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The fans at Gamergy

In 2014, xPeke announced his team Origen on the second edition of Gamergy (Madrid, Spain). Origen was present during the third and fourth editions, organizing fan meetings and activities. Even though last weekend, on the fifth edition, xPeke could not be present, Origen’s presence was still there thanks to you. We want to take a moment […]

Ago 16

Motivational Lessons We Learn from Video Games

Life lessons learned from gaming – it’s really not as cheesy as it sounds. Take the time to really think about it. Video games are one of the world’s most popular mediums of entertainment. Far from being an idle pastime for the geeky and the bored, video games are in fact awesomely powerful tools that aim to provide experiences […]

Ago 20

Artwork Showcase No.9

The ninth Origen’s Artwork Showcase is here! We are so grateful for your support, thanks a lot for being there, we are nothing without you. In today’s post we have more stunning artwork (Summer split hype, anyone?), player drawings, Origen fan skins and a cosplay! Make sure you check everything! So remember: if you want […]

Ago 8

Being a true gamer

What exactly makes someone a “true gamer”? According to my friend, the only people that can call themselves gamers are the ones that live for the scene, not just some Mario-Kart playing posers. There’s nothing wrong with playing FarmVille on occasion but it seems that people like to differentiate between “people who play games” and […]

Ago 9

Artwork Showcase No.8

The eighth Origen’s Artwork Showcase is here! Can you believe it? So many fan arts, so much love for the team… we are really grateful and happy to have you! In today’s post we have more fan skins (we are never tired of Origen Oriannas, so don’t worry, send us as much as you want!), […]

Ago 5

Artwork Showcase No.7

The seventh Origen’s Artwork Showcase is here! As you know, every week you all amaze us with your talent. We are so grateful to have the better fans in the world! In today’s post, we have a few awesome player drawings, some with chibi style, and a lovely Origen Lulu. Make sure to check everything! […]

Ago 3

CS:GO : The rise of Luminosity

The current Major champions have had a long road. The Brazilians have finally won a Major Trophy and are the first non-European team to claim that title. Luminosity is a story about success, hard work and great individuals. The creation of this roster dates back to April 13th, 2014 when KaBuM! eSports created its Counter-Strike […]

Ago 5

Artwork Showcase No.6 – Happy Birthday, xPeke!

Welcome to the sixth Origen’s Artwork Showcase! Last weekend, on 24th April, was our own xPeke birthday, so we decided to make a Showcase special with some of your awesome artwork featuring him. Thanks a lot for keep sending us your drawings, we are so grateful! Make sure to check everything! So remember: if you […]

Ago 21

Origen: It’s all about the underdogs!

I am a huge fan of motivational things. Quotes, articles and images of people achieving the “impossible”. It’s not a surprise to most, seeing as I’m a generally loud and excitable person. When it comes to things that are supposed to make me root for the underdog or defeat the odds – I’m a fan and […]

Ago 12

Artwork Showcase No.5

The fifth Origen’s Artwork Showcase is here! Another week, and then more astonishing artwork! Thanks again for all the things you send us, keep doing it! In today’s post, we have a stunning Origen Ahri, two lovely player drawings, a pretty original nail art and even a cooking video! Make sure to check everything! So […]

Ago 4