Today we are happy and relieved to finally be able to reveal Origen’s full roster. We were missing two players after our previous announcement  and I was asked a lot if I was actually going to play for Origen. The answer is yes, we have been playing for a while, I have been enjoying my time with the rest of the team and I think together we can do very well in the future.

Now, for a bit of more interesting news, I know everybody is wondering who will be our top laner. As many of you already guessed, Paul “sOAZ” Boyer will join me for our fourth consecutive year playing together. I’ve known him for a long time and I know how skilled, experienced and smart he is about the game. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s motivated, hungry and ready to prove himself again as one of the best.

Therefore, these are the five players that will form the Origen League of Legends team in 2015:

  • France Paul “sOAZ” Boyer
  • Germany Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider
  • Spain Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño
  • Denmark Jesper “Niels” Svenningsen
  • Spain Alfonso “mithy” Aguirre

The whole team will be moving into our new gaming house in the next few days in order to prepare for the Championship Series Qualifier. As always, make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to stay up to date with the latest news.

  • TheSkullyG

    What a surprise XD

  • Orangethunder

    *heavy breathing*

  • snupdoge


  • IvanFuentes1

    No he podido dormir de la angustia, no me lo esperaba… xD

  • JaviMoreno


  • snupdoge

    TRASH > sOAZ

  • joanjpm1

    But pls hit the nexus in Origen pls 😀 happy to see soaz in Origen gl peke animos 😀

  • Kimlordsn

    LOL told ya Soazi will join Origen

  • SKP23en

    Well, i know which is tomorrow’s most voted post’s title on Reddit

  • Fine_troll

    :V i love muffins

  • Weest33

    get ready lcs Origen is coming…

  • Corxonero3

    finaly hi soaz

  • YusufHatay

    This team is gonna rock!!!

  • Ayoub_lachguer

    oh yeahhhh , what a good news <3<3<3

  • Majere

    Buena elección, mucha gente ha criticado a Soaz pero la realidad es que es de lo más sólido en top lane! Mucha suerte y a darles caña, y no estaría mal adaptar la web al castellano 😛

  • Nebirous


  • granivan

    touchmytagada is Soaz then, but who is casadar?

  • maycae

    Estoy contentísima de que xPeke haya optado por Soaz, para mi ha sido y volverá a ser el mejor top de Europa.

  • DiegoMisaelKucGil

    :3 knew it <3

  • Womath

    Everyone knew it from the start, but Brokenshard spoilerd it on Cyanide’s stream, so… not big news…

  • Corxonero3

    A ver si ya con el tiempo podéis poner la página en castellano ya que muchos seguidores vuestros son españoles debido a mithy y xPeke. Muchas gracias por lanzar la web y mucha suerte en la CS

  • conker03

    Genial, me parece una gran composicion de equipo,vamos chicos MUCHA SUERTE

  • granivan

    Mi top europeo favorito es Mimer, pero creo que la elección de Soaz es un acierto y más si consigue un nivel similar o superior al que demostró en 2013. El tiempo que lleva jugando con xpeke y su experiencia le han ganado el puesto en Origen. Les deseó mucha suerte y éxito en lo que se les viene por delante.

  • Skyline13

    Mucha suerte a sOAZ y al equipo en general 🙂

  • CaptainCojones

    In which region is our new gaming house? Is it in Spain or near the LCS in Berlin?

  • Corxonero3

    CaptainCojones germany

  • CynicalRhys

    Struggling to see any weaknesses, since moving back from America Amazing seem rabid, a fiend in the jungle most would do well to fear. The new blood ADC, aggressive warding from support, innovative top lane and of course xPeke, the mid who ensures no game is ever lost until the nexus is down, a veteran with great mechanical skill. Of course he also makes interviews very interesting but that will help after the key wins come in.

  • Neutrality

    Good luck on your road to LCS 🙂 . I will be rooting all the way!

  • JoelLigeiro

    I KNOW IT!!! xD

  • JoelLigeiro

    Wellcome friend SoaZ! 😛
    Now we are Complete!

  • bigfatlp – Up to 15k riot points promotion today! Enjoy!

  • wilelenes152

    So, as I expected is Soaz, i think he is a really good player but he has been decressed as a player un the last monta, i think he had a really bad presente un worlds but i trust him ando I know he will be the same top lanner he used to be, i Xpect *ba dum tss* that he will hace better times, i’ll justo trust un all ylu 5 GOOD LUCK!!

  • Di Hikaru

    Dream Team is ready)

  • Rqpt0r

    i can’t want for you, waiting for watching your game in lcs as soon as possible ! good luck for u even if you don’t need luck imo 😛

  • NAMIveela7

    i love you guys..all we to do is wait and see you guys play for REAL in tourneys~! <3

  • AN_d99

    Is sOAZ Touchmytagada?

  • OussamaSansa

    AN_d99 NO

  • xXxX19999XxXx

    AN_d99 he is ^^

  • dastar_21

    la web en español… xPeke haz el favor anda 😉

  • Poskotis

    AN_d99 Yes mate

  • LucianoArroyo

    xPeke te chupo el xPene ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Angelskydd

    Bring the Poppy Soaz!

  • aechavarris4

    Parece que esto va por buen camino, me alegro por ti xPeke

  • BenjaHernadez

    LucianoArroyo Lo mismo Digo xD

  • EdainMtz

    Excelente xPeke
    Muchas felicidades y exito en este camino que emprenden

  • darkapollymi

    I will follow this team every step of the way 😀

  • AlwaysyoursC

    Bueno bueno, el equipo promete aunque aun no me convence sOAZ pero aun así, voto de confianza que además hay sinergia entre xPeke y él. ¡Vamos Origen! 😀

  • LeonJanssen

    seems nice can’t wait to see you play !!

  • MarceloRehwagen

    When they are going to play on challenger series?

  • JordanHeviaRamirez

    AlwaysyoursC La verdad soaz es un exelente top que haya tenido una mala temporada no lo hace ser un mal jugador 😉

  • LiviuPinzaru

    MarceloRehwagen 17 february

  • Shived

    Really,… I don’t think S0az is up to par anymore to be honest unless he starts to be more stable in the top lane!

  • 99nine

    xPeke te admiro, saludos desde Venezuela

  • FelipeSuau

    Te sigo y soy fan! Quisiera preguntar si veremos combatir a XPEKE en la LCS o al XPOOKS??? porque este cambio?? Abrazo a todos Origen.

  • carlosgito

    AN_d99 Dat epic nick xDD