lcs? Origen needs to be good again!

  • Vicente Rueda Da Firenze

    Todo proceso lleva tiempo!… por qué no dar continuidad ha algo que si bien no fue lo esperado tampoco era un error?!

  • Johan Carmine

    Bye Hybrid your work in Origen were good :).

  • Jenna Schillman

    You’ll figure out how to get back on your feet. Sending support from Michigan! #OGWIN

  • DaniCasado97

    O tienen muy buenos planes para la botlane o este movimiento no lo entiendo para nada, hybrid es un  muy buen support y aun no dando lo mejor de si yo creo que a sido de los que mejor lo han hecho este split de origen. Supongo que quieren fichar una botlane entera nueva #mithynielsreturn xDD nah

  • Ronald Manlabao

    You can’t put froggen and Peke in the same team.

  • Do Khac Cau Dang Vu

    Cyanide supp xPeke adc, the real synergy

  • Faris Hadzic

    xPeke support !

  • Joseth Sanchez

    no hibryd era mi favorito

  • Orlandy Ariel Sánchez Acosta

    Origen: presentamos el nuevo apoyo para la siguiente temporada, xPeke Kappa

  • asecas_cesar

    DaniCasado97 creo que no has entendido de que ha sido hybrid el que se ha ido…

  • Edu Alejandro Peregrina

    Rekkles ans YellowStsw

  • Christian Gendrano

    Hybrid got rekt’d m8

  • Adolfo Di Lorenzo

    OG Rekkles and OG Bora “yellowstar” Kim (Y)

  • Atay Zerner

    xPeke mid confirmed?

  • Johny Burdon

    Mithy Zven the comeback? Hope so. If that happens Origen will have great splits again!

  • Warren Graham

    Please fire PoE already or at least bench him.

  • DaniBoren

    How the hell Soaz can be on that team still? Hes the weakest link, and his days has been. He must retire. 😀

  • Gabriel Carballo

    Amazing ya dio entender que no piensa dar mas como en el 2015, poe aunque sea buen mid nunca demostro ser un crack como febiven, peke, ryu, etc. alo mejor y si xpeke ha sido muy sentimental, pero nolo compares con ocelote, xpeke llego ya auna semifinal del mundial con su propio equipo y el jugando.. falta que ocelote lo logre.. jugando en su equipo… no que otros jueguen por el. Esa esla gran diferencia

  • Diogo Nogue

    why! he played well must off all games.. 🙁

  • Kacper Szczukocki

    DAWAJ PAWKO delordi

  • Adham Rashwan

    Haitham Al Gbouri Marwan Alani Origen is deteriorating xD

  • Youcef Omar Ben Younes

    Martín Giménez

  • Haitham Al Gbouri

    I think its the correct decision for both! OG will comeback stronger 😛

  • Helen Dayana Zerda Rodriguez

    :'( Good Luck Hybrid

  • Thomas Seiler

    Toaster and Hans sama swap U0001f602

  • EdwinLunaTorres

    OG Imp and OG Mata (Y) great bottom lane

  • Martín Giménez

    Origen deberia dejar de manejarse como un grupito de amigos y empezar a moverse como un equipo.

  • Martín Giménez

    Los que piden a xPeke en mid otra vez, que tienen en la cabeza?

  • Konrad Grzybowski

    delord > hybrid

  • Martin Gajdos

    Origentotal bad this season sell ur spot in LCS for one million . .never again 3/4 place on world RIP :/ 🙁 im so salty 🙁 xpeke play MID POE unnistall pls

  • Denn Is

    U need peke mid again

  • Ryo Nakamine

    POE was like the only one who did his best this split, he played really well but overall OG this split was kinda lost,they had many misfortunes

  • Gonzalo Arias

    se viene complicado….. no me gustaria que caigan como esta pasando, quizás tengan que cambiar la forma en la que juegan y buscar otras estrategias; mas ahora que la lineas no tienen swap y justamente estan con la botlane que practicamente no existe a estas alturas…. calclo que a zoas le va a favorecer tener el 1v1 pero hay que esperar y ver que pasa…. ya vi caer teams al olvido como paso con M5 y otros tantos, no quisiera ver caer tmb a origen

  • Erick Hinojosa

    The Only Guy Who didnt seem to be tilted after the shitty games, Good Luck in relegations xd

  • Edu Alejandro Peregrina

    Sadly having a good score not always reflects a good team synergy, looking at the last scores of a game and blame someone just because he died the most is not accurate if you played LoL seriously you would know…

  • Miguel Gomes

    I would prefer xPeke one more year

  • nicolas_hb95

    Origen needs Freeze adc, xpeke is horrible like adc for LCS lvl

  • Juan Pulido

    Saquen a Soaz y a amazing.

  • Christopher Hartung

    OG Piccaboo…just get him he would fit perfectly ^^
    Playmaking, experienced, mechanically skilled TEAMplayer!!!

  • Mahad Ilyas

    I know, just saying he was a great support and played really got when it matters (promotion games against misfits) but then again your’re right, it doesn’t reflect

  • Pavia Petersen

    i hope u make origen great again

  • Nachetos

    Relegations already happened dude xD

  • Nachetos

    No has entendido nada de nada, su decision ha sido porque el no se ha sentido comodo ni al 100%

  • Nachetos

    I will keep an eye on korean team, wont be bad see a korean bot premade and more right now that looks that they are starting to feel atractive for our leagues

  • Angelo Mishima

    Baris Melikoglu Schau ich hab team gewechselt

  • Baris Melikoglu

    Man wieso wechselst du

  • Nachetos

    Dude u should watch more pro league and dont post random comments like this, Soaz have had a really bad early split but the last games h carried the games

  • Kazuhiko Yuki Tsuyoshi Fergadakis

    its sad to have maybe one of the best top laners in the world play
    with such limited champ pool players on his teamate(no haterino)
    it was logical for this to happen from one of the best in the world down to the buttom.all they had to do was to camp top
    and not let soaz snowball ;p
    hope this year u will have a decent bot lane because honestly..?
    i expected much more from you guys.

  • Adham Rashwan

    I hope so man

  • Jorge Pérez Godínez

    yeah i think that PoE was the best in the season for OG

  • Barnabás Győri

    Well then its time to buy yellowstar, bring back Cyanide and Pushu, and the s3 worlds crasher bombastic fantastic line-up will win the first title ^^

  • Julia Smushkin

    looks like the guys still need to choose if they make business oriented for result or they still just wanna be loved. The good thing is that they have time to cope with all that. gl hf!

  • Tom Gille

    If fnatic are exclue , u can maybe add yellowstar and rekkles to origen ? Like That u have a strong botlane

  • Alexis Ereña

    El team se cae a pedazos

  • John Prentzas

    Curtis James King The thing is they didn’t get bailed by Forgiven. He was kicked out due to lack of motivation after one week. I would really to like peke again on mid. Even at the spring split peke performed great on the mid when he was subbing PoE

  • OndrraGwitoMichl

    Děláš si prdel? xD

  • OndrraGwitoMichl

    xPeke is better than Rekkles

  • OndrraGwitoMichl

    No. Peke is better adc. OG need old bot with Zven and Mithy

  • Luis Angel Tavarez

    Pero hybrid era buenisimo solo que parecia coreano no mostraba emociones :v

  • Luis Vidal

    We neeed cyanide 🙁

  • Nicolas Figueroa

    no la quisieron vender, Soaz esta a un gran nivel, lo de amazing y peke es cierto pero bueno.

  • Alex Soriano

    Its not just that PoE is not as good as xPeke , you guys need to perform better callshots and use all the info you get from wards and to learn how to close a game quickly with a snowball game, to learn to play every op champ in every patch and items to build when u are ahead or behind , for the last, to know ur position on a battle or battle strategy , many times someone alone get

  • JoeWeller

    OndrraGwitoMichl you are retarded 😀

  • Joshua Fuentes

    Soaz a sido pésimo y Amazing igual por que te crees que se fue la botlane y forg1ven por que se las suda entrenar y hacen lo que quieren

  • Adolfo García

    Cyanide adc viejaaaaaa

  • Julio Hernandez

    Hope OG bounce back super strong next season! #OGFTW

  • Mario Carrero

    xPeke y OG en 3 meses se metieron en la LCS y en 6 meses llegaron a ser el 4to mejor equipo del mundo. Ocelote tardó años en conseguir meter a su equipo en la LCS aunque cuando lo consiguió, el equipo fue y es bastante exitoso (veremos en los mundiales). Poner a Ocelote por delante de xPeke no creo que sea justo. Habrá que ver si xPeke y OG consiguen salir adelante porque no levantan cabeza.
    Aunque he de admitir que no me gusta nada como esta haciendo las cosas OG. Intentan salvar la casa y quiza deberian derruirla y construir otra nueva y mejor.
    La marcha de la bot lane les dejó tocadísimos y no han sabido recuperarse.

  • David Tobias

    Thanks hybrid!!!!!! For helping us this tuff split…honor you!!!!!!

  • Aleksandar Milenkovic

    Tim Stofferr so true

  • Oscar Perez Francisco

    La marcha de Zven y Mithy dejo destrozado al equipo y no supo recuperarse de ello.
    Dudo que encuentren algun support mejor que Hybrid

  • Bene Brown

    Luke Hoskin y tho?

  • Tim Stofferr

    Fynn kleinert, yellow should stop playing prof after this season

  • Colin Nadji

    I see Origen like this in this moment

  • Cesar Garcia

    mithy y zven van a los worlds felices

  • Luis Calles

    Cuando G2, un equipo con más trayectoria que Origen, quedó fuera de Worlds en 2015 y Origen llegó a cuartos del mundial nadie dijo nada. Ahora que las cosas van mal aquí, es fácil criticar. Dime tú qué equipo llega a cuartos de un mundial empezando de cero ese mismo año.

  • BenWalker

    well… he IS the listed Sub Jungler…..

  • BenWalker

    despite his retirement, OG does technically have Cyanide as Sub jungler

  • BenWalker

    nicolas_hb95  the main problem with OG right now is they are having the same problem C9 were having, they play SOOOO much better with xPeke’s shotcalling. I cant understand why because Soaz and Amazing have just as much experience, but OG is suffering from the Hai effect.

  • Rhys Haughton

    As someone who used to manage Toaster’s old team before it disbanded and he got picked up by OG, Once he gets comfortable and has a new support that is on the same wavelength as him, he will be one of the strongest ADC’s in the league imo.

  • BenWalker

    OndrraGwitoMichl  no they need something entirely new. Zven and Mithy just werent working for OG anymore, the meta just isnt favorable for Carrying from bot lane, they need a supportive bot lane duo that can help get PoE and Soaz going. Hell with the assassin rework coming after worlds (i think thats when it comes) its going to be even harder to carry as Adc, OG definitely need to look for a supportive bot lane.
    Toaster at least has strength on Jhin which is the sort of adc they need. They just need to find a support that fits well with him

  • BenWalker

    DaniBoren  Soaz may be the weakest link, but he is also the STRONGEST link. He is very polarizing as a player, he is hit or miss most of the time, either he goes off and plays at Huni level of godlike, or he fails and plays bronze level of trash

  • BenWalker

    and then sub Amazing for a week or two for Cyanide (who is, of course, sub jungle for OG) and OMG its Fnatic-II

  • Rafax12

    Go and pickup one of the most promising bot lanes, Kepe as ADC and Rhuckz as support, both playing for K1CK, i guarantee you, they have a lot of synergy

  • David Acuña Vargas

    POE tiene que irse ya,esto no es hate para el,pero lo siento no cumple para un equipo como origen,despues dicen que hibryd es un soporte grandioso,por Dios con solo ver 4 partidas me doy cuenta que no esta jugando a nada,peke nesesita un adc,no digo que el lo haga mal pero un adc de verdad y despues le hacen hate a soaz .Ok amigos mios que realizan el hate,volvamos a TODAS las partidas de origen y veamos quien es el unico que quiere ganar aparte de peke ,hasta buscan origen highlights de origen y esta relleno de soaz,es el unico que esta haciendo algo y le consumen tanta critica,dejen de ser tan hipocritas y sean realistas,soaz es el que esta carreando a origen en estos duros momentos.

  • Jorge Robles

    Solo necesitan una bot lane dios como antes.

  • Julie Hahlbohm

    It’s sad to see another player go, but whatever changes you guys feel are necessary must happen. I am with OG because of xPeke, SoaZ, and Araneae, so I will follow to whatever end. Your true fans will be with you! #OGWIN

  • Marcel Koch

    Rhys Haughton that sounds promising. And you could already see sparks in the games he played 🙂

  • Rhodney Hermans

    @Origen, where can I Apply?

  • Batu Öztürk

    PoE worst EU lcs mid laner right now

  • Johnny Geeky

    OMG what happens

  • Johnny Geeky

    Mario Jamić agree – it´s absolutely not PoE´s fault. But in the end all started to went down as xPeke has left the mid – shotcaller position…. I know he most likely had a lot to do with managing the new OG organisation… but no one can deny that fact.

  • gamunax

    Compartan mas entre ustedes Origen no todo es juego, asi generaran sinergia 😀 para realizar un buen juego. Hablen entre ustedes compenetrense para que el ambiente sea el mas comodo posible y decir lo que siente entre ustedes, y veran los resultados en equipo y ser un equipo como lo fueron y mejor aun, GO!!!, Saludos desde PERU un fanatico de ustedes.

  • Tommy Randolph

    So does this mean support tryouts? Let it happen? Open tryouts for gold and above?

  • Adolfo Di Lorenzo

    Y el nuevo support? D:

  • Antoni Peñafiel Claros

    Bueno a mi punto de vista Top Soaz seria la mejor opcion que se quede ahora Jungla que saquen a Amazing no esta a un nivel de LCS esta trolleando y quisiera verlo jugar de nuevo a Cyanide en la jungla seria bestial Mid PoE no esta bien que digamos tal ves no fue su temporada quien sabe ADC y SUPP tendria que ser Hans y Otro no se verlo bien pero ya Xpeke que lo vea por el lado profesional ya no por la amistad esta bien hasta cierto punto pero ya llego a un punto donde tiene que pensar a lo grande !!!

  • Antoni Peñafiel Claros

    Confio en origen y se que vendra Bestial el siguiente Split !! 2017 con todo OGWIN !!

  • Antoni Peñafiel Claros

    Y toño si G2 esta como esta en esos momentos es gracias a Trick !! por dios lo que mas pena me dio de Ocelote dijo que el queria demostrar que los jugadores españoles podrian ser grande y que hizo meter a koreanos asi que no hay que comparar a OG con G2

  • erchuchy

    Quien sera el nuevo ADC? Yo, sinceramente, no veo a xPeke como ADC
    me gustaba mucho mas como MID su jeugo agresivo etc… estoy ansioso por
    ver la nueva bot lane de Origen.

  • Michał Gałka


  • Moe M Asali

    keep letting go of good players, that is why you will never be a good team, you let go of zven and mithy, the best bot lane in eu lcs , you let go of forgiven who went 7/0/4 with h2k, and now you let go of hybrid. what a way to go.

  • Heidi Cathrine Landa

    Get rekkles and yellowstar on your team. That would be a dream come true U0001f600U0001f44d

  • xFiDy

    Deberias cambiar hasta a PoE

  • Nicolas Gillespie

    Johny Burdon zven and muthy are happy going to worlds with G2 so maybe no comebakc for them sadly

  • AmindaAmii
  • Alan Tram

    BunnyFufuu? KiwiKid? Idc, peke got an eye for rookies even. No mixed emotions here, record only gets better here on. 😀

  • Romulo Reyes Jr.

    Xpeke mid
    Soaz top
    Cyanide farm
    Yellow star support
    Mel adc

  • Holacxv

    Tienes toda la razón todo el hate para Soaz, cuando realmente en los juegos se le ve que aunque se tiltee bastante es el que se preocupa por los juegos y da lo mejor de el en origen.

  • Za Tutti

    Paolocannone best Blitz ever

  • KhanAliAbbas

    JoeWeller OndrraGwitoMichl hhaha yeah pain gaming is better than skt t1

  • erchuchy

    Cual sera la nueva bot lane?? :S estoy intrigado desde hace 3 semanas ahahahha

  • LabandeiraChema

    logilol puede ser un nuevo supp es español y tiene buen nivel

  • 2xTrekeG

    necesitamos a xpeke en mid devuelta, ese factor sube la moral del equipo y es realmente la razon por la que todos siguen a origen. todo piola con PoE, pero queremos al xpeke de la season 5 devuelta.
    apoyo la moción que todos sueñan de que entre yellowstar como sup

  • 2xTrekeG

    whitelotus adc

  • ByJonax12

    xPeke, me gustaria que te dieras cuenta del gran error que ha cometido tu “director”, ya que no soy El mas indicado para hablar de esto, solo te dire algo. Te admiro bastante eres mi jugador favorito(por encima De Faker), yo tengo in equipo competitivo somos los 5 actualmente diamante 2 pero empezamos como todos en bronce, al pasar El tiempo me doy cuenta de algo y es que nuestro equipo se estaba separando porque nos llevabamos mal, mire aver si habian jugadores disponibles porque veia lo peor.
    Pero me puse a pensar “Son mis amigos me divierto mucho con ellos jamas los dejame atras” pasar 2 Dias despues y nos estancamos en Plata pero… decisions permanecer juegos porque nos divertiamos, no nos importaba perder si no avanzar y compenetrarnos como un buen equipo y despues seguimos jugando y jugando hasta subir sin para porque no nos separamos pasase lo que pasase y eso es lo que hace equipo, xPeke la amistad va primero y despues A GANAR ORIGEN!!! UN saludos xPeke confio en ti. Se que los cambios no se pueden revertir pero… aprovecha lo que tienes, QUE LOS MIEMBROS ACTUALES VEAN ESTE MENSAJE TRADUCIDO Y SE QUE AUNQUE SON NUEVOS LA AMISTAD NUNCA MORIRA!!! U0001f60aU0001f60aU0001f60a