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NA LCS Summer Split Week 2 Highlights

Matchup of the Week: Team SoloMid vs. Immortals Team SoloMid versus Immortals has become one of the most anticipated matchups in the west over the course of the last two splits. Immortals fell to Team SoloMid in the semifinals of the 2016 Spring NA LCS Split and came into the matchup looking to prove themselves […]

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OG Week 2 Analysis

OG vs. Vitality: 1-1 After subbing in Enrique “xPeke” Cendeño-Martinez in our AD carry position, nothing much was expected from Origen in this week of competition. In the first game of the best-of-2, Origen decided on a teamfight composition, picking champions with large damage zones such as Sivir and Vladimir. On the other side of the […]

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EU LCS Predictions, Week 2

The second week of Summer Split is here, and things are starting to get serious! Take a look at our predictions: Origen: As you read here yesterday, we had to say goodbye to Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou due to personal reasons. For this week’s matches, the starting AD Carry will be our Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez. […]

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Important: Roster Update

With the following brief communication, we would like to announce that due to lack of motivation, Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou will no longer be part of the starting lineup of Origen throughout the rest of the split. Until we find a suitable replacement ADC, he will be replaced by Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño. We expect FORG1VEN to find the necessary […]

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EU LCS Summer Split Week 1 Highlights

As the first week of the Summer Split ended, we wanted to highlight some of the games in the EULCS. Take a look at our analysis below: H2k Gaming vs Roccat: 1-1 One of the peculiarities of the Summer split is that we will surely have disputed games ending with a tie. Today, we witnessed […]

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NA LCS – Opening Night and Day

The NALCS is back for the 2016 Summer Split with a new format. The NA League went to a best of three series for every matchup which will surely create a more competitive and dramatic atmosphere. The new schedule hoists the defending champions, Counter Logic Gaming, against runners-up Team SoloMid in the opening night. Matchups […]

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Knowing: Glenn Doornenbal

As recently announced, Origen has gone through roster changes for the summer and we would like to introduce them to you. So let’s hit it off with our new support; Glenn “Hybrid” Doornenbal. Glenn was born on August 5, 1994 in The Netherlands and his professional career started back in 2014 when he first joined […]

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New Roster Announcement

With old endings come new beginnings! As we announced yesterday, there were circumstances that forced us to make roster changes prior to the Summer Split. We are pleased to announce today that our squad is gaining two great players. We never thought that we could find, in that short notice, a botlane that we are […]

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Changes in Origen

Today we are very sad to announce the departure of two team members, causing Origen to go through some changes for next LCS split. Here is what XMom told us in regards to these changes: “For a while there have been rumors that there would be roster changes within the organization. The speculations stated that […]

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SKT wins MSI 3-0

SKTelecom T1 and Counter Logic Gaming enter their MSI Finals matchup on emotional highs. SKTelecom T1 finally looks like the team everyone expected them to be after their 3-1 victory over Royal Never Give Up. Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok played like the world’s best and Lee “Duke” Ho-Seong was able to influence team fights; both were […]

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