In 2014, xPeke announced his team Origen on the second edition of Gamergy (Madrid, Spain). Origen was present during the third and fourth editions, organizing fan meetings and activities. Even though last weekend, on the fifth edition, xPeke could not be present, Origen’s presence was still there thanks to you.

We want to take a moment to thank you, the fans, for your constant support, even through the hardest times. You are what make Origen so special and we are hoping to show you what we are capable of.




DSCN7642 DSCN7641

DSCN7639 DSCN7638

Photos: Grumpy Gaming

Cover image by: Jorge Gutiérrez

  • Protesqu

    Really nice post ;D

  • Joaquin Rodriguez

    We are going to support you always, Origenn. Loyalty to the best real team won’t be broken. Don’t forget that you have a family in each real fan. Go for them, Origen

  • Marc Neil Hinlog

    #TheresAlwaysNextTime OG is U0001f60d

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