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Important: Roster Update

With the following brief communication, we would like to announce that due to lack of motivation, Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou will no longer be part of the starting lineup of Origen throughout the rest of the split.

Until we find a suitable replacement ADC, he will be replaced by Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño.

We expect FORG1VEN to find the necessary motivation to regain his passion for the game as soon as possible.

Also, we wish xPeke good luck in this new chapter. He will certainly give it his best as always and we hope for countless surprises and much joy.

Good luck xPeke.


Un breve comunicado para anunciar que por falta de motivación FORG1VEN no será titular de ORIGEN durante este split.

Mientras probamos nuevos AD Carry en esta línea jugará nuestro sub, xPeke.

Deseamos que FORG1VEN encuentre pronto la motivación necesaria para recuperar su pasión por el competitivo lo antes posible.

Y a xPeke le deseamos mucha suerte en esta nueva linea, estamos seguros que como siempre dará lo mejor de sí mismo, esperamos que nos sorprenda y  nos de muchas alegrías.

Buena Suerte xPeke!!

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EU LCS Summer Split Week 1 Highlights

As the first week of the Summer Split ended, we wanted to highlight some of the games in the EULCS. Take a look at our analysis below:

H2k Gaming vs Roccat: 1-1

One of the peculiarities of the Summer split is that we will surely have disputed games ending with a tie. Today, we witnessed the first one between these two teams, that showed the possibilities of this format.

The first game was the closest one, slow paced, with both teams trying to avoid fatal mistakes. Even though H2k started to dominate the match with their gold lead and objectives, the AD carry Pierre “Steelback” Medjaldi made sure that Roccat stayed longer in the game, helping his team to recover. After a few favorable teamfights for H2k, Roccat gained enough strength due to their ability to play around Jhin. The farm difference and Steelback’s positioning allowed them to make a comeback and win two decisive teamfights. Even though Roccat’s jungler Karim “Aïrwaks” Benghalia was not performing at his best during most part of the game, he was a key piece on his team’s victory, taking advantage of Kindred’s potential to turn around an almost lost game and eventually winning.

The best part of a best of 2 is to watch how the teams react to a loss, and it was time for H2k to wake up. Picking a strong teamfighting composition, they made sure that Roccat never stood a chance on the second game. Dominating the game from the beginning, H2k’s jungler Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski made sure that their strategy worked out on every part of the map, focusing mostly on the top lane, helping Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu to control the game. Kills, objectives, gold lead, everything belonged to an unstoppable H2k. Aïrwaks’s attempts to get his team back on the game were not enough, and after a final push and a quadrakill for H2k’s midlaner Ryu “Ryu” Sang-wook, they made a final push through bot lane, finishing the game.

EU LCS Spring 2016 Week 8

FC Schalke 04 vs Unicorns of Love: 2-0

After all the roster changes and the acquisition of Elements’ spot by the team Schalke 04, this was definitely an interesting game to watch. Both teams could have given the surprise, but today was time for the newcomers to shine. Schalke’s roster showed better synergy overall, with the jungler Berk “Gilius” Demir on the spotlight. Their macro play was impeccable, ensuring valuable objectives, and not allowing Unicorns of Love to comeback. UOL tried to take advantage of his team composition, featuring Twitch and Taric, but it was not enough to counter the other team’s strength, with Hampus “Fox” Myhre on the mid lane ensuring that every attempt to take him out of the game failed.

Even though the first game strategy worked perfectly, Schalke decided to take a totally different composition on the second one due to the bans, resulting on an even bigger stomp, and giving them a 2-0. Unicorns of Love does not seem to be on their best moment right now, but it is still the first week, so they can use this experience to see what failed on his decisions and improve to make a better split. On the other hand, the surprise of the day was the amazing performance by Schalke 04, with a strong Gilius leading his team to the victory on both games, and Rasmus “MrRalleZ” Skinneholm performing better than ever.

EU LCS Spring 2016 Week 7

Fnatic vs Giants Gaming: 2-0

First week of the Summer split, and that means one thing: Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim is finally back home, and that is only good news for Fnatic. Despite the fact that Giants revamped their roster, they still lack what they needed to outperform one of the favorites. They were able to play a good first game against a messy Fnatic that made a few mistakes but still managed to dominate the teamfights. Coming from Korea, the mid laner Gun-woo “Night” Na made a great performance, but it was definitely not enough. After an irregular Spring split, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson needed his support back, and he finally is showing again his confidence, picking Kalista in both games and kiting his way to the victory. With powerful team compositions on both sides, and with both teams making mistakes, the first game was decided after a few bigger misplays on Giants side, that allowed Fnatic to take more objectives and make the final push. They were not going to allow another sloppy game, so even though Giants started the second one with some slight advantage, Fnatic soon reclaimed his throne. Due to their aggressive teamfight composition, they were able to ace Giants on several occasions, leaded by Lee “Spirit” Da-yun and his always effective Lee Sin. Giants could not stand a chance on the second game, and ended losing both matches.

EU LCS Spring 2016 Week 8

Cover image by: Dwight Casin

10 Things Only Origen Fans Will Understand

Let me first say that there are some Origen fans that this does not apply to at all – but for most of us – this is reality. I’ve always been the annoying and obnoxious fan when it comes to TV shows, sports and game shows. If I commit to something, I stick with it and I’m sure there are many of you in the same situation.

Now that the LCS Spring Playoffs are coming up, it’s time for all of us fans to crawl out of the woodwork and turn into cheerleaders. So if you’re a fan, you’ll definitely relate to these 10 things only we can understand.

1. You watch their games as an anxious parent would watch their child playing sports or competing in a science fair. Cheering, loudly at your computer while praying that nobody get camped on or that Kalista doesn’t get banned. Zven is a God on Kalista. Duh.

 Source: Tumblr

2. A large portion of your wardrobe contains the team colours. It’s perfect because black & blue look great on everyone, and it’s also the name of a Backstreet Boys album. So you cannot go wrong here.

3. Hearing unknowledgeable people say that Origen should change their rosters or that they aren’t skilled makes you cringe. Sure, that’s subjective, but how does a combination of the most CS (per minute) in EU LCS from Zven and several comeback games, make you come to that conclusion?

Source: Riot eSports

4. Often times you find yourself wondering if you’re too emotionally invested in Origen’s success. Usually this ends with you settling on the notion that there’s no such thing as ‘too emotionally invested in this team and you move on.

5. You think that everyone else needs to step up their selfie game because the greatest selfies of all time have been taken by our squad already.


If you’re an Origen fan, these are your favourite selfies ever taken.

6.  You will remember this forever because you love Origen’s owner xPekeeven if this happened before Origen’s time.


Source: GameK

Because getting “Backdoored” took on a whole new meaning for you at Intel Extreme Masters Season VI. In this season, we saw a brief backdoor from Soaz as well – I guess xPeke taught him well.

7.  The worry of getting knocked out by our biggest friendly rival: FNATIC

Source: Tumblr

This result would be absolutely disastrous and leave Origen fans open to rants from Fnatic fans, and we just can’t have that.

8.  Complaining even when our team has the lead. You have to be a true fan to find something to pick at, even when your team is ahead. It’s not our best habit but frustration kicks in if our players aren’t executing the game plan. A win is a win, so they say, but we need a safety net just in case our team begins to blow the lead.

9.The constant unknown of who will be starting in the mid lane gives you nightmares. Alright, so maybe not nightmares but is it going to be xPeke or Power of Evil? Origen stop toying with our feelings!

10. In the true fans eyes, anyone with anything critical to say regarding Origen is a ‘hater’ and that’s final. They are the greatest team ever and any differing opinion is not so much an opinion as it is pure HATING.

 Source: Smosh

Thank you fans, for your continuous support.

If you have any requests for blogs or suggestions, e-mail the Origen Media team at [email protected]

Cover Photo by: Dwight Casin