The new season is approaching and we are looking for a team manager. The requirements to apply for the post and duties of the team manager are as follows.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Making sure everything is working as intended in the gaming house.
  • Personalized care of the players needs.
  • Communication between the players and management when needed.


  • Proficient English and Spanish.
  • Desire and availability to move to Berlin immediately.


  • Proficient German.

If you want to apply, please contact us at: [email protected]

Comienza la nueva temporada y en Origen estamos ampliando nuestro STAFF. Buscamos una persona comprometida y capaz, para desempeñar el rol de de Asistente del Equipo y de Gaming House en Berlín. A continuación puedes encontrar los requisitos.


  • Gestionar las necesidades del hogar.
  • Atención personalizada con los jugadores.
  • Interlocución entre Origen y jugadores.


  • Dominio del Inglés.
  • Español hablado y escrito correctamente.
  • Disponibilidad de traslado inmeadiato a Berlín.

Se valorará:

  • Conocimiento de Alemán.

Si estás interesado en esta oferta, contacta con nosotros a través del siguiente correo electrónico: [email protected]

  • ArthurGarcia

    any experience or age restrictions?

  • Jimson Gabriel O. Patiño

    Heck I’d be toilet manager for all I care just let me stay in Origen house!

  • Rulos PiKe Lio

    justo en el ingles

  • M.J. Nami Veela

    I would like to apply but im not fluent in spanish U0001f602

  • Jürgen Bronold

    sheeeeet, dont speak spanish ai ai ai

  • Alberto Barba Rueda

    I would apply, but “Making sure everything is working as intended” sounds kind of ambiguous. The requirements part is covered though.

  • Dusan Petrovic

    If you could replace Spanish with Norwegian and German with Japanese would pass the requirements with flying colors xD as a plus i am one hell of a cook 😀

  • Hrvoje Pavlić

    Do u need a cook ? 🙂

  • A Wild Fabienne Appeared

    Can I replace speaking spanish with looking pretty

  • Philippe PT

    Dorian Collard mdr nique les études

  • Katherine Rodríguez

    Rosa ofrezcamonos pa ir a cocinarles y limpiarles el baño ?

  • Rosa Huerta Barrera

    Con suerte me cocino yo :'(

  • Montse Flores

    Justo en el alemán ?

  • Montse Flores

    Pues, si aguantan la comida mexicana creo que yo no estaría mal ?

  • Semper Novo

    Submitted my application let’s see where ie leads 🙂

  • Kuerty

    I already send my application too! I pray gods to be the choosen one xD

  • LoL_Evayjne

    Mmh… I should re-learn my Spanish from school times… Everything else I got covered, even live in Berlin already…

  • Lol Eastcoast

    do they hire international managers