Let me first say that there are some Origen fans that this does not apply to at all – but for most of us – this is reality. I’ve always been the annoying and obnoxious fan when it comes to TV shows, sports and game shows. If I commit to something, I stick with it and I’m sure there are many of you in the same situation.

Now that the LCS Spring Playoffs are coming up, it’s time for all of us fans to crawl out of the woodwork and turn into cheerleaders. So if you’re a fan, you’ll definitely relate to these 10 things only we can understand.

1. You watch their games as an anxious parent would watch their child playing sports or competing in a science fair. Cheering, loudly at your computer while praying that nobody get camped on or that Kalista doesn’t get banned. Zven is a God on Kalista. Duh.

 Source: Tumblr

2. A large portion of your wardrobe contains the team colours. It’s perfect because black & blue look great on everyone, and it’s also the name of a Backstreet Boys album. So you cannot go wrong here.

3. Hearing unknowledgeable people say that Origen should change their rosters or that they aren’t skilled makes you cringe. Sure, that’s subjective, but how does a combination of the most CS (per minute) in EU LCS from Zven and several comeback games, make you come to that conclusion?

Source: Riot eSports

4. Often times you find yourself wondering if you’re too emotionally invested in Origen’s success. Usually this ends with you settling on the notion that there’s no such thing as ‘too emotionally invested in this team and you move on.

5. You think that everyone else needs to step up their selfie game because the greatest selfies of all time have been taken by our squad already.


If you’re an Origen fan, these are your favourite selfies ever taken.

6.  You will remember this forever because you love Origen’s owner xPekeeven if this happened before Origen’s time.


Source: GameK

Because getting “Backdoored” took on a whole new meaning for you at Intel Extreme Masters Season VI. In this season, we saw a brief backdoor from Soaz as well – I guess xPeke taught him well.

7.  The worry of getting knocked out by our biggest friendly rival: FNATIC

Source: Tumblr

This result would be absolutely disastrous and leave Origen fans open to rants from Fnatic fans, and we just can’t have that.

8.  Complaining even when our team has the lead. You have to be a true fan to find something to pick at, even when your team is ahead. It’s not our best habit but frustration kicks in if our players aren’t executing the game plan. A win is a win, so they say, but we need a safety net just in case our team begins to blow the lead.

9.The constant unknown of who will be starting in the mid lane gives you nightmares. Alright, so maybe not nightmares but is it going to be xPeke or Power of Evil? Origen stop toying with our feelings!

10. In the true fans eyes, anyone with anything critical to say regarding Origen is a ‘hater’ and that’s final. They are the greatest team ever and any differing opinion is not so much an opinion as it is pure HATING.

 Source: Smosh

Thank you fans, for your continuous support.

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Cover Photo by: Dwight Casin

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    Origengg think i got like 8/10 things related to me lol 😛

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    Origengg The worry of getting knocked out by our biggest friendly rival: FNATIC #Guilty :3

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    10 things Only origen fans will understand, Being 4th will shock you

  • Marcel Koch

    Wanna add one more point
    11: You watch their greatesr games from last season even now. For example the penta after baron from sOAZ against flash wolves
    And every time i find myself shouting!

  • Lucas Jensen

    eh… i think a lot of _real_ fans critique a lot of what Origen is atm. most of us remember the last season as better and previous seasons even (with peke and soaz on fnatic) as more consistent

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    Origengg How can this be… so accurate?…

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    Origengg I may seem crazy to be all these things but at least I’m aware of it hahaha U0001f49c you guys! You’re the best

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    Anthony Dinu-Zamfir Know my pain

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    Grégory L histoire de ma vie, en plus c’est trop vrai,?

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    srsly tho OG, who’s mid in playoffs? tell us

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    11 regardless the entire rooster has changed, Origen Vs Fnatic will always be a derby

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    Origengg So true ! It’s why I love you, it’s why we love you. You’re an awesome team, don’t change and let me be a fan forever.

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    Et oui mdr ?? des la première c’est moi, ?

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    Mdr ?? Apres la garde robe je sais pas ça dépend toujours toi ?

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    FNC vs OG will always feel as a derby, no matter the FNC roster change! Although I love Origen entirely for their current players (and peke obv) and FNC just as an organisation by now, since huni, reignover and bora left. OG kinda helped me through the old breakup and lauri’s retirement you could say

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    I’m sorry but this article sounds like smth a 14-year-old girl has written.

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    Pls OG pls

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    The only real derby was FNC vs SK! And we will never have that again cause the yearly roaster changes….

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    I think you misinterpret fanatics and fans.

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    You’re right,even now I watch those worlds games or iem san jose games 🙂

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