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Important: Roster Update

With the following brief communication, we would like to announce that due to lack of motivation, Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou will no longer be part of the starting lineup of Origen throughout the rest of the split.

Until we find a suitable replacement ADC, he will be replaced by Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño.

We expect FORG1VEN to find the necessary motivation to regain his passion for the game as soon as possible.

Also, we wish xPeke good luck in this new chapter. He will certainly give it his best as always and we hope for countless surprises and much joy.

Good luck xPeke.


Un breve comunicado para anunciar que por falta de motivación FORG1VEN no será titular de ORIGEN durante este split.

Mientras probamos nuevos AD Carry en esta línea jugará nuestro sub, xPeke.

Deseamos que FORG1VEN encuentre pronto la motivación necesaria para recuperar su pasión por el competitivo lo antes posible.

Y a xPeke le deseamos mucha suerte en esta nueva linea, estamos seguros que como siempre dará lo mejor de sí mismo, esperamos que nos sorprenda y  nos de muchas alegrías.

Buena Suerte xPeke!!

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Ales ‘Freeze’ Kněžínek joins H2k

As we come closer to the LCS Summer Split, one of the top teams in Europe has decided to make a change in their lineup. It has been around two weeks since Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou announced his intention to take a break for the Summer Split 2016 until the 2017 Spring Split.

“Hello all, my intention is to skip this summer split regardless of the outcome of military deferment and to participate in LCS (EU/NA) Spring Split 2017.” – FORG1VEN


Source: Riot Esports

Yesterday, H2k finally found a replacement, thus  Ales “Freeze” Kněžínek will be joining their team as their new AD Carry for the 2016 European Championship Series Summer Split. 


Source: Freezecz

“I am  happy to announce that I will be playing under the banners of H2K. I am confident that we will qualify for worlds and represent EU well” – Freeze

Ales “Freeze” Kněžínek is a a 21-year-old player, mostly known for his time with the Renegades in the 2016 North American LCS Spring Split. H2k wishes to “spark some new rivalries in the bot lane” and proudly represent the European Region at the 2016 World Championship .

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MSI Coverage – Day 4

Coming into the Day 4 of the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational Tournament, teams are starting to show their true worth and prove why they got here in the first place. Players are definitely showing an improvement individually, but also as a team. With old favorites and new faces clashing to make strong impressions, deciding the winner gets harder and harder. Who will rise and who will fall? We just have to wait and see as some interesting games are promised.

G2 Esports vs SuperMassive TurkeyG2 Winner


Source: Riot Esports

The first game of day 4 started off poor for both teams as none managed to secure their dominance over their opponent. SuperMassive have accepted a re-make of the game due to a bug and after 22 minutes in, both teams were back to the Picks & Bans phase. The drafting phase showed two different team compositions being built. In the first couple of minutes, SuperMassive completely outplayed G2; Koray “Naru” Bıçak secured himself the first blood on Ryze in a 1 vs 1 fight, a huge setback for Luka “PerkZ” Perković as he fell behind in terms of gold and lane pressure. However, Kang-yun “Trick” Kim managed an incredible gank on mid lane, giving Luka “PerkZ” Perković the chance to stack up and get back into the game. By the mid game, it seemed like the teams have swept places. By playing Poppy, he succeeded in putting pressure on their opponent and helping his teammates get kills. However, as a team, G2 definitely focused on taking the objectives rather than fighting; they took advantage of their opponent’s poor decisions, punished them, took down the turrets and farmed their way up. The gold lead was too overwhelming for SuperMassive to handle. Moments later, after securing Baron, G2 pushed themselves in their enemies’ base and took the first win of the day as SuperMassive was not able to defend their base effectively. The re-match was certainly not in SuperMassive’s favor.

Royal Never Give Up vs Flash WolvesRoyal Never Give Up Winner


Source: Riot Esports

The next game was an intense match-up between some of the best teams playing in the tournament. Royal Never Give Up knew how to secure their Dragons and punish their opponent for their greediness. They continued their dominance and easily played around the map until Flash Wolves surprisingly obtained some kills on the bot lane, with an outstanding play executed by their jungler. However, Royal Never Give Up showed once again their power spike as the rest of the game was just a display of Royal Never Give Up’s great team fights, decision making and team work. Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong engaged successfully on the carries, forcing Flash Wolves to fight and allowing Royal Never Give Up to always contest objectives and individually outplay their enemy. With all the advantages on their side, their level of coordination and map control was too much for Flash Wolves to handle.

Counter Logic Gaming vs SKTelecom T1SKTelecom T1 Winner

26771622382_577b38e72a_z (1)

Source: Riot Esports

Unlike the other day, SKTelecom T1 took their revenge on Counter Logic Gaming who slowly fell more and more behind throughout the game. Based on SKTelecom T1 performance in the past three days, Counter Logic Gaming was definitely the favorite of winning this match-up. However, you can never be sure on how the games turn out. In the early, both teams seemed even, but some mistakes executed by Counter Logic Gaming opened a window for SKTelecom T1 to get ahead, take control of the map and overall turn their game into their favor. Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok involved himself more in the team fights which allowed more pressure on their enemy and definitely made it easier for SKTelecom T1 to go for the opponent’s Nexus. With the lead that they had, they continued to press forward, denied Counter Logic Gaming’s Baron Buff and forced them to fight a clash they could not win. SKTelecom T1 are definitely back on track after such a bad start and surely will continue to improve in the following days.

Flash WolvesG2 EsportsFlash Wolves Winner


Source: Riot Esports 

This game was a bloodbath all over, with both teams making sloppy mistakes and trying to scare each other with their team compositions. Flash wolves had no control over the map which is why G2 got themselves a Rift Herald without any trouble. However, Flash Wolves  managed to slain all the dragons and Barons and remain close to G2 in terms of gold. The teleports were vital to their strategy since both teams tried to initiate fights whenever possible. Flash Wolves killed the Baron while Kang-yun “Trick” Kim was farming the jungle on bot lane. They succeeded in sneaking the baron as G2 was lacking vision on the main objectives. It was an unpredictable game with both teams firing everything they have got at each other, so I recommend watching it if you want to see the chaotic side of the tournament. In the mid game, G2 could not steal the second baron from Flash Wolves which lead to them taking the advantage of the game and pushing through G2’s base. After a doubtlessly intense mid-game, Flash Wolves finally destroyed the entire G2‘s base and earned themselves another massive victory. This wins secures them top 4 and the number one seed for the League of Legends Master Series.

Royal Never Give up vs Counter Logic GamingCounter Logic Gaming Winner


Source: Riot Esports 

Both teams drafted well, but having Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong on Thresh was definitely a huge threat for Counter Logic Gaming. Both teams tried to avoid any mistakes, however, first blood went to Royal Never Give Up with a successful gank on mid lane. Moments later, the teams were trading kills on the top lane. Royal Never Give Up slowly built their advantage over Counter Logic Gaming by powerfully making engages on their enemy. The undefeated team is looking better and better as the tournament goes by and no one seems to be able to punish them. With just 20 minutes in the game, Royal Never Give up managed to grab Baron and build the gold lead big enough so they can destroy Counter Logic Gaming’s base and secure themselves another win. Even though the team were almost even in terms of kills, Counter Logic Gaming totally lacked map vision which contributed to them falling behind. Having no vision will definitely affect your game play if you cannot see where your opponents might be. However, in the last minute, Counter Logic Gaming had an unbelievable comeback; scored an ace on Royal Never Give Up and earned themselves another chance at winning the game. They kept destroying Royal Never Give up in all the following team fights until they defeated the undefeated. This was definitely an entertaining game that showed the comeback strength of a top tier team. Moreover, the aggressive plays executed by both teams make this game one of the best played in this tournament.

SuperMassive vs SKTelecom T1SKTelecom T1 Winner


Source: Riot Esports

The last game of the day started slow with both teams focusing on farming and scaling up their champions. The gold was even in the early, until SKTelecom T1 decided to go for some more important objectives such as Dragons and Turrets in order to take the lead. SKTelecom T1 had control on all the lanes as they constantly cleared the minion waves and engaged on their opponent. They are definitely having a much better game from what we have seen until now which allowed them to play safely, without taking any risks. Their game play was clean throughout the match, managing to push uncontested. . SuperMassive tried their best to keep up with SKTelecom T1, but to no avail. SKTelecom T1 scored an ace on their enemy and finished off the game by destroying the enemy’s Nexus.


Rank Team Record
1st  RNG 7-1
2nd  FW 5-3
3rd  CLG 5-3
4th  SKT T1 4-4
5th  G2 2-6
6th  Supermassive

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Cloud 9 announces a new Challenger Team

download (3)A new team rises in the North-American scene as Cloud 9 announces their challenger team for the upcoming season where many of Cloud 9’s veterans will be starring. Their main objective is to send a powerful lineup into the Challenger Series, qualify for the LCS and eventually gain more valuable players for the North-American scene.

There are no confirmed roles yet, but Cloud 9’s has been working on it by trying out different players in custom games to see what would suit them best in the near future.  Cloud 9 form a team which features veteran players  Hai “Hai” Lam,  Lee “Rush” Yoon-Jae, and An “Balls” Le as well as players from the Challenger ladder who currently fill up the positions; for marksman Johnny “Altec” Ru, jungler Thomas “Thinkcard” Slotkin, top laner Colin “Solo” Earnest , “Morning” and “Licorice“.

“Obviously since Balls and I are playing in the Challenger, in charge of that stuff, then we may not be the starter for the LCS team”, Lam said, however, he did not share any details of what would actually happen. Hai is actually recruiting people who are in the Challenger Division to try out in a 5 vs 5 game and eventually join their team.

“With the LCS team, since I’m doing this whole Challenger thing, that means the LCS roster is changing” – Hai Lam

Even though the Spring Split ended, we can expect to see more roster changes until the Summer Split. If Cloud 9 manage to qualify for the LCS, they will definitely be a strong team, worth of competing against the best teams North America has to offer at the moment. We just have to wait and see if Cloud 9’s Challenger Team manages to climb the challenger play offs and win their spot in the LCS.

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Seriously? What happened to Illaoi?

Prior to her release a few months ago, Summoners were intrigued by the Kraken Priestess, but unfortunately she appears to have fallen off the face of the Rift. Although it doesn’t look like she will be joining Galio and Taric in the pool of champions that never see game play, it is worrisome that the new champion hype has fizzled off so quickly.

Has Illaoi hit her prime? Is she going to eventually need a major buffing or a complete rework in order to get her more action? Or could it be that there are too many disadvantages to picking her in any lane?


Photo Credit: Kilenator DeviantArt

On paper, she makes perfect sense: zone control, massive area of affect damage and she has built in sustain. In game however, she fails to bring much to the table. There’s no denying that she’s annoying to lane against but if you shut her down early, she’s not much of a threat. I’m hesitant to dismiss her already but the evidence shows that she is a regrettable pick.

When she was first free to play, everyone and their grandmothers from bronze to diamond seemed to want to hop on the Illaoi bandwagon. The biggest concern I have about her is that she’s Riot’s only new release that has not hit the professional stage. The pros have not benched most of the new champions released in the last 2 years. On the contrary, the newest releases are the most powerful/most picked in the META and frankly, she’s not worth the amount on her price tag – especially when comparing her to Kalista, Braum, Bard, Kindred or Azir.

And because I love making lists, our fantastic news team at Origen has come up with a few reasons why this lady brawler isn’t a favorable pick;

  1. Most top lane champions played in the META right now out-trade her in the laning phase
  2. She is easily kited
  3. Mobile champions will escape her tentacles without much effort, and in order for them to work – she needs to be on a heavy CC team
  4. In a META where double AD’s are all the rave, Illaoi doesn’t stand a chance against the range
  5. She is weak without her tentacles, so destroy them early and destroy them often.
  6. Tentacles are essentially free gold for players experienced enough to just dodge them
  7. She does not have a choice in where the tentacles are placed making her zone control very weak
  8. She has very low mobility making her susceptible to ganking especially before she has hit level 6
  9. She offers a damage only kit however and it does not scale well late game
  10. Illaoi can shine in team fights, but in professional play – team fights are not always the main focus. Sometimes, we only have one or two in the entire game
Pick Rate Comparison Between Illaoi and Other champions
Pick Rate Comparison Between Illaoi and Other champions

Of course, not knowing how to play against her can get you in a bit of trouble initially but once you know what she’s all about – a matchup against her is in your favour. The debilitating nature of her E can make you go insane, but similar to Blitzcrank’s pull – stand behind minions and you’ll survive the laning phase. In my experience one of the biggest hurdles for people when new champs are released is the initial grind. Learning the mechanics, defense, counter-plays and positioning are the solutions to playing against a new champion – which is what makes them seem overpowered.

But if anyone’s going to find out why this lady brawler hasn’t touched the professional scene, it’s someone more analytical than me. So get to work 🙂

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10 Things Only Origen Fans Will Understand

Let me first say that there are some Origen fans that this does not apply to at all – but for most of us – this is reality. I’ve always been the annoying and obnoxious fan when it comes to TV shows, sports and game shows. If I commit to something, I stick with it and I’m sure there are many of you in the same situation.

Now that the LCS Spring Playoffs are coming up, it’s time for all of us fans to crawl out of the woodwork and turn into cheerleaders. So if you’re a fan, you’ll definitely relate to these 10 things only we can understand.

1. You watch their games as an anxious parent would watch their child playing sports or competing in a science fair. Cheering, loudly at your computer while praying that nobody get camped on or that Kalista doesn’t get banned. Zven is a God on Kalista. Duh.

 Source: Tumblr

2. A large portion of your wardrobe contains the team colours. It’s perfect because black & blue look great on everyone, and it’s also the name of a Backstreet Boys album. So you cannot go wrong here.

3. Hearing unknowledgeable people say that Origen should change their rosters or that they aren’t skilled makes you cringe. Sure, that’s subjective, but how does a combination of the most CS (per minute) in EU LCS from Zven and several comeback games, make you come to that conclusion?

Source: Riot eSports

4. Often times you find yourself wondering if you’re too emotionally invested in Origen’s success. Usually this ends with you settling on the notion that there’s no such thing as ‘too emotionally invested in this team and you move on.

5. You think that everyone else needs to step up their selfie game because the greatest selfies of all time have been taken by our squad already.


If you’re an Origen fan, these are your favourite selfies ever taken.

6.  You will remember this forever because you love Origen’s owner xPekeeven if this happened before Origen’s time.


Source: GameK

Because getting “Backdoored” took on a whole new meaning for you at Intel Extreme Masters Season VI. In this season, we saw a brief backdoor from Soaz as well – I guess xPeke taught him well.

7.  The worry of getting knocked out by our biggest friendly rival: FNATIC

Source: Tumblr

This result would be absolutely disastrous and leave Origen fans open to rants from Fnatic fans, and we just can’t have that.

8.  Complaining even when our team has the lead. You have to be a true fan to find something to pick at, even when your team is ahead. It’s not our best habit but frustration kicks in if our players aren’t executing the game plan. A win is a win, so they say, but we need a safety net just in case our team begins to blow the lead.

9.The constant unknown of who will be starting in the mid lane gives you nightmares. Alright, so maybe not nightmares but is it going to be xPeke or Power of Evil? Origen stop toying with our feelings!

10. In the true fans eyes, anyone with anything critical to say regarding Origen is a ‘hater’ and that’s final. They are the greatest team ever and any differing opinion is not so much an opinion as it is pure HATING.

 Source: Smosh

Thank you fans, for your continuous support.

If you have any requests for blogs or suggestions, e-mail the Origen Media team at [email protected]

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NA LCS Predictions Week 9

In the last week of the Spring Split, we take a look at the North-American LCS and try to determine the outcome and who is going to take the medal and who is going to get the boot. A few ties need to be solved, since not everything is settled yet. Who will keep their playoffs spot? Who will have to go to relegations? Take a look at our predictions:

download (3)Cloud 9: After a 2-0 last week, Cloud 9 seems determined to stay at the 2nd position of the NA standings. On a tie with CLG, Cloud 9 needs to win both games to make sure they keep their position. On Saturday, they are facing Echo Fox and on Sunday, they will play against Team Liquid. The odds should be on Cloud 9’s favor, since they are performing better than their opponents. Having Hai who shotcalls and the synergy will definitely be good for them, but since Echo Fox and Team Liquid are fighting for a playoffs spot, it should not be the easiest task.

download (5)Counter Logic Gaming: Tied with Cloud 9 on the 2nd position of the standings and after a 0-2 last week, CLG need to focus if they do not want to give their position to their direct rivals. On Saturday they are facing NRG, one of the teams that really need the victory this week, so they will fight hard for sure. On Sunday, they will play against Dignitas, one of the teams of the lower part of the standings, that have not performed well lately. Saturday will be harder than Sunday for CLG, but they should win both games if they manage to focus.

download (8)Echo Fox: It is an important week for Echo Fox. The possibility of reaching a playoffs spot is tiny, but it is still there, so they need to step up their game and win both matches this week. On Saturday, they are facing Cloud 9, a difficult rival that will definitely be a challenge for them. On Sunday, they will play against Renegades, the team on the last position of the standings, but a rival to fear due to their last roster changes. If Echo Fox can overcome their difficulties, and if NRG or Team Liquid lose both games, they still stand a chance.

download (6)Immortals: Immortals can be calm this week, with the 1st position already secured. They had an amazing Spring split and they deserve to be there for sure. Even though the other teams start to know how to play against them, they still have a superior macroplay and outstanding mechanics. On Saturday, they are facing TSM, and on Sunday they will play against TIP. Even though they do not have to prove anything this time, they should not put things easy for their rivals.

download (9)NRG Esports: NRG can already taste the playoffs position, but they still need to fight for it. This week would not be easy for them, on Saturday they are facing CLG and on Sunday, they will play against TSM. Both games are challenging, both rivals are from the upper part of the standings, and an enemy to fear. NRG have showed before that they can have amazing games, leaded by GBM, but this week they need to shine. If they lose both games, there is a chance that they lose the possibility of going to playoffs too.

download (4)Renegades: Last week, Renegades showed that the last roster changes were what the team needed. Seraph and Ninja had a great performance, especially against TSM, giving Renegades a victory. They cannot escape from relegations this split, but they can try not to end at the last position of the standings. On Saturday, they will play against TIP, one of their direct rivals for that. If they win, they will be one step closer to climb the ladder a little bit. On Sunday, they are facing Echo Fox and it should not be an easy game, since Echo Fox should be motivated enough trying to reach playoffs.

download (2)Team Dignitas: The bad streak for Dignitas is still there and they need all the luck this week, if they want to avoid relegations. On Saturday, they are facing Team Liquid, a team that would not put things easy for them, since they need the victory if they want to keep their playoffs spot. On Sunday, they will play against CLG, one of the best teams of this split. Even though Dignitas managed to play better and almost won a game last week, they still lack the synergy they need to win. This is definitely the most important week for them, so we will have to wait and see on that one.

download (10)Team Impulse: TIP’s objective this week is to try to avoid relegations, even though that would not be an easy task. On the 8th position of the standings, they need to win both games this week if they want a chance. On Saturday, they are facing Renegades, first time since they changed their roster, so anything could happen. On Sunday,they will play against Immortals, which does not sound good for TIP. They really need to step up their game, but things do not look good for them this split.

download (1)Team Liquid: Tied with NRG on the 5th position of the standings, Team Liquid need to have a good week if they want to keep their playoffs spot. They lost against their direct rivals last week, but watching their performance, it looks like they will be able to do it. On Saturday they are facing Dignitas, a game that they should win. On Sunday, they will play against Cloud 9, a more challenging rival, but after winning against CLG last week, Team Liquid might be motivated enough to prove again that they deserve the spot. It will definitely be interesting to watch.

download (7)Team Solo Mid: After all the Katowice hype, TSM started to be inconsistent again. The loss against Renegades last week was hard and the team kept lacking good synergy once again. This week, they are facing Immortals and if they keep playing like last week, it will probably be a victory for their rivals. On Sunday, they will play against NRG and everything will depend on which team is more motivated and focused. Being on the 4th position of the standings and with the playoffs spot secured, TSM still need the victories, but everything will depend on their attitude.

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IEM Katowice Coverage – Group B

Day 2 of the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice invitational was already here, featuring Group B with SK Telecom T1, Counter Logic Gaming, Fnatic and Qiao Gu Reapers. Friday was intense, and the matchups for Saturday sounded promising. It really was a day not to forget.

IEM Twitter Crowd
Source: IEM Katowice

The Season 5 world champions, leaded by Faker, were ready to show their power once again. After a few roster changes, the Korean team is not perfoming like they used to, being on the 6th place of the LCK standings. On the other hand, CLG is making a great job on NA LCS, so they came motivated to try to win.

For the first time of the weekend, Lulu was not banned, so it was meant to be that Faker picked her to show the full potential of the champion on their siege composition. CLG decided to make a teamfight composition, trying to have a good macroplay.

Both teams had a similar early game, trying to farm and avoiding engages. Bang took the first blood on top lane, burning on the process two ally teleports and a rival one that never happened in the end. CLG started to show their efficient macroplay, roaming and taking objectives. Game went by with only a short gold lead to SKT, but CLG kept doing great, picking SKT players and disengaging with Poppy’s ultimate. The match started to look way worse for CLG on mid game, when SKT made a good engage, killing Huhi, Aphromoo and Stixxay. That teamfight allowed them to take down Drake, and increased the gold lead to 4k. Even though both teams had good wave clear, and CLG kept taking objectives, SKT started to make a lot of pressure on every lane. After an engage from the North American team, and despite the fact that they killed Faker, the rest of SKT leaded by an unstoppable Bang, won the teamfight and finished the game.

QG Reapers vs FNC: QG WIN
Qiao Gu Reapers is currently the 1st team on the LPL standings. Even though on the last season Uzi is one of the subs, they brought him to Katowice. On the other hand, Fnatic is not performing at its best in the EU LCS by the time being. On the picks and ban phase, Fnatic forced QG to choose between Braum and Kalista, leading to the Braum first pick for their support Mor.

QG dominated the whole game. They started on early game diving the bot lane to take the first blood, and killing two more Fnatic players at the Rift’s Herald. The Chinese team kept taking picks and objectives, and Uzi started to get fed. Even though there was not a significant gold lead, QG had all the vision control, with every player on his team buying pink wards. Fnatic tried their best to try to get back on the game, but winning a teamfight and taking one dragon was not enough, QG kept dominating the macro play, and after a last teamfight on the mid lane, they ended the game.

IEM Facebook SKT
Source: IEM Katowice

SKT vs QG Reapers: SKT WIN
On the picks and bans phase, QG Reapers forced SKT to choose Kalista for Bang, leaving Alistar free for their aggressive composition. They also banned Lulu, but that did not stop SKT to make a pretty scary teamfight composition.

The early game was even, with a better objective control for QG taking three towers on the top lane and showing their powerful macroplay. SKT kept making good picks, but the gold lead was not significant. After an engage from QG, SKT managed to win the fight, giving a triple kill to Faker and his LeBlanc. It was the beginning of the end: SKT took dragon shortly after, increasing the gold lead. Even though QG took the Rift’s Herald, that was the chance SKT was waiting for to engage, and the teamfight lead to a triple kill from Bang. The map pressure against QG was strong, with all lanes being pushed and SKT having the objectives control. The Chinese team tried to make a comeback doing Baron, but Blank stole it, and Bang got an unofficial quadrakill. Things did look hard for QG, and after a few won teamfights, SKT finished the game.

FNC vs CLG: FNC WIN (2-1)
Back on the losers bracket, Fnatic and CLG were ready to fight. We could see their usual champions on the picks and bans phase, standing out the combination of Jhin and Thresh for the botlane of Fnatic.

The first game started with almost no action and a first blood for Fnatic on bot lane. At the beginning it looked like Fnatic was dominating the game, but CLG still had the gold lead. Aphromoo’s plays allowed CLG to make good teamfights, killing them and increasing the gold lead. Fnatic got caught a few times out of position, and the North American team used their objectives control to take an uncontested Baron. After a bad teamfight for Fnatic near the Baron pit, CLG won the game.

Fnatic was determined not to lose again, and the early game of the second game started with first blood for CLG. Even though they were behind, Fnatic never lost hope. This match was long and hard-fought. Until mid game, CLG dominated with their macro play, having the gold lead for most part of the game, even taking Baron and engaging into some great teamfights. After a teamfight on mid almost near late game, Fnatic were able to take one inhibitor and dragon, getting a gold tie. CLG took another Baron, but it was like the European team finally woke up, and CLG champions like Pantheon or Ekko were not the best for a game that long. The North American team started to lose teamfights, and Fnatic took one Baron. After a top lane push, Fnatic was unstoppable and did claim the victory on this epic game.

On the third game, Fnatic had already unleashed the beast inside. Even though first blood was again for CLG, Rekkles with Jhin is always something to fear. They were tied on gold for most part of the game, with a bit of advantage for CLG, but after a teamfight on top lane with an ace for Fnatic and a Baron, the North Americans were not able to stop the Europeans. Fnatic pushed through mid lane, finishing the game.

IEM Twitter Fnatic
Source: IEM Katowice

FNC VS QG Reapers: FNC WIN (2-1)
Even though Fnatic won every single game they were allowed to pick the combination of Jhin and Thresh. QG drafts were more teamfight oriented, whilst Fnatic ones did focus around Rekkles.

The first game started with great expectations for QG, taking the first blood and dominating the game. Fnatic tried to make lane pressure, but the Chinese team forced them to make teamfights, allowing them to become stronger and make an early Baron. Fnatic were not able to recover, betweent Uzi and Doinb, QG controlled the fights, also pushing and sieging. Even though Fnatic killed QG’s jungler Swift, the Chinese team were able to win the fight on a 4v5, making Baron shortly after and finishing the game.

The second game started with a long and disputed teamfight on the top lane and a dive from QG that ended with two kills for both teams, and a tower on bot lane for Fnatic. Uzi started to dominate the game with his positioning skills, but Fnatic managed to win an epic teamfight on the top lane, making an ace, and shortly afterwards, they won another teamfight near the dragon pit, thanks to Spirit’s skills as Lee Sin. The rest of the game proceeded to be similar, with Fnatic taking advantage even of their own mistakes, winning all the teamfights, focusing Uzi, taking more objectives and finally winning the game.

Fnatic used the same composition for the third game, but changing Quinn for Zed. QG decided to use a siege and splitpush composition, trying to gain more map control with Rek’Sai. The early game was peaceful as usual, with the first blood for QG on mid lane. The Chinese team started to greed a bit more, trying to kill Febiven and not counting on his Hexdrinker, that allowed Spirit and Gamsu to countergank and take two kills. Fnatic’s jungler started to dominate the game once again, and his synergy with Gamsu made possible a more aggressive playstyle. After an almost neverending Baron fight, with a triple kill for Rekkles, Fnatic decided to seal the deal, picking QG again, engaging over Uzi on the midlane and ending the game after a quadrakill for Febiven.

Group B semifinalists were in the end SK Telecom T1 and Fnatic, having this way one team of every region for the last day. Sunday sounded so promising!

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IEM Katowice Coverage – Group A

Nowadays, Katowice means gaming, passion, fights and commited crowds. Another edition of the Intel Extreme Masters invitational started and we were so ready not to miss a thing. On friday, the games from Group A were scheduled, which included Origen and the former champions Team Solo Mid, Royal Never Give Up and ESC Ever. If you missed the games, get ready to know everything that happened.

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ESC Ever vs TSM: ESC Ever WIN

The promising challenger team ESC Ever came from Korea ready to put up a fight. They recently changed their midlane, but their aggresive playstyle did not vary. On the other hand, TSM was trying to take another time the Katowice cup, with a different roster and significantly less synergy.

On picks and bans, they tried to avoid the hypercarry comp, and Ever picked Twisted Fate with two teleports on the team, trying to have more map control for teamfights and objectives. Little did they know, that TSM would not let them do that: the game started with a first blood for Doublelift at the very beginning, also taking most of the spells of the korean botlane. That allowed the NA team to dominate the early game, avoiding ganks, making picks and having an increasing gold lead. The aggressive playstyle of TSM taking objectives and splitpushing with Hauntzer’s Quinn, was the reason why Ever could not use their map control strategy, leaving them almost without options. Slowly but steady, the Korean team started to make better teamfights, but the dream started to fade again with Doublelift’s pentakill. They did not give up, and they patiently waited for a mistake from TSM. Sometimes, you get what you ask for  and after a Baron try, Ever deleted the NA team on an epic teamfight, making an ace and rushing all the mid towers from the first one to the nexus. Against all odds, ESC Ever had won the game.


After the ESC Ever susprise, it was time to watch the next game of Group A: Royal Never Give Up against Origen. Coming strong from the LPL, Royal strengths are their jungler mlxg and their support Mata. To contrarrest the synergy between them, Amazing should step up his game as a jungler, and Origen needed to make a good draft. But RNGU made their homework too, and banned Lulu and Alistar, forcing Origen to pick Nautilus and Thresh to protect Zven’s Kog’Maw and to have a decent frontlane.

The game began with an invade from RNGU without casualties, and both teams farming and avoiding engages. The first blood for RNGU came on minute 9, followed by a bully strategy against Soaz, trying to destabilize Origen’s playstyle. The chinese team started to feel more confident, taking dragon, Rift’s Herald and trying to pick the europeans. After an engage from Origen and killing Looper, PowerofEvil tried to escape and get and execute, almost achieving it. After another teamfight, RNGU got their second dragon, and everything started to look way worse for Origen. The composition they planned didn’t worked as well as they thought, and RNGU is not a team to have mistakes against. Even though their only hard engage was mlxg’s Gragas, they picked Zven a few times out of position, giving them more advantage and allowing them to take Baron and ending the game right after.


Even though ESC Ever is known for their good drafts, that did not show on this game. They both started the game calmly. RNGU took first blood after a perfect timed teleport from Xiaohu, snaring three people at the top lane with Lissandra. They started to have all the map control, with Mata as Bard roaming, and mlxg ganking and securing dragon. Ever kept making bad decisions, such as picking teamfights and letting RNGU keep their objectives control. Apart from the jungler and the support, the highlight of the midgame was Xiaohu’s Lissandra, dominating the lane and engages. On the top lane, the matchup of Vladimir against Quinn ended to be a bad thing for Ever having a difference of almost a hundred minions. The chinese team kept winning the teamfights, increasing the gold lead and eventually winning the game after a incredible performance on the last fights of their jungler mlxg.

OG vs TSM: TSM WIN (2-1)

Back on the losers bracket, Origen faced TSM, their last chance to stay on the competition. You can never know what TSM will do. They have been playing inconsistenly for a while, but they still were an enemy to fear. The North Americans banned again the Lulu composition on the three games, whilst Origen opted for taking away some of the TSM comfort picks, like Fiora on the first game, or Bjergsen’s picks on the other two.

On the first game, we could see how Origen managed to have the gold lead on the early game. They also took first blood killing Yellowstar after an outstanding hook from Mithy’s Thresh, one of his stronger picks. Slow and steady, Bjergsen started to feel more confident with his LeBlanc, and TSM gained more map control, despite Origen having two teleports to contrarrest the splitpush. After a bad teamfight for Origen, TSM took the gold lead, the first mid tower and their first dragon. Even though Origen was making a good game, with good disengages from Soaz‘s PoppyNautilus as a frontline and the fact that they did not had a chance to take Bjergsen’s shutdown, lead to a win for the North American team.

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Source: IEM Katowice

On the second game things looked better for Origen, starting with the two teams tied on gold, and with Zven as Kalista dominating against Doublelift. The game passed by calmly, with both teams trying to avoid fatal mistakes. Everything changed when Zven finally got enough kills to be a threat, giving Soaz the possibility of making splitpush. After a dragon steal by PowerofEvil with Twisted Fate and a bad teamfight for Origen, TSM took Baron, sieged the mid lane and tried to take the inhibitor and the game, but Mithy managed to make a play with Thresh’s lantern that ended up with PowerofEvil killing Svenskeren, winning the teamfight, avoiding the fall of the inhibitor, and gave them time to push mid too and take the rival’s inhibitor. The game was almost done, Origen took Baron, having a teamifight where Zven’s kiting skills with Kalista were the most important part, giving them a 4k gold lead, and allowing them to finish the game and take the victory.

The game started great for Origen, getting first blood on the mid lane, but TSM soon started to have more objective control, taking the gold lead. Despite of that, Origen started to recover. The mid game was intense, it was all reduced to which team made the better picks, and Amazing seemed to be unstoppable with Elise, landing all the cocoons. After picking Zven, TSM made Baron and took one inhibitor, starting after that to splitpush with Bjergsen’s Twisted Fate, taking that way one nexus tower after a good teamfight for Origen. After an uncontested Baron and a final push, TSM won the game.

ESC Ever vs TSM: TSM WIN (2-0)

TSM was determined not to allow anyone to play Lulu this weekend. It also looked like Ever watched carefully the previous Bo3 and decided to try to ban all the Bjergsen‘s picks they could, which lead to an open Fiora for the toplaner Hauntzer. The thing about Bjergsen is that his champion pool is large, so this time he took Zilean against Tempt’s Lux.

The early game was Hauntzer’s time to shine, starting with first blood and a double kill, followed by a dive on the bot lane that increased the gold lead for TSM. The North American team started to dominate every teamfight, increasing more and more the gold lead, picking Ever players, and letting Doublelift do whatever he wanted with his Kog’Maw. After three dragons, and having all the objectives control, TSM took Baron and pushed through the bot lane inhibitor, finishing the game.

There’s a thing pretty important: if you are going to take Fiora from Hauntzer, make sure that he will not get the first blood anyway, and that’s not what happened. With his Quinn, the toplaner started to dominate the game, getting more kills and towers. TSM started to be unstoppable, with Svenskeren’s Elise becoming unkillable, focusing on making the bot lane a living hell, and not allowing Ever to keep up. After taking Baron with three players, having Bjergsen and Hauntzer stopping the korean team, TSM made the final push and claimed the victory.

After an intense competition day, the Group A semifinals spot is now covered by Royal Never Give Up and Team Solo Mid. What will Group B bring today?

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Deman will likely stop casting League of Legends

Leigh “Deman” Smith is not a stranger for anyone. With years of experience on his back, his career as a caster speaks for itself: amongst other games he started to cast League of Legends tournaments in 2011, becoming later a part of Riot Games, and leaving the company on 2014 to work on the Electronic Sports League. After that, we still were able to enjoy his casting on different events, but this will likely come to an end soon.

On his Twitter account, Deman stated that the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice will likely be his last League of Legends event as a caster, and that he will probably focus on other games for now on. This is truly a sad goodbye, and we wish him success wherever he decides to work.

Will IEM Katowice be the last event for Deman as a League of Legends caster? Only time will tell!

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