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Origen ESP Jugará en la Superliga Orange

Desde Origen tenemos una noticia que compartir con vosotros.

Como todos sabéis nuestro equipo juega la LCS, la liga europea en la que cualquier equipo aspira a jugar. No obstante, España está teniendo un crecimiento increíble tanto a nivel de jugadores como de clubes involucrados, sobre todo, gracias al gran esfuerzo que está desarrollando la LVP en este ámbito.

Además, con la llegada de la “Super Liga Orange”, se contribuye al creciminto de los eSports en general y, en particular, en “League of Legends”, haciendo que, día a día, los seguidores de habla hispana se sientan más identificados con los jugadores y equipos españoles.

Por este motivo Origen, siendo un equipo español y conocedor de los miles de seguidores de habla hispana que tenemos no podía ni debía quedarse fuera de esta comunidad.

Origen firmó un pre-acuerdo con el club PAM, que pasaba por mantener la plaza en División de Honor. De conseguirlo, la titularidad pasaría a ser de Origen y, tras una magnífica actuación de los jugadores y la buena gestión de su entrenador, analista y mánager, consiguieron esta gran hazaña.

Por lo tanto hoy podemos decir oficialmente que ORIGEN jugará la “Superliga Orange” organizada por la LVP con el siguiente alineación:

TOP: Mario “YURNEROS” González

JUNGLE: David “DAHVYS” Casco

MID: Antoni “ENTEI” Casasayas

SUPPORT: Ireneusz “ILUZJONIST” Opalinski

ADC: Patrik “SHERIFF” Jiru

ENTRENADOR: Alejandro González “ELODEN”

ANALISTA: Gonzalo Santiago “HIGURE”

MANAGER: Jairo Martos Muñoz.
Desde la organización estamos satisfechos de contar con esta magnifica plantilla que luchará con todo su esfuerzo para que cada día nos sintamos más orgullosos de ellos.


Live on Twitch!

Today we have great news for our fans.

We have always put focus on interaction with our fanbase and our goal as an organisation is to stay close to our supporters.

We would like to announce that we have partnered with Twitch for the upcoming year. Twitch is the leading platform for streamers across the globe and our hopes are that by joining this massive community we can provide more easily accessible content to our fans.

Starting tomorrow our players will start streaming on twitch and we hope that you will join us!

A new era for streaming has begun in Origen. See you at!

Hoy traemos grandes noticias para nuestros seguidores.

Desde Origen tenemos muy en cuenta la opinión de nuestros fans y nuestro objetivo, como siempre, es estar cerca de ellos.

¡Por fin lo hemos conseguido! Hoy podemos decir que gracias a nuestra nueva colaboración con Twitch vamos a poder llegar con mucha más fuerza a nuestros seguidores, ya que Twitch es la plataforma referencia en el mundo del entretenimiento digital.

A partir de mañana nuestros jugadores comenzarán a stremear desde Twitch y esperamos que los acompañéis en sus horas de emisión. Nosotros, por nuestra parte, intentaremos crear un contenido más atractivo para vosotros y por eso tenemos muchas ideas que iremos realizando a lo largo del año.

Llega la era de los streams a Origen ¡Nos vemos en Twitch!

Origen looking for a House Manager

The new season is approaching and we are looking for a team manager. The requirements to apply for the post and duties of the team manager are as follows.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Making sure everything is working as intended in the gaming house.
  • Personalized care of the players needs.
  • Communication between the players and management when needed.


  • Proficient English and Spanish.
  • Desire and availability to move to Berlin immediately.


  • Proficient German.

If you want to apply, please contact us at: [email protected]

Comienza la nueva temporada y en Origen estamos ampliando nuestro STAFF. Buscamos una persona comprometida y capaz, para desempeñar el rol de de Asistente del Equipo y de Gaming House en Berlín. A continuación puedes encontrar los requisitos.


  • Gestionar las necesidades del hogar.
  • Atención personalizada con los jugadores.
  • Interlocución entre Origen y jugadores.


  • Dominio del Inglés.
  • Español hablado y escrito correctamente.
  • Disponibilidad de traslado inmeadiato a Berlín.

Se valorará:

  • Conocimiento de Alemán.

Si estás interesado en esta oferta, contacta con nosotros a través del siguiente correo electrónico: [email protected]

Origen is expanding and is looking for you to join the ride!

We would like to inform you that we are opening new staff positions. We are looking for ambitious and talented people who are passionate about Esports and League of Legends to join our behind-the-scenes team!

So if you are an excellent graphic designer, a writer who has a lot to say about the League of Legends scene, or a video editor with amazing skills, you got to the right place!

Graphic designer

Are you full of creative ideas? We are looking for a talented graphic designer to take over our graphic designs for social media, web, and merchandise. 


• Creative skills in graphic and clothing design

• Advanced level in Photoshop and Illustrator.

• Esports background (advantage)

*When applying please attach a portfolio.

Content writers

Have a lot to say about the League of Legends scene? Let’s hear it! We are searching for content writers for our web who can give an intriguing glimpse into Origen’s journey in the Esports world. You will cover Origen’s progress in the league and give our followers a deeper insight of what’s going on.


• Advanced English 

• Excellent writing skills

• Deep knowledge and understanding of Esports trends and LoL gameplay.

*When applying please attach a short article about League of Legends/Origen.

Video editor

We are looking for a talented and creative video editor to help us show Origen’s world to our followers! The videos will include game highlights and behind the scenes footage of our team.


• Knowledge in LoL gameplay and Esports

• Creative video editing skills

• Advanced level in Premier or similar

• Advanced level in After Effects (advantage)

*When applying please attach a link to your portfolio.


Do you think you got what it takes? Then apply now at [email protected]! All said positions are compensated.

Major changes in the Origen lineup

Season six has ended and so has an era in Origen.

With a heavy heart, we announce that Paul “sOAZ” Boyer and Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider will no longer be playing with Origen as of today. It is a great upset to see these two iconic players depart, who in season five were part of an Origen team that was an unstoppable force. Starting off in the Challenger Series and reaching the semifinals of the World Championship where we finally encountered an immovable object was something that’ll always remain in Origen’s history.

Together we endured many setbacks, but also claimed great victories. We give our most sincere thanks to sOAZ and Amazing for giving their very best no matter the circumstance.

“After 2 years of being with Origen, and sticking with them through thin and thick, I finally feel comfortable leaving the project behind. Origen picked me up when a lot of other teams were unable see my exact worth, and I do have to thank them for giving me the opportunity to play amongst great players that had a lot more expertise than I did at the time in order to grow myself as a player and person.

Peke, sOAZ, mithy, Zven, Hybrid and PoE, all respectively, left a lasting impact on me, especially when things got rough. I appreciate the amplified comradery shown by each one of them.

But all things must come to an end, and as someone that strives for greatness in order to never leave anywhat-if scenarios behind, I think it’s time to move on and allow both myself and Origen to grow independently from one another in order to explore our future potential.

I appreciate the long lasting support from our fans even through our relegation battles – though I do feel like I’ve disappointed by putting them through partial heartbreaks by hitting that rock bottom. I do hope the best for Origen and their fans coming forward, you’ve been awesome and I appreciate to have been able to represent you for that length of time.”

– Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider

“I will keep it as short as possible but i would like to thank everyone whom I played with

during these 2 years. I learned a ton about myself, how a team should operate and most importantly matured a lot.

It was a risky bet for me and everyone involved when we first started, trying to qualify for CS and then LCS. It was scary but in the end it was all worth it, so thanks Alfonso, Jesper, Maurice, Tristan and xPeke for all the good memories.

A special shoutout to the coaches that had to deal with an uncoachable monkey, Leduck, Nico and Alvar even though it was tough during the last split.”

– Paul “sOAZ” Boyer

“It is really sad for me to separate from these two teammates that have given so much to me and Origen during the last two years. I want to thank them personally for believing in Origen and myself even before we qualified for challenger series. Thanks for all the memories we have shared together and I hope the best for both of you in the future.”

– Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño

“It saddens me to see these two players depart as we shared a good deal of great memories in the summer of 2015. People like to mark sOAZ and even Amazing at times as “uncoachable”, but I personally never felt that way. The entire team worked well together, we had some great matches and our exciting face-off against Fnatic is something I will always remember fondly. I would like to emphasize that I was not involved in the decisions leading to their departure. They are great players to work with and I wish them the best of luck in their future careers.

For Origen, the first order of business is now to find suitable replacements, complete tryouts and startpractice for the upcoming season. Rebuilding a team from scratch is not an easy task, especially with the competition for next year looking fiercer than ever. However, I remain confident with the talented players we have tested and the many more we will still trial.

In League of Legends we have seen time and time again how successful newly formed teams can be and we are positive we can repeat the trend with our expertise.”

– Titus “LeDuck” Hafner

With these departures we would like to announce open tryouts being held for every role. Power of Evil and Toaster will participate in these tryouts with the other candidates.

We have already started tryouts and have found multiple promising aspirants, but we will leave no stone unturned in this search that is vital for the entire future of the organization. We are looking for hungry players who have the ambiton to accomplish something truly significant.

In order to qualify for the tryouts, you must have:

– 17 years or more of age

– Master or Challenger account in one of the servers

– Willingness to move to Berlin

– Passion for League of Legends

If you wish to apply, please include in your letter, the reasons why you think you would be a good fit, a short description of yourself and proof of the ownership of your account.

If we manage to scout enough talent, we will also be looking to expand to managing a secondary team and the tryouts will apply for these spots as well. Our hope is that with time and firm guidance we can forge the untried irons of the second team into solid LCS steel.

Contact us at [email protected] if you think you have it takes to be one of the best.

– – –


La temporada seis ha terminado y, con ella, termina también una era en Origen.

Con pesar en el corazón, anunciamos que sOAZ y Amazing no seguirán jugando con nosotros en la temporada siete. Es triste ver marchar a dos iconos que, en la temporada cinco, formaron parte de un Origen que fue una fuerza imparable desde Challenger Series hasta las semifinales del mundial.

Juntos hemos sufrido muchos contratiempos pero también hemos tenido grandes victorias. Damos las gracias de corazón a sOAZ y Amazing por ofrecer lo mejor de sí mismos sin importar las circunstancias.

“Después de 2 años con Origen, y luchar junto a ellos contra viento y marea, finalmente me siento cómodo con la idea de dejar el proyecto atrás. Origen me acogió cuando muchos otros equipos no supieron valorarme, y tengo que agradecerles la oportunidad de dejarme jugar con grandes jugadores que tenían más experiencia de la que yo tenía en ese momento, lo que me ha hecho crecer como jugador y como persona.

xPeke, sOAZ, Mithy, Zven, Hybrid y PoE, todos ellos han dejado una huella en mí y aprecio especialmenteel compañerismo mostrado por cada uno de ellos cuando las cosas se pusieron difíciles.

Pero todo llega a su fin y, como alguien que se esfuerza al máximo con el fin de no dejar ningún escenario hipotético detrás, creo que es el momento de seguir hacia adelante y permitirnos, tanto a Origen como a mí, crecer y explorar nuestro potencial en el futuro de forma independiente. Aprecio el gran apoyo de nuestros fans a lo largo del tiempo incluso en nuestro paso por relegaciones – aunque pienso que os he decepcionado por romperos parcialmente el corazón al haber tocado fondo. Le deseo lo mejor a Origen y a todos los fans que vengan, habéis sido increíbles y agradezco haber podido representaros durante todo este tiempo.”

– Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider

“Lo voy a hacer lo más corto posible, pero me gustaría dar las gracias a todos con los que he jugado durante estos dos años. Gracias a ellos he aprendido mucho sobre mí mismo, sobre cómo un equipo debe operar y, lo más importante, he madurado mucho. Fue una apuesta arriesgada para mí y para todos cuando empezamos, tratando de clasificarnos para CS y luego para LCS. Daba miedo pero al final mereció la pena, así que gracias a Alfonso, Jesper, Maurice, Tristan y a xPeke por todos los buenos recuerdos.

Mención especial para todos los entrenadores que tuvieron que lidiar con un mono que no era capaz de ser entrenado, LeDuck, Nico & Alvar, a pesar de que fue difícil durante el último split”

– Paul “sOAZ” Boyer

“Es muy triste para mi separarme de estos compañeros que me han dado tanto, a mí y a Origen, durante estos dos años. Quiero darles las gracias personalmente por haber creído en Origen y en mí incluso antes de clasificarnos para Challenger Series. Gracias por todos los recuerdos que hemos compartido juntos y os deseo lo mejor a los dos en el futuro.”

– Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño

“Me entristece ver la salida de estos dos jugadores con los que he tenido tantos grandes recuerdos en el verano de 2015. A la gente algunas veces le gusta etiquetar a sOAZ e incluso a Amazing, como personas que no se les puede entrenar pero personalmente nunca lo percibí así. El equipo entero trabajó bien conjuntamente, tuvimos grandes partidos y un emocionante enfrentamiento contra Fnatic, que es algo que siempre recordaré con cariño. Quisiera aclarar que no he estado involucrado en ninguna decisión que condujera a su salida. Son grandes jugadores con los que trabajar y les deseo mucha suerte en sus futuras carreras.

Para Origen la primera tarea es encontrar los reemplazos adecuados, completar las pruebas y empezar a entrenar para la próxima temporada. Reconstruir un equipo desde cero no es una tarea fácil, especialmente con un nivel de competencia que será más feroz que nunca el año que viene. Sin embargo, me siento totalmente seguro con los jugadores que ya hemos probado y el talento que han demostrado, así como con los muchos que aún tenemos por probar.

En League of Legends hemos visto una y otra vez cómo equipos recién formados pueden ser exitosos y estamos seguros de que podemos repetir la tendencia con nuestra experiencia.”

– Titus “LeDuck” Hafner

Con estas salidas nos gustaría anunciar que abrimos pruebas de selección para todas las posiciones. Power of Evil y Toaster participarán en estas pruebas junto a los otros candidatos.

Ya hemos comenzado dichas pruebas y hemos encontrado aspirantes muy prometedores pero no vamos a dejar de valorar todas las opciones posibles en esta búsqueda que es vital para el futuro de la organización. Estamos buscando jugadores motivados con ambición de conseguir algo realmente significativo.

Para poder clasificarse para las pruebas debes tener:

  • 17 años o más
  • Cuenta Máster o Challenger en uno de los servidores
  • Disponibilidad para trasladarte a Berlín
  • Pasión por League of Legends

Si deseas apuntarte, por favor incluye una carta con las razones por las que crees que encajarías bien, una breve descripción sobre ti y una prueba de que eres el dueño de la cuenta.

Si recibimos suficientes aspirantes con talento, también estamos buscando expandirnos creando un segundo equipo así que las pruebas también aplicarán para ese puesto. Nuestra esperanza es que con el tiempo y un rumbo firme podamos hacer que aquellos jugadores con talento del segundo equipo, puedan jugar en la LCS.

Si crees que tienes lo que se necesita para ser uno de los mejores, contáctanos en [email protected]

Changes to our coaching staff

Today we announce that Alvar “Araneae” Martin will no longer continue as the head coach for Origen due to personal reasons. We would like to thank him for his efforts to keep us in the LCS and for providing us a secure start for the next season. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

“I’ve been coaching teams for more than two years, and played as a professional for four years before that. After all this time, travelling around the world constantly, my body needs a break and my family needs me to be here in Spain. I would like to thank Origen for the opportunity and all the fans for the support I received while working here. My love to all of you guys and #keepsmiling.”

– Alvar “Araneae” Martin

In order to find the right successor, we held extensive discussions with multiple candidates, determined to find the perfect individual for the job. We’ve now come to the conclusion that the most qualified person to undertake the task is someone already familiar to Origen. With that being said, please join us in welcoming Titus “LeDuck” Hafner back as the Origen head coach.

As many of you know, we’ve worked with LeDuck in the past. He was with us during our successful summer split of 2015 which ended in an epic series at the finals against Fnatic. At that time, both parties mutually decided to part ways as LeDuck’s views differentiated from those of our management and players.

However, as time passes and players change, so do visions. LeDuck is one of the most experienced coaches in the industry and after lengthy discussions with him about coaching methods and the requirements of a well-functioning team, we have come to see eye to eye and it is him whom we choose to finally lift the evil wizard’s curse on the Origen head coach position.

“The fact that I’m joining Origen might strike many as an odd move, but any differences I had with Origen have been resolved and I’m really excited to work with Origen once more for the next season. As head coach I plan to involve more people in the staff to help us gain an extra edge not only in the analysis department, but also to pay attention to the lifestyle of the players. We will learn from the most successful teams out there and establish new training methods to make players get full benefit out of their practice. It might not be smooth sailing from the very start, but with hard work, dedication and a positive mindset we are confident that we will be able to compete with the strongest in Europe again. A special thanks to all the fans who stuck with Origen throughout the hard times, you mean the world to the players and I hope you will continue to cheer for us in the upcoming season.”

-Titus “LeDuck” Hafner

With our past experience, certain reforms and LeDuck’s expertise, we are confident that we will be able to perform the following season and reclaim our place among the best teams in Europe.



Hoy anunciamos que Alvar “Araneae” Martín no seguirá como entrenador de Origen debido a razones personales. Quisiéramos agradecerle sus esfuerzos por ayudarnos a mantenernos en la LCS y por proporcionarnos un inicio seguro para la próxima temporada. Le deseamos todo lo mejor en sus futuros proyectos.

“He sido entrenador durante más de dos años y antes, jugador profesional durante cuatro años más. Después de todo este tiempo viajando alrededor del mundo constantemente, mi cuerpo necesita un descanso y mi familia me necesita aquí en España. Me gustaría agradecer a Origen la oportunidad y a todos los fans el apoyo que he recibido mientras he estado trabajando aquí. Muchas gracias a todos y #keepsmiling.”

Alvar “Araneae” Martín

Con el fin de encontrar el sucesor adecuado, hemos mantenido largas conversaciones con varios candidatos, decididos a encontrar a la persona más adecuada para el trabajo. Hemos llegado a la conclusión de que la persona más cualificada para llevar a cabo esta tarea es alguien que ya le es familiar a Origen. Dicho esto, por favor dadle la bienvenida a Titus “LeDuck” Hafner de vuelta como entrenador de Origen.

Como muchos ya sabéis, hemos trabajado con LeDuck en el pasado. Ya estuvo con nosotros durante nuestro exitoso Split de Verano en 2015, el cual terminó en una final épica ante Fnatic. En ese momento, ambas partes decidimos de mutuo acuerdo separarnos ya que el punto de vista de LeDuck era diferente al de la dirección de Origen y sus jugadores.

Sin embargo, conforme pasa el tiempo los jugadores cambian, y también lo hacen los puntos de vista. LeDuck es uno de los entrenadores con más experiencia de la industria y después de largas conversaciones con él sobre métodos de entrenamiento y requisitos para que un equipo funcione bien, hemos visto que estamos de acuerdo en cómo conseguirlo y que ambas partes luchamos unidos por el mismo objetivo, por lo que ha sido el elegido para intentar acabar con la maldición del puesto de entrenador en Origen.

“El hecho de que me una a Origen puede parecer un movimiento extraño pero las diferencias que tuve han sido resueltas y estoy realmente emocionado por poder trabajar con Origen la próxima temporada. Como entrador pretendo involucrar a más gente en la plantilla para ayudarnos a obtener una ventaja extra no solo en el departamento de analistas, sino también para ayudar en la forma y el estilo de vida de los jugadores. Vamos a aprender de los equipos con más éxito y establecer nuevos métodos de entrenamiento para hacer que los jugadores optimicen al máximo sus prácticas. Puede que el principio no sea fácil pero con trabajo duro, dedicación y una mentalidad positiva, estamos convencidos de que seremos capaces de competir con los equipos más fuertes de Europa otra vez. Quiero hacer un especial agradecimiento a todos los seguidores que han seguido ahí en los momentos más difíciles, lo significáis todo para los jugadores y espero que sigáis animándonos la próxima temporada.”

– Titus “LeDuck” Hafner

Con nuestra experiencia en el pasado, algunos cambios y la experiencia de LeDuck, estamos convencidos de que la próxima temporada podremos competir y recuperar nuestro lugar entre los mejores equipos de Europa.


Enrique “xPeke”

“HYBRID” is no longer a part of Origen

Today we announce that Glenn “HYBRID” Doornenbal is no longer a part of Origen. It has been a difficult decision to end our contract with Hybrid. We know he is one of the best players in his position, but perhaps the difficult circumstances of this split did not let him be a 100% focussed on the project, as we expected.

At first we were very excited with the incorporation of Forg1ven and Hybrid. we thought we had a great botlane, because both of them are great players.
In fact, they were the best players that we could get at that moment. But to win games not everything depends on the individual skill and quality as a player. The human factor, the commitment to the team, helping out your teammates to create a good working environment for everyone so that everyone can give it their best are also highly influential.

Sadly, this was not achieved. the synergy we expected our botlane to have with each other, and the rest of the team, did not happen. Which led to our decision to let go of forg1ven, forcing xPeke to play in a position that is not his, despite his shortcomings.

And now, after having finished this season, we have decided to let go of Hybrid, whom we thank for his efforts for the team. We wish him best of luck in the new career opportunities which he will have surely.


Os comunicamos que Glenn “HYBRID” Doornenbal ya no forma parte de Origen. Ha sido duro tomar la decisión de rescindir su contrato, sabemos que en su posición es uno de los mejores, pero posiblemente, las circunstancias tan complicadas de este split hayan impedido que se entregue al proyecto al cien por cien tal y como esperábamos.

En un principio nos ilusionamos con la incorporación de Forg1ven y Hybrid, pensamos que habíamos conseguido una gran botlane, ya que ambos tienen mucha calidad, los mejores que en ese momento podíamos conseguir, pero para ganar partidos no todo depende de la calidad individual como jugador, también influye el factor humano, la entrega al equipo, ayudar a tus compañeros, en definitiva, crear un buen ambiente de trabajo para conseguir que todos se entreguen al máximo.

Tristemente eso no se consiguió, no surgió el feeling deseado entre la propia botlane  ni entre ésta y el resto de compañeros, lo que nos obligó en su momento a tener que rescindir el contrato a Forg1ven, provocando que xPeke se viera, a pesar de sus carencias, obligado a jugar una posición que no es la suya.

Y ahora una vez acabada la temporada hemos decido prescindir de Hybrid, al que agradecemos su paso por Origen y le deseamos mucha suerte en las nuevas oportunidades profesionales que seguro le van a llegar.



Toaster will be the new ADC and Zhergoth new sub

As you all know, xPeke was training hard to try to reach the best possible level as ADC but, with our results and, being yesterday the last day we had left according to RIOT rules, we have been forced to enroll new players in our team roster.
We have enrolled Zhergoth as our sub for TOP. He is training hard just in case we need him in any moment but our official TOP is and will be Soaz. We trust him, we all know his ability, and he is the kind of player that even in the worst moments can win games on his own.
Toaster will play ADC position. He inspires us enough confidence to play this role officially and we know he will work hard to fit in the team as quick as possible and get the victories we need.
xPeke will be sub for ADC and Mid so we will maybe watch him playing some games.
We thanks all these players that want to be part of Origen and welcome them!


Como todos sabéis xpeke estaba practicando duro para intentar coger nivel como ADC, pero visto el poco tiempo que queda y la normativa de RIOT, ayer era el último día para hacer cualquier cambio o incluir nuevos sub, nos hemos visto obligados de forma urgente a hacer estas nuevas inclusiones en el roster del equipo.
Hemos incluido como sub de TOP a Zhergoth , él está entrenado duro por si en algún momento lo necesitamos, pero nuestro TOP oficial es y será SOAZ, confiamos plenamente en él y en su capacidad, todos conocemos su habilidad para incluso en los momentos más difíciles sacar partidas adelante.
Toaster, jugador en la posición de ADC, nos ha inspirado la suficiente confianza como para que ocupe esta posición de forma oficial, sabemos que va a hacer todo lo posible para adaptarse al equipo lo más rápidamente posible y a conseguir las victorias que necesitamos.
xPeke pasará a ser sub tanto de mid como de ADC por lo que no es extraño que lo veamos jugar algunas de las partidas que nos quedan.
LE DAMOS LAS GRACIAS a los nuevos jugadores por querer formar parte de ORIGEN y  démosles todos una gran BIENVENIDA.

MSI Coverage – Day 2

Coverage for Day 1 here

After a emotional roller-coaster Day 1, the second day at the MSI promised loads of emotions and great plays with two big League of Legends “Clásicos“: NA vs EU and China vs Korea. However, those two games were not the only great showdowns we saw during today’s coverage. As always, a spoiler alert is in order!

CLGvsG2Source: Riot Games Flickr

GAME 1: Counter Logic Gaming vs G2 Esports – CLG WIN

The first game of the day faced the two LCS regions in a heated match-up. After a comfortable picks & bans phase for the NA representatives, the game started wild with a First Blood on Hybrid’s Bard on hands of Stixxay’s Lucian. After that, the dust didn’t settle, as a gank from G2 Esports at the top lane ended up with a kill for Hybrid but a Triple Kill for Darshan on Poppy, after a beautiful Teleport and an on-point appearance of Xmithie. At the same time, Kikis tried to make a play in mid but Huhi outplayed G2’s solo laners by getting a kill over Kikis’ Ekko. A daunting 5-1 start for the North Americans, and yet another disastrous start for the Europeans.

From that point, CLG snowballed their advantage, granting barely one more kill while massacring G2’s champions everywhere in the map. Around the 25 minutes mark, the NA champion brute forced a Baron fight after catching Trick. Whitout a Smite on the European side, the buff went for the North Americans, pushing their way to victory just before the 30 minutes mark.

RNGvsSKTSource: Riot Games Flickr


GAME 2: SKTelecom T1 vs Royal Never Give Up – RNG WIN

The two biggest names in this tournament were to face off with a 2-0 score on both sides. China’s RNG, playing in their home turf, were nonetheless the underdogs coming into this game. However, we never should underestimate the strength of Chinese teams and now SKT T1 knows it. After being knocked out of last year’s MSI, the all-mighty Koreans fall yet again against an LPL representative.

With a loud crowd supporting the locals, the game started fast-paced. Blank invaded mlxg blue buff, while the Chinese jungler went for a to level 3 gank on Faker’s Azir. After baiting the local players into Nidalee’s spear, the fight turn sideways for the Koreans, as Xiaohu’s LeBlanc takes First Blood on Blank and mlxg’s Graves ran away with just a narrow slice of Health. Xiaohu used the stolen Blue Buff as a karmic smite on Faker, taking the solo kill while the Korean had no mana. Never a Blue Buff steal turned so sour for a team in such a short time.

But the slaughter in the mid lane didn’t stop there, as Graves ganked yet again a few minutes after and gave a third kill to LeBlanc, that started to scale into a monster threat. Although the Gold advantage was starting to raise, RNG kept pushing. A 5-men dive at the bottom tower ended up with a kill for Graves on Bang’s Lucian. The game was Hell for SKT T1’s carries.

From there, the LPL Team forced objective after objective, leading at one point 7 towers to only one for the Koreans. After a huge fight at top, where Wuxx sniped Blank from downtown with his Curtain Call and then rejoined the fight to clean up, RNG grabbed Baron buff and proceed to force their way into SKT T1’s base. However, the Koreans are not easy to conquer and they fought back. They actually managed to stay in the game and get the next Baron buff, forcing the game past the 50 minutes mark.

The game was decided in a fabulous team fight in the river, contesting Dragon. A great engage by Mata, knocking up two members of SKT T1, gave the window of opportunity to Xiaohu to deal an insane amount of damage, turning the tides of a fight that seemed to balance in favor of the Koreans. After Acing the LCK Team, the Chinese invaded the Korean stronghold, getting those last 50g and a monumental victory.

26832055025_12fa030ea1_zSource: Riot Games Flickr

GAME 3: Flash Wolves vs SuperMassive – FW WIN

Most of the people thought that these two were the weaker teams coming into this tournament. And it seemed so, as the game started very slow-paced and, well, boring. However, 15 minutes into the game, the diplomatic tension was over with a 5-men dive from SuperMassive, foiled by a great defensive maneuver by the Wolves. After the dust settled, FW were 3-2 up in the scoreboard.

Although the wee advantage, the Turkish team were leading in Gold for most part of the game, despite being always behind in kills. But after a huge team fight initiated by a marvellous engage by SwordArt’s Alistar, Maple ran rampant and got a Triple Kill. After SuperMassive’s retreat, the Wolves made quick work of Baron Nashor. With the Baron Buff running through their veins, the Wolves went for the throat and finished the game a few minutes after.

RNGvsG2Source: Riot Games Flickr

GAME 4: Royal Never Give Up vs G2 Esports – RNG WIN

The time of reckoning came for G2 Esports, as this game represented going 0-4 or beating the current leaders of the MSI Group Stage. Sadly for Europe, the LPL representatives proved to be a force to reckoned with.

Man-of-the-match Mata had an amazing game with his legendary Thresh, making play after play, and forcing amazing engages when the opportunity came. First Blood was just after 2 minutes into the game, with a beautiful hook by Mata onto Kikis’ Ekko. Yet again, a disastrous start for G2 Esports.

RNG never really gave up control, although Wuxx decided to ran into three members of G2 under his tower, giving a free kill in the process. Besides that, China’s representative kept a strong grip around the objectives and snowballed the game successfully, with a few hiccups here and there, but nothing that really jeopardized their victory.

SUPvsCLGSource: Riot Games Flickr

GAME 5: SuperMassive vs Counter Logic Gaming – SUP WIN

This was the biggest surprise of the day. Very solid game by SuperMassive, that led the gold difference during most of the game and never really gave up control.

The game began just like most of the games in this tournament started: First Blood before 5 minutes. A timely gank by Stomaged’s Kindred gave him 400g while Naru got an assist. The victim, Huhi, lost his Flash in the process, and got himself in a huge problem. Fortunately, he didn’t gave away more kills, although their team mates can’t say the same.

To be fair, it was a pretty tight game, with a lot of give and take. We can safely say that it was a messy game overall. In chaos, Achuu shined, solo-killing Stixxay twice during the game. The Turkish team prey on Stixxay’s Sivir, dooming CLG’s chances to win the game. Against many predictions, SuperMassive never really lost the advantage they conquer during the first minutes of the game. Nevertheless, the objective control were not yet there, as the first tower to fall was the top one, taken by Darshan’s Ekko. The only time when SUP were behind was around 20 minutes, but only a few minutes until they managed to came up victorious in a team fight, gainin a 3k Gold advantage and threatening to start Baron Nashor. Although that Baron kill never happened, that was the breaking point for the IWCI Champions. A very clean win for them after that, taking several inhibitors and finishing the game with a Teleport to base when CLG were running for their live at bottom lane.

SKTvsFWSource: Riot Games Flickr

GAME 6:SKTelecom T1 vs Flash Wolves –  FW WIN

Remember what I said about the “biggest surprise of the day”? Well, troll face. With a magnificent performance, the Wolves took an unexpected victory, beating the powerful Koreans, that are currently 2-2. Astonishing indeed.

The LMS team amazed the world with a titanic performance, bringing down the Goliath of the tournament. After seeing the draft, experts claimed that FW composition was too much late-game oriented, with Ezreal and Ryze. However, their objective control was on-point. The final statistics say it all – 10 Towers for FW, 1 for SKT T1; 4 Dragons for FW, 1 for SKT T1. The Taiwanese team managed to strip away one of SKT T1’s most powerful weapons and used it against them masterfully.

I could tell you more about this game, but it’s hard -and unfair- to describe such an epic game with mere words. I strongly suggest you to check it out if you enjoy high-level League of Legends. It will be hard to find much better games than this one!

Cover image by: Dwight Casin

FORG1VEN will miss the Summer Split

Konstantinos ‘FORG1VEN‘ Tzortziou announced one of the biggest news for the upcoming EU LCS Summer Split: whatever happens with his military deferment, he won’t be representing H2K or any other organization this split, although he intends to participate in the LCS Spring Split 2017. He published this statement on his Facebook page last Sunday May 1st.

FORG1VEN’s announcement on Facebook

The announcement is without a doubt disappointing for his fans and can be a huge hit for H2K as a team, since Konstantinos had overwhelming statistics during the last split, leading the CS per minute chart, coming second in Total CS (only behind our very own Zven) and having the best KDA ratio in his team. He was arguably one of the best players in the Championship Series and his team mates will surely feel FORG1VEN’s absence.

Currently, former Giants’ ADC Adrián ‘Adryh‘ Pérez is the official sub for H2K. Will they look for other options or will the Spaniard have his day in the sun?

Cover Photo By: Skadi