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EU LCS Predictions, Week 6

Going into week 6 of the Summer split, with the competition going full speed, let’s take a look at the standings and the matches from this week:

The Bo2 format is definitely making a difference. Last week, we could see exciting ties, unexpected losses and new rosters finally shining. After the 4-0 from last week, all eyes are set on Giants Gaming, who took the victory against Fnatic, and will face G2 Esports this week. They are determined to escape relegations and aim for playoffs this split, and they seem to be on the right path to do so. However, G2 will not make things easy for them. Even though they lost a game against Origen last week, G2 is still one of the strongest teams in the EU LCS. As for Origen, they are facing Unicorns of Love and Vitality this week, two teams that have been quite inconsistent lately. If Origen manages to step up their game, they will definitely have a chance to break the “tie curse”, but it depends on their synergy and the focus on the macro play and rotations.

EU LCS Summer 2016 Week 5

Overall, this will be an interesting week to watch. Both G2 Esports and Fnatic should not have any problem winning, but Giants Gaming could make a comeback, consolidating their improvements. H2K, Splyce and Schalke 04 will fight to keep their position or even advancing in the standings, with Splyce having the best chances of winning both of their matches. On the lower part of the standing, we have an Origen eager to climb, and this will probably be the best time for it. As for Unicorns of Love, Vitality and Roccat, it will be a rough week if they do not manage to solve their issues.

EU LCS starts today at 5 CET with Fnatic vs Vitality and OG vs UOL.

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EU LCS Week 5 Highlights

Fnatic – G2 eSports:

One of the biggest matches of the split between the hottest teams in summer, took place this week between Fnatic and G2 eSports. In the first game of the series, Fnatic decided on a team fight composition from champion select, whereas G2 picked a teamfight composition around Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen’s Jhin. The early game went quite even during the first 24 minutes of the game, as the teams traded turrets. G2 got the advantage in dragons by securing 3 during the even laning phase.

At the 24 minute mark, G2 won a huge teamfight finding kills onto Yeong-Jin “Gamsu” Noh, Lee “Spirit” Da-yun and Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim, allowing G2 eSports to secure the Baron Nashor and an inhibitor. Although the game did not have many kills, they ended the game after securing all of the objectives on the map.

Following that first victory by G2 eSports, they certainly did not rest on their laurels. The teams picked relatively similar team compositions from the first game. This game was quite a bloodbath as G2 eSports secured 19 kills for 4 deaths. In the early game, the teams traded turrets until the ninth minute. By then, G2 were already ahead, as they had secured multiple kills already. From there on out, the team snowballed out of control and ended the game in very quick fashion.

Giants Gaming – Fnatic:

After being on relegations last split, Giants Gaming decided that it was time to renew the roster and show the world what they are capable of. They ended the day with three more points after taking two victories against one of the favourite teams. Even though Fnatic managed to keep picking the Giants’ players on the first game, they still were able to comeback every time, thanks to their strong teamfight composition and the positioning of Nubar “Maxlore” Sarafian in the jungle, allowing his team every time to gather and take advantage of every mistake. On both games, we could see a Giants Gaming stronger than ever, making good rotations, taking objectives and dominating the macro play.

On the second game, the decisive play was a Baron Nashor call, while Fnatic were on the bot lane trying to pick Lennart “SmittyJ” Warkus, which allowed Giants to take even more advantage. That level of shotcalling combined with the mechanical skills of Son “S0NSTAR” Seung-ik with Jhin, gave them the possibility of having both victories. Ultimates on point and team decisions, leave Giants Gaming on the sixth position in the standings.

Article by: Clément Piovesan and María Eijo

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EU LCS Predictions, Week 2

The second week of Summer Split is here, and things are starting to get serious! Take a look at our predictions:

download (4)Origen: As you read here yesterday, we had to say goodbye to Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou due to personal reasons. For this week’s matches, the starting AD Carry will be our Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez. It’s not the first time that xPeke plays this role on a competitive level, and even though it is not his primary one, his presence in the game always helps the team to have a better synergy, so it will definitely be interesting to watch their Bo2 against Team Vitality on Thursday and FC Schalke 04 on Friday.

download (2)Fnatic: After a 3-1 last week, and with Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim back in the team, Fnatic is ready to reach the split finals this year. Facing Unicorns of Love on Thursday and H2k Gaming on Friday, it should not be a complicated week for them, since both teams have been inconsistent for now. If they can solve the macro play mistakes they made in the last games, they definitely will be a team to fear. Still, the first weeks are the most unpredictable ones, but Fnatic will probably win both Bo2 this week.

download (9)G2 Esports: The unstoppable G2 Esports keep dominating the EU LCS standings. Their new roster seems to be working even better than the last one, and they look confident enough to keep winning this week against Roccat on Thursday and Splyce on Friday. With both teams tied at 5th place, they should not be a threat for G2. If they keep managing well the objective control and the team synergy like they did last week, they will not have problems to win, but they should be careful not to be too overconfident, since any of the teams can be the surprise of the week.

download (8)Team Vitality: Vitality is one of the teams to follow this split. After ending last week with two ties on both Bo2, they surely are going to face this week with more determination. They are playing against Origen on Thursday and against Roccat on Friday. Most of the eyes will be on the Thursday game, due to the Origen’s roster changes, but for Vitality it will be more important to win against Roccat to solve the 5th position of the standings tie. They will probably have a good week if they can focus and if the other teams let Vitality’s bot lane shine.

am-a.akamaihd.netFC Schalke 04: After being bought by the German soccer team, FC Schalke 04 (former Elements) seems to be stronger than ever. It looks like it is Erberk “Gilius” Demir’s time to show his full potential, and he surely is motivated to demonstrate what can he do. They are facing Splyce on Thursday and Origen on Friday. If they are able to play like last week,they should win at least a few games in their Bo2s this week, but is still a mystery as to how Origen‘s new roster will work out. It is still early in the split, and mistakes can be made by any team.

download (1)H2k Gaming: After two ties on last week’s Bo2, H2k needs to step up their game if they want to reach a better position in the standings. They showed an inconsistent playstyle, with a poor performance in some games and a better one on another, so everything will depend on how they can take advantage of the two games format. They are facing Giants Gaming on Thursday and Fnatic on Friday. Even though Giants have improved a lot since the last split, H2k should still be at a superior level, and winning those two games could be the motivation boost they need to beat Fnatic.

downloadUnicorns of Love: After a messy first week, losing one of the Bo2 and winning the other, Unicorns of Love needs to focus on not to make the same mistakes again. Facing Fnatic on Thursday and Giants Gaming on Friday, everything will depend on Fabian “Exileh” Schubert. If he manages to adapt to the LCS format, they can at least get the two wins against Giants, but Fnatic will be a harder rival for them.  Anything better than a 2-2 this week will be the best outcome for Unicorns of Love right now.

download (7)Roccat: Tied with Splyce and Team Vitality on the 5th position of the standings, Roccat have a difficult week ahead of them. They are playing against G2 Esports on Thursday and Vitality on Friday. Since Splyce is also facing G2 this week, those matches will be decisive to show which team of the three is the best one. Anything could happen, but it will not leave anyone indifferent. The odds appear not to be on Roccat’s favor this week, but if they let Pierre “Steelback” Medjaldi do his magic, they have a chance not to lose everything.

download (5)Splyce: As it was said about Roccat, it will not be the best week for Splyce. Also trying to climb on the standings leaving the 5th position behind, Splyce will face FC Schalke 04 on Thursday and G2 Esports on Friday. Any win would be welcome, but Schalke looks stronger right now, and G2 is always an enemy to fear. They should focus on improving their macro play and not letting the other teams to take early advantage and objectives. We will be watching the outcome of that triple tie, things will start to get serious!

download (6)Giants Gaming: The new roster looks better than ever for Giants Gaming. The addition of Gun-woo “Night” Na to the mid lane was an improvement for sure, if they can manage to develop a better synergy around his playstyle, they will definitely have a chance to escape relegations this split. This week they are facing H2k Gaming on Thursday and Unicorns of Love on Friday. Both teams have been inconsistent for now, so it could be possible for Giants to win some of the games.

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Spring Playoffs Predictions

After the promotion tournament, here comes the playoffs! Are you ready to watch exciting games this weekend? We absolutely are!

download (4)Origen: After finishing the split with a good streak, and placing 4th on the standings, Origen is in the right mood for playoffs. They also got the matchup they wanted, on Sunday against Unicorns of Love. If they manage to play like they did on the last games, showing the same synergy, they definitely have a chance to overcome quarterfinals. The team has been practicing with both midlaners, xPeke and PowerOfEvil, so they are ready to face this challenge with a variety of team compositions. Either way, now it is the time to show the world what they are made of, with the right mindset, Origen can become unstoppable.

download (2)Fnatic: The end of the spring split was not the best for Fnatic. After losing three games in a row, they had to settle for the 6th position of the standings, having to face Vitality on quarterfinals. Even though the team came motivated after their great performance on IEM Katowice, the hype quickly fell off, having them a few inconsistent games. If they want to do it well in playoffs, they need to step up their game and fix the mistakes of the end of the split. They sure had time enough to practice, so let’s see how they perform this Saturday against Vitality, one of the strongest teams of the EU LCS.

download (8)Team Vitality: Although Vitality ended 3rd on the standings, failing to achieve the first position after losing a few of the last games, they can still be proud of their performance this split. The team is on a good point right now, showing good synergy and letting kaSing shine. On this playoffs, they will face Fnatic on Saturday on a Bo5 that will surely be interesting to watch. Both teams played well all season, only to deflate at the end, so it all depends on which team has the best mindset, which one has practiced most efficiently and the team compositions. The other two times this teams faced each other resulted on two victories for Vitality: they will want the third for sure.

downloadUnicorns of Love: The end of the Spring split was not good for Unicorns of Love either, but they still ended on the 5th position as expected. They need to handle this playoffs with care. On Sunday, they will play against Origen for the quarterfinals, and they sure keep in mind that on the split they lost the two games against them. It’s not easy to plan compositions against a team with two midlaners, so Unicorns of Love need to organize their strategies thoroughly if they want to make a favorable draft. As always, anything can happen, but if they keep performing like on the last games of the split, it will definitely be hard for them to reach semifinals.

download (1)H2k Gaming: On the second position of the standings, H2k has a semifinals spot secured. Well deserved, for sure, after their great performance throughout the Spring split. On Saturday, H2k will face the winner of the matchup of Vitality vs Fnatic on a Bo5. Both teams have to be taken into consideration, since both have already won H2k at least once this season. Keeping FORG1VEN in the team was definitely a morale booster and H2k seems to be ready to give their best on this playoffs and the Summer split, but they should definitely try not to be overconfident. Either Vitality or Fnatic can crush their victory dreams easily.

download (9)G2 Esports: After an impeccable Spring split, G2 secured a well-deserved semifinals spot on playoffs thanks to being first on the standings. They surely are an enemy to fear, having lost only three games this season. They will play on Sunday against the winner of the Origen vs Unicorns of Love game. The last ones are one of the teams that achieved a victory against them on the split, but the irregular playstyle they are having lately targets them as an easier rival to defeat. Origen might have lost all previous games against G2, but right now, they are a strong team again, so it would be interesting to watch a semifinal facing them. Despite the fact that a surprise might happen, if G2 keeps their dominant playstyle, it would be hard for both teams to confront them. Let’s see if they can demonstrate once again that they deserve the first position.

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