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OG Week 5 Analysis

Origen – H2k:
H2k, being one of the favorites in the current split of the LCS, were looking to improve in the standings by beating Origen 2-0. Instead of that, another grinded games by Origen led another victory in game 1 of a series. The team decided on team fight composition around high damage chamions such as Varus and Lucian. Thanks to great area-of-effect spells. Origen were able to control multiple team fights.

In the first half of the game, H2k were slightly ahead by 2k gold. The teams traded turrets across the map and Origen managed to get the advantage in securing dragons. Thanks to that, Origen managed to close out the early lead that H2k had accumulated by getting many picks. Thanks to a great objective control, Origen managed to close out the game in yet another drawn out fashion to win the first map of this best-of-2.

In the second game of the day, H2k was looking to improve. Picking a different composition from champion select, H2k decided on a very polyvalent composition which allowed them to play the team fights and catch some of the Origen members out of position. Yet again, the game started by being quite even but went in the favor of H2k rapidly. They snowballed after a big victory in a team fight, where H2k found four kills on the members of Origen. From there on out, H2k controlled all of the objectives and snowballed out of control. Although Origen managed to win one team fight before the end of the game, H2k closed out the series quickly and both took one point each home.

Origen vs G2 Esports:

After all the ties, and with Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez still as AD carry, Origen keeps on improving every week. The objective control is better, the team synergy looks more solid and overall, they are improving their decision-making skills. This week they managed to win the first game against G2 Esports. It was a 68 minutes match, in which Origen took the lead since early game, but could not close it quickly due to G2’s defensive team composition. With their strong wave clear (and Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen obtaining a new record with a 946 creep score), they made sure not to make any mistakes so Origen could not finish the game. But the presence of Paul “sOAZ” Boyer with Irelia on solo lanes, pushing and putting up with everything, allowed his team to keep getting objectives and slowly winning the game thanks to a backdoor. It was a long match that left everyone tired, however, in the second game, the composition worked better for G2, playing around Luka “PerkZ” Perković with a strong LeBlanc and ending the day with a tie.

In the long run, we can clearly see Origen’s improvements, and even though getting two ties again may not be the best outcome, it definitely shows that the team is getting better, and that they are ready to give their best from now on.

Article by: Clément Piovesan and María Eijo

Cover image by: Skadi