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Stop Being Toxic

I love League of Legends. It’s an addicting game that provides excitement, personal improvement and social interaction. But lately, it’s getting me a little down. Have people transformed into everything that we have been taught to not become? Are people bullies? I play LOL as a way to unwind after a busy day at the […]

Ago 71

Strategic thinking or how to become a better team

I have watched professional League of Legends players fight against each another on Summoner’s Rift for years now and as the seasons have passed, the level of strategy has gradually increased. Early in the history of the LoL eSports, strategy was not the main aspect of the game. Most of the time, teams were just […]

Ago 22

Artwork Showcase No.4

 Welcome to the fourth Origen’s Artwork Showcase! Week after week, and you keep filling us with love. Thanks again for your submissions, you are all amazing! We decided to make this week an Orianna special post, a champion you often see in Origen matches and in your artwork. It’s nice to see different approaches of […]

Ago 2

Artwork Showcase No.3

The third Origen’s Artwork Showcase is here! As always, we loved the submissions you send us, it’s difficult to choose only five each week! We are so thankful for everything and for your continuous support, keep stunning us! In today’s post, we have some awesome player’s artwork, two fan skins and even a real life […]

Ago 2

Seriously? What happened to Illaoi?

Prior to her release a few months ago, Summoners were intrigued by the Kraken Priestess, but unfortunately she appears to have fallen off the face of the Rift. Although it doesn’t look like she will be joining Galio and Taric in the pool of champions that never see game play, it is worrisome that the […]

Ago 45

Artwork Showcase No.2

Welcome to the second Origen’s Artwork Showcase! We loved the submissions you send us, are you ready to see what are we featuring today? We are so thankful for everything and for your continuous support! In today’s post, we have a stunning portrait, a lovely chibi, more fan skins and even a real sword! So […]

Ago 5

10 Things Only Origen Fans Will Understand

Let me first say that there are some Origen fans that this does not apply to at all – but for most of us – this is reality. I’ve always been the annoying and obnoxious fan when it comes to TV shows, sports and game shows. If I commit to something, I stick with it […]

Ago 45

Artwork Showcase No.1

The world is filled with amazing artists and we are lucky to have some of them amongst our fans. In Origen, we love creativity and we are amazed every time we see the wonderful artwork you send us to our Twitter account, or the ones we find on DeviantArt and other sources. We are so […]

Ago 6

An Ode To Support Players

Dedicated to Mithy, and players alike. How am I to describe the benevolent efforts of a support player? A force that is often shown through strength, healing and warding. You are vigor and ruthlessness that fights every day on the rift to provide your team with crowd control and kills. Your lane partner knows that they aren’t […]

Ago 58

The Types of Players You Will Come Across in LOL

The Rift can sometimes be a strange place. Since, after all the game is based on how you work as a team – the type of people you are playing with or against can have an impact on your performance. While the upsides are numerous, you can encounter some frankly bizarre or irritating people every […]

Ago 1