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Important: Roster Update

With the following brief communication, we would like to announce that due to lack of motivation, Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou will no longer be part of the starting lineup of Origen throughout the rest of the split.

Until we find a suitable replacement ADC, he will be replaced by Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño.

We expect FORG1VEN to find the necessary motivation to regain his passion for the game as soon as possible.

Also, we wish xPeke good luck in this new chapter. He will certainly give it his best as always and we hope for countless surprises and much joy.

Good luck xPeke.


Un breve comunicado para anunciar que por falta de motivación FORG1VEN no será titular de ORIGEN durante este split.

Mientras probamos nuevos AD Carry en esta línea jugará nuestro sub, xPeke.

Deseamos que FORG1VEN encuentre pronto la motivación necesaria para recuperar su pasión por el competitivo lo antes posible.

Y a xPeke le deseamos mucha suerte en esta nueva linea, estamos seguros que como siempre dará lo mejor de sí mismo, esperamos que nos sorprenda y  nos de muchas alegrías.

Buena Suerte xPeke!!

Cover image by: Dwight Casin

Artwork Showcase No.6 – Happy Birthday, xPeke!

Welcome to the sixth Origen’s Artwork Showcase! Last weekend, on 24th April, was our own xPeke birthday, so we decided to make a Showcase special with some of your awesome artwork featuring him. Thanks a lot for keep sending us your drawings, we are so grateful! Make sure to check everything!

So remember: if you want to be featured here on future posts, feel free to send us an e-mail with your fanart or cosplay to [email protected]

xPeke Birthday, by Oranuncha:

@draco_lucian Oranuncha

xPeke, by Traucmahr:


xPeke, by NAMIVeela:


xCorki, by AsuChan13:


xPeke, by HazazelCL:

HazazeICI DA

Which one is your favourite?

If you want to see your artwork featured here, send us an e-mail with your fanart or cosplay to [email protected]

Cover image by: Skadi

Spring Playoffs Predictions

After the promotion tournament, here comes the playoffs! Are you ready to watch exciting games this weekend? We absolutely are!

download (4)Origen: After finishing the split with a good streak, and placing 4th on the standings, Origen is in the right mood for playoffs. They also got the matchup they wanted, on Sunday against Unicorns of Love. If they manage to play like they did on the last games, showing the same synergy, they definitely have a chance to overcome quarterfinals. The team has been practicing with both midlaners, xPeke and PowerOfEvil, so they are ready to face this challenge with a variety of team compositions. Either way, now it is the time to show the world what they are made of, with the right mindset, Origen can become unstoppable.

download (2)Fnatic: The end of the spring split was not the best for Fnatic. After losing three games in a row, they had to settle for the 6th position of the standings, having to face Vitality on quarterfinals. Even though the team came motivated after their great performance on IEM Katowice, the hype quickly fell off, having them a few inconsistent games. If they want to do it well in playoffs, they need to step up their game and fix the mistakes of the end of the split. They sure had time enough to practice, so let’s see how they perform this Saturday against Vitality, one of the strongest teams of the EU LCS.

download (8)Team Vitality: Although Vitality ended 3rd on the standings, failing to achieve the first position after losing a few of the last games, they can still be proud of their performance this split. The team is on a good point right now, showing good synergy and letting kaSing shine. On this playoffs, they will face Fnatic on Saturday on a Bo5 that will surely be interesting to watch. Both teams played well all season, only to deflate at the end, so it all depends on which team has the best mindset, which one has practiced most efficiently and the team compositions. The other two times this teams faced each other resulted on two victories for Vitality: they will want the third for sure.

downloadUnicorns of Love: The end of the Spring split was not good for Unicorns of Love either, but they still ended on the 5th position as expected. They need to handle this playoffs with care. On Sunday, they will play against Origen for the quarterfinals, and they sure keep in mind that on the split they lost the two games against them. It’s not easy to plan compositions against a team with two midlaners, so Unicorns of Love need to organize their strategies thoroughly if they want to make a favorable draft. As always, anything can happen, but if they keep performing like on the last games of the split, it will definitely be hard for them to reach semifinals.

download (1)H2k Gaming: On the second position of the standings, H2k has a semifinals spot secured. Well deserved, for sure, after their great performance throughout the Spring split. On Saturday, H2k will face the winner of the matchup of Vitality vs Fnatic on a Bo5. Both teams have to be taken into consideration, since both have already won H2k at least once this season. Keeping FORG1VEN in the team was definitely a morale booster and H2k seems to be ready to give their best on this playoffs and the Summer split, but they should definitely try not to be overconfident. Either Vitality or Fnatic can crush their victory dreams easily.

download (9)G2 Esports: After an impeccable Spring split, G2 secured a well-deserved semifinals spot on playoffs thanks to being first on the standings. They surely are an enemy to fear, having lost only three games this season. They will play on Sunday against the winner of the Origen vs Unicorns of Love game. The last ones are one of the teams that achieved a victory against them on the split, but the irregular playstyle they are having lately targets them as an easier rival to defeat. Origen might have lost all previous games against G2, but right now, they are a strong team again, so it would be interesting to watch a semifinal facing them. Despite the fact that a surprise might happen, if G2 keeps their dominant playstyle, it would be hard for both teams to confront them. Let’s see if they can demonstrate once again that they deserve the first position.

Cover image by: Dwight Casin

Introducing Origen’s coach

During the Challenger series we played without an official coach; we had the help of analysts all this time.

Now that we’ll be playing the LCS, this role becomes necessary to strengthen our gameplay and coordinate all the staff. This will allow the players to focus on themselves and train during more time.

After evaluating many options, at this moment and time, we’ve decided that Ducky is the best candidate to fill this role. He helped us during our matches against CWA and since he won’t continue with ROCCAT, our intention is to begin a trial period under Ducky’s command. We believe this can help us reach our highest potential.

Please welcome Ducky as new coach and staff coordinator.

So today we decided to announce that im currently being tested for the coaching position of Origen!

After I left ROCCAT, I looked for a new team and chose to support Origen for their promotion series against CWA. Everybody agreed afterwards, that we should continue working together.

However, since Coaches are measured by sucess and ROCCAT had a very poor season, it’s understandable, that they want to take their time to test my input and abilities and make sure I’m a good fit for the team.
Therefore I will be supporting them until the first week of LCS and the decision if I stay will be made based on the work, that I have done to this point.
Regardless of the past and the upcoming decision, I will remain dedicated to coaching, as it is a field that is very underdeveloped and needs dedicated people to grow.

Wish me good luck.