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OG Week 3 Analysis

Origen vs Roccat: 2-0

After two ties last week and more days to train as a team with Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez as AD carry, Origen entered this week with more determination than ever. In the first game against Roccat, they used a strong teamfight composition, definitely what they needed to stomp from the beginning of the game. Even though Roccat managed to make a comeback, the team never gave up and focused on getting all the objectives showing excellent macro play. One of the keys of the game was Paul “sOAZ” Boyer’s positioning, giving them the victory on a few decisive teamfights with his teleport. On the mid lane, Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage showed his game-changing abilities, dominating the game and the teamfights with Azir.

In the second game against Roccat, they decided to use a poke based composition with the capability of protecting the marksman, Ezreal. It was a good choice, and Origen managed to dominate from early game thanks to Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider and his successful ganks with Kindred. Roccat never stood a chance against an Origen stronger than ever this split, doing the right rotations and decisions, taking kills and objectives and making sure that the other team could not get any advantage. It was a fast game and the day ended with two victories.

Source: LoL eSports

Origen vs Giants Gaming: 0-2

On Friday they faced Giants Gaming, a team that even though it is usually on the lower part of the standings, recently made some roster changes that improved their synergy. Even though xPeke is performing well, and his presence on the team is beneficial for them due to his leadership capacity, not playing on his main role can still make them not being as comfortable as they can, leading to mistakes that other teams can take advantage of. In both games against Giants, Origen used strong teamfight compositions.

The first game started good for them, allowing them to get ahead from the enemy team. They were able to pressure Giants, taking valuable dragons and avoiding the engages of Gun-woo “Night” Na with Azir, a skilled player to fear on the upcoming rest of the split. Even though they managed to get advantage, Giants Gaming did not allow them to use it when they started to perform better on teamfights. After Amazing showing that his smites can definitely be on point, Origen tried to make the final push, overextending a bit and letting Giants to take some needed kills for them to get back in the game. After another disputed Baron, Giants’ performance was better than Origen’s, and they managed to get the victory.

Source: LoL eSports

On the second game, just like in the first one, we could see a strong Giants, and an Origen that stood up for most of the game, but could not overcome their struggles. It was a hard-fought match and both teams took advantage at some points, but in the end, Night’s performance with Lissandra allowed Giants to take more map control.

Overall, this was a good week for Origen in terms of playstyle, despite of the Friday’s defeat. Even though OG had a rough start in this split, every week we see improvements and hopefully, have a similar ending to the Spring Split. Let’s see what week 4 brings us!

Cover image by: Dwight Casin