As the European quarterfinals were ending, the broadcast continued with the North-American LCS scene, where we saw an intense fight for a top place in the playoffs.

TSM vs Cloud 9 – 3-1 

TeamSoloMid showed what they are capable of in playoffs with an amazing comeback performance. Even though they dropped their first game to Cloud 9 – the next 3 games showcased the TSM that everyone expected to see at the start of the split.

The first match was pretty even early game with no real advantages going for either team but a chaotic team fight gave C9 a huge gold lead advantage in order to take the lead. TSM had no answers for Cloud 9’s map presence and ultimately, gave them the first win of the best of 5 series. On the second game however, was all about Team SoloMid. They had control of the entire map and were able to catch members of C9 whenever “Hauntzer” initiated fights with a very tanky Maokai. Cloud 9 selected an all AD composition and this enabled TSM to win most of the team fights.


TSM took game 3 to keep their momentum going. “Bjergsen’s” Zed was unstoppable carrying his team to another victory with a score of 11/0/6. The final game started in C9’s favour but their aggressive plays and miscommunication mid game cost them. By the 30 minute mark, TSM had a 10k gold lead and they never looked back winning the quarterfinal match with 3-1.


After their historically, worst start in the regular season, TeamSoloMid moves on to the semifinals to take on Immortals.

Team Liquid vs NRG Sports – 3-0

Team Liquid had something to celebrate this weekend as well after their 3-0 sweep over NRG Sports in the NA quarterfinals. Game 1 started off strong with first blood going to TL just over a minute into the game. They also went on to take the first 5 turrets before NRG could even take one. The gold lead at 16 minutes was too much for NRG to get anything done.


Game 2 was very similar to the first, with early game kills from Team Liquid. After that, both teams played a very safe game and smart decision-making. “Dardoch” almost had a pentakill with a full AD Lee Sin mid game but was shutdown. So close Lee Sin, so close. Game 3 once again featured a very dominant Team Liquid putting on the pressure early. The game winning fight came just after an attempt at Baron which lead to TL aceing NRG. TL proceeded to take Baron and quickly end the game. NRG kept this one close and put up a fight but not enough to force a 4th game. “Piglet” scored back to back quadrakills this game, showcasing his botlane talents.

Team Liquid secured their spot in the top four and take on Counter Logic Gaming in the semifinals.

Cover Photo by: Josh Rigg
Source for Images: Riot Esports

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    Origengg TSM vs CLG and OG vs FNC Finals // LCSes more scripted than WWE

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