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Roster changes for Roccat, Giants Gaming and Cloud 9

The Summer split is around the corner, and most teams are announcing their rosters. Today we have plenty of confirmations!

Roccat announced on their Facebook page that Sangwon “Parang” Lee and Jihwan “Raise” Oh will be joining their team. They started scouting right after they secured their LCS spot. Coming from Korea, the Top Laner and the Support have showed good synergy between them before, so so it is a move that will make Roccat more competitive this split.

The final roster for Roccat will be:

Sangwon “Parang” Lee

Karim “Airwaks” Benghalia

Felix “Betsy” Edling

Pierre “steeelback” Medjaldi

Jihwan “Raise” Oh


Also from European LCS, Giants Gaming recently announced through a video their own roster changes. For the Jungler and Mid Laner position, Nubar “Maxlore” Sarafian and “NighT” Gun-woo will join the team for the Summer split. It is still unknown where the former midlaner Isaac “xPePii” Flores will go. The organization also recently promoted the Giants Underdoges coach Adolfo ‘Fochid’ Biosca to the LCS team coaching staff.

The final roster for Giants Gaming will be:

Lennart “SmittyJ” Warkus

Nubar “Maxlore” Sarafian

Na “NighT” Gun-woo

Son “S0NSTAR” Seung-ik

Morgan “Hustlin” Granberg


As for the North American LCS, it was time for Cloud 9 to announce some changes. Through another video, the team revealed that Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong and William “Meteos” Hartman will join the organization for the roles of Top Laner and Jungler. It has been rumoured for a while, but now it is official. It is uncertain how will the team perform without their shotcaller Hai “Hai” Du Lam, who will play on the Cloud 9 Challenger Series squad also with their former coach Daerek “LemonNation” Hart. There is still no confirmation about who will fill the Head Coach role on the LCS team.

The final roster for Cloud 9 will be:

Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong

William “Meteos” Hartman

Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen

Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi

Michael “Bunny FuFuu” Kurylo


Stay tuned for more confirmations!

Cover image by: Dwight Casin

Artwork Showcase No.7

The seventh Origen’s Artwork Showcase is here!

As you know, every week you all amaze us with your talent. We are so grateful to have the better fans in the world! In today’s post, we have a few awesome player drawings, some with chibi style, and a lovely Origen Lulu. Make sure to check everything!

So remember: if you want to be featured here on future posts, feel free to send us an e-mail with your fanart or cosplay to [email protected]

Mithy, by Oranuncha:

@draco_lucian 2

Origen Lulu, by EstaMujer:

EstaMujer DA

xPeke and PowerOfEvil, chibi style, by gjGastly:


Amazing, by XhirokiL:


Soaz, chibi style, by xMishaArts:


Which one is your favourite?

If you want to see your artwork featured here, send us an e-mail with your fanart or cosplay to [email protected]

Cover image by: Skadi

MSI Coverage – Day 1

Welcome to Shanghai! After an epic opening ceremony presenting all the teams, the MSI finally started. We watched every game, and it was so worth to wake up early: there was passion, mistakes, stomps and a high amount of Baron steals. Do you want to know more? Keep reading, although spoilers alert are in order!

Source: Riot Games Flickr

GAME 1: Counter Logic Gaming vs Royal Never Give Up – RNG WIN

In NA, CLG is used to dominate with their macroplay. 75% of their games includes lane swaps and good rotations, so they are able to win with their strategy. But China is used to play that game too, and they were playing home, so they put things difficult for the North American team. In the draft, the surprise of the day was the Aurelion Sol pick for Huhi, and the lack of Azir and Nidalee bans. The game started slow, almost without teamfights, with an early dragon for RNG, a Rift’s Herald for CLG and first blood for Looper. Both teams tried to avoid any mistake, there was almost no gold difference until midgame, but the key to this game, Mata, RNG’s support, was ready to start the show. Combined with Xiaohu’s Azir, they managed to start to get advantage for their team through powerful engages. CLG and RNG were ready to finally fight. Thanks to good positioning and Maokai’s peeling, Stixxay managed to get a quadra kill, leading to a Baron for NA and a lot of map pressure. But Royal Never Give Up, and after a dragon steal from mlxg, Mata made another game-changing engage, allowing his team to take another mid tower. Not satisfied with the last one, Stixxay managed to get another quadra kill on a disputed teamfight that ended only with Looper alive. Time went by, CLG took mid tower and inhibitor, but they were not strong enough to finish, so after another impressive engage from RNG’s support, the AD carry Wuxx was able to get a quadra kill for himself too, scoring an Ace and pushing their way to victory.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

GAME 2: G2 Esports vs Flash Wolves – FW WIN

It was time to watch EU against Taiwan. They decided to ban mostly supports, leaving a lot of power picks on the table, champions like Ekko and Azir for FW and Ryze and Kindred for G2. The European team managed to get first blood, and Trick’s aggressive playstyle started to pay off, ganking and stealing the enemy jungle. At the beginning there were no difference on the gold lead, the teamfights ended with kills for both teams a dragon for each one, and G2 started to dominate the game a bit more. Even though FW was able to take the tier 2 mid tower, G2 contested doing Baron and taking three kills, still showing dominance. Time passed by, and it was time for another Baron try for G2, only to be stopped by the Taiwanese team. The teamfight could have been worse, but Hybrid’s Monsoon avoided more kills. Both teams were fixated on doing Baron, and after another try from G2, Karsa managed to steal it, giving them the chance to take the top tower and keeping the gold tie. It was revenge time: G2 stole the next Baron from FW’s hands, and started to have more map pressure, going to the enemy’s toplane.  But it was SwordArt’s time to shine – after a powerful engage with Braum’s ultimate, FW was again in the game. Everything depended on which team would make the next mistake, and sadly for Europe, it was G2 the ones to fall on the last teamfight, that allowed FW to push and take the Nexus and the victory.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

GAME 3: SKT Telecom T1 vs SuperMassive – SKT WIN

The favorites against the Wildcard representatives. SuperMassive knew that the odds were not in their favor, so they built a disengage composition, hoping to keep Faker away. But the Korean team decided that mercy was definitely not their style, so they used their aggressive composition to bully Thaldrin’s Trundle on the toplane, dominating the game with Blank’s ganking playstyle. After Katowice, the jungler went from being almost a rookie to be one of the keys to Korea’s victory, showing amazing synergy with all his team, and shining with his own light. The highlight for SUP was the impressive Baron steal, but it was not enough to make a comeback, SKT managed to keep the lead, push mid, make an ace and win the game.

GAME 4: Counter Logic Gaming vs Flash Wolves – CLG WIN

After all the roster changes, this matchup was interesting to watch, since both had international experience, and similar playstyle. The two teams opted for powerful and aggressive compositions, standing out Aphromoo with Thresh and MMD with Ekko on the toplane. The Chain Warden was decisive to give first blood to CLG, with an unerring hook under the botlane tower. Fights occurred everywhere, giving kills to both teams. The teleports were vital for the development of the game, and allowed CLG to make more map pressure and also take the Rift’s Herald. SwordArt tried to shine again with his engages with Braum, making picks and helping to take the two midlane towers, but Aphromoo had the teamfight’s control at the end of his chain. Even though Huhi was caught a few times out of position, CLG managed to take dragon and also stop a Baron try, losing the mid tower and inhibitor on the way. FW took Baron after a long teamfight, and they also managed to take their first dragon, that would have been the fifth for the North American team, taking a gold lead of 7k on a game where both teams tried to play slow and careful. It was the time for CLG to wake up, taking the fifth dragon, and also taking Baron after a long and chaotic teamfight with only three players of each team alive and a double kill for Huhi’s Lissandra. It looked like even thought they had so much map pressure, they would not be able to finish the game, but after a while, on another crazy teamfight, Stixxay managed to dominate it with his Caitlyn, scoring an Ace and taking the much needed victory for them.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

GAME 5: G2 Esports vs SKT Telecom T1 – SKT WIN

It was a game decided in the botlane. After the usual bans, expected picks like Ryze for Faker, unexpected ones like Ekko for Perkz in the midlane and two sets of powerful botlanes, the game began with Faker losing his flash on the first minute. It was not enough. In their last game it was Blank who carried, but this time it was Wolf’s time to shine with an unstoppable Alistar, engaging in every opportunity and showing no mercy. It was a fast game, and even though G2 had good strategic ideas, they could not execute them properly, conceding a huge gold difference, tons of map pressure, and Faker with two Rods of Ages leading his team to a unavoidable victory. Everyone was hyped to watch the duel between the talented Perkz and the legendary Faker, but sadly this game was not what the people was expecting. The lack of scrims for G2 during the training weeks, and the fact that it is their first international tournament played a trick on them. It surely is a clarion call for the European team, that still has four more days and plenty of games to show their potential.

GAME 6: SuperMassive vs Royal Never Give Up – RNG WIN

Last game of the day! We could see again the supports and the Nidalee bans, but unlike the other matches, this time we could see different picks, like Lee Sin and Tham Kench for RNG and Fizz for the SUP toplane. At the beginning, RNG did not take the game as seriously as they should, so SUP showed them that they still were a team to fear and respect. That changed RNG’s approach to the game, and they started to build a better strategy, using teleports to make effective rotations to the botlane, and containing FabFabulous, the strongest contender of the game, that was even able to outplay Looper with his Fizz. The pressure on the botlane allowed Mata to get the most out of his Tahm Kench pick, helping killing the enemies and saving Wuxx in multiple occasions. The gold lead increased, RNG had all the objective control, and even though he made a few mistakes, Looper was able to handle the toplane by himself while the rest of the team bullied the botlane. The game started to be definitely over after a Baron for RNG and a push where they took the mid tower and an inhibitor. The team scored an ace on the enemy jungle, and subsequently, the nexus easily fell.

It was doubtlessly an intense day for everyone. Korea and China finished it with two wins for each, NA and Taiwan managed to win at least one, meanwhile EU and Wildcard lost the two games. There are still plenty of days left, so anything could happen if everyone learns from their mistakes. We are excited for sure to watch the rest of the games!

Cover image by: Skadi

MSI Invitational Predictions

It’s time for the MSI! Let’s take a look at the teams that are competing for the crown, we think that it will be so worth to watch the tournament.

download (9)G2 Esports: Coming from Europe, G2 Esports seems to be unstoppable. Ever since the beginning, the team has been showing how strong they are, the synergy between the players, and the confidence in their play. LCS was a great challenge: they had to defeat the stronger teams in Europe, but now the real game begins for G2 on their first international tournament. They will face some of the best teams, and they will have the chance to prove that they deserve all the praise. If they succeed, they will definitely be a team to beat at Worlds. The inexperience can be a disadvantage for G2, but they have showed before what they are made of, so if they keep playing like they know, and if they can have favorable drafts, they can perform well.

download (5)Counter Logic Gaming: Taking first place in NA was not the easiest task, but CLG took in the end the victory on the play-offs against TSM, earning the spot for this invitational. We have seen them capable of many good things, but CLG needs to step up their game if they want to shine in this tournament. If the odds are on their favor, they can win some games for sure, but overall their playstyle makes everyone think that they would probably fall against the top teams from other regions. It would not be the first time we are surprised by a team like that, so it will be interesting to watch the competition and see how much CLG prepared themselves for this challenge. They are the best team on NA right now, so it is time to prove that they deserve to be here.

RNGRoyal Never Give Up: Coming from China, we already saw them at IEM Katowice this year, reaching semifinals and losing against Fnatic. Their greatest strength lies on their jungler Shi-yu “Mlxg” Liu and their support Se-hyoung “Mata” Cho, the combination of these two players allows the team to have better synergy and macro-play. It all depends on where the team is right now: even though they have experience at international competitions, the teams they will face this week are not the same, and RNG might not be prepared for all of them. Playing at home will only be an added pressure for them, they definitely would not want to lose in front of their crowd.

SKT1SK Telecom T1: The eternal favorites will try again to maintain their throne, and they will probably succeed. At the Korean league, they had strong opponents, we were able to watch a fierce Bo5 against ROX Tigers on the finals. And yet, they won again, like they are used to. It is no doubt to no one that SKT still is the stronger team at the moment, having a player like Sang-hyuk “Faker” Lee is not the only reason for them to be the best. They have showed multiple times that they are unstopabble, relentless. They do not allow mistakes and they keep managing to win despite all odds. If they have the victory at the MSI, it will be the third major international award for them. They surely want them all, and the other teams need to make sure they take their game to another level if they want to have a chance.

Flash_WolvesFlash Wolves: Coming from Taiwan, Flash Wolves might be the spice that the MSI needs. We already saw them at Worlds quarterfinals, falling against Origen but doing a great performance overall. With great synergy between amazing players like Huang “Maple” Yi-Tang on the midlane and Hung “Karsa” Hai-Hsuan on the jungle, the team is capable of showing their true potential this time, doing it better than most of the teams on this first phase of the MSI. It will be interesting to watch their performance this week, if they can take advantage of their stage experience, they will definitely be a rival to fear.

300px-SuperMassivelogosquareSuperMassive: The Wildcard champions are ready to face everyone at MSI. Coming from Turkey, they have the task to try to shine, and it will not be an easy one. It is not the first time that some of their players play at the big MSI stage, but overall they are a bit behind the other teams. Not everything is set on stone, and surprises can always happen, but the rivals are strong and SuperMassive will need to step up their game a lot if they want to win the games. If they succeed, we will definitely be there to see it.

Cover image by: Dwight Casin

Artwork Showcase No.6 – Happy Birthday, xPeke!

Welcome to the sixth Origen’s Artwork Showcase! Last weekend, on 24th April, was our own xPeke birthday, so we decided to make a Showcase special with some of your awesome artwork featuring him. Thanks a lot for keep sending us your drawings, we are so grateful! Make sure to check everything!

So remember: if you want to be featured here on future posts, feel free to send us an e-mail with your fanart or cosplay to [email protected]

xPeke Birthday, by Oranuncha:

@draco_lucian Oranuncha

xPeke, by Traucmahr:


xPeke, by NAMIVeela:


xCorki, by AsuChan13:


xPeke, by HazazelCL:

HazazeICI DA

Which one is your favourite?

If you want to see your artwork featured here, send us an e-mail with your fanart or cosplay to [email protected]

Cover image by: Skadi

Artwork Showcase No.5

The fifth Origen’s Artwork Showcase is here! Another week, and then more astonishing artwork! Thanks again for all the things you send us, keep doing it! In today’s post, we have a stunning Origen Ahri, two lovely player drawings, a pretty original nail art and even a cooking video! Make sure to check everything!

So remember: if you want to be featured here on future posts, feel free to send us an e-mail with your fanart or cosplay to [email protected]

Origen Ahri, by Asuchan13:


Amazing, by Oranuncha:


Cooking video for Soaz’s Fiora, by Chef Lu Bu:

PowerofEvil, by Ravecries:


Origen nail art, by Reneedark34Tang:


Which one is your favourite?

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Cover image by: Skadi

Winterfox CS:GO changes their lineup

Source: Winterfox Facebook

The CS:GO team Winterfox have added Warren “hades” Rettich to their lineup after dropping Derek “desi” Branchen.

The organization wrote a statement on Facebook, explaining that the decision was mutual and that it benefits both parts, and that any teams interested in desi should contact him on Twitter or Steam. Replacing him will be hades, a well-known streamer who recently played as a substitute for Winterfox. He will take the in-game leader position and they are hoping him to be what the team needs to improve their playstyle.

Hopefully the change will be the best for Winterfox‘s team chemistry and for the player, we are ready to watch him in his next step of his career.



Artwork Showcase No.4

 Welcome to the fourth Origen’s Artwork Showcase! Week after week, and you keep filling us with love. Thanks again for your submissions, you are all amazing! We decided to make this week an Orianna special post, a champion you often see in Origen matches and in your artwork. It’s nice to see different approaches of the same concept, and we have to say… we love them all!

So remember: if you want to be featured here on future posts, send us an e-mail with your fanart or cosplay to [email protected]

Origen Orianna, by Kyoffie:


Origen Orianna, by The Whitemare:


Origen Orianna, by Misha Arts:


Origen Orianna, by Misha Arts:


PowerofEvil Orianna, by Misha Arts:


Which one is your favourite?

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Cover image by: Skadi

EU Semifinals Highlights

We can all agree that the most exciting games so far, were played this weekend. The semifinals of the LCS Spring Split brought together the best teams Europe has at the moment. It was definitely a weekend full of surprises, upsets and an overall great gameplay coming from the players.

Source: Riot eSports

Origen vs H2K – 3-2

The first game started off strong for Origen. In this meta, Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider opted out for more aggressive champions that lead to them dominating the early game. Even though the first blood on Ryu “Ryu” Sang-ook came as a surprise, Origen managed to stack up kills and lead the first half of the game with a fantastic score of 7-0. Contrary to the previous games, Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider involved himself in the team’s kills and got his lanes rolling. However, the turret advantage was in H2k’s favor and a misplay made by Origen, around the baron, gave the opportunity to H2k to come back, defend against their opponent and pick up their first win of the series.

In the second game, Origen stepped up their game and earned themselves a win against H2k. Both teams were pretty evenly matched in terms of skill, but the team fights were definitely Origen’s strength. H2k seems to focus on taking the objectives whereas Origen likes to team fight and win their games by pushing together. Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen and Alfonso “Mithy” Aguirre Rodriguez performed spectacularly well in this match up and proved their worth once again. The whole series was a roller-coaster with wins jumping from H2k to Origen and back. H2k picked up a dominant victory in the third game, finishing off their opponents’ Nexus with an incredible score of 12-0. With Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez back in the mid lane for game four, the team seemed more confident than ever.

The team has been practicing with both their mid laners, so they were ready to face H2k with a variety of team compositions. With Lulu on the mid lane and Braum as a support, H2k had no chance of stopping Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen from going on a rampage as he was constantly being protected by both his teammates. The last game of this series was the most intense game, until now. The Braum pick chosen by Origen shut down H2k’s LeBlanc and dominated the team fights easily as Braum’s shield was defending their team composition against LeBlanc’s burst.

Source: Riot eSports

G2 Esports vs FNC – 3-1

The second semifinals were a little bit less intense than the day before, but there still were some memorable moments. Even though Fnatic is known for their skills on long series like the Best of 5, G2 showed that they still were as scarier as during the regular season of the Spring split. On the drafts, we could see the usual picks we have been seeing lately, like Ekko top, compositions around Sivir,  double teleport… On the first game G2 demonstrated that  they were not on the first place of the standings for nothing. From the draft, denying Thresh to the Fnatic support Johan “Klaj” Olsson, to the macro play, the team showed dominance all game, specially with the presence of Mateusz “Kikis” Szkudlarek on the toplane, with an unstoppable Trundle. Not everything were done, though, since Fnatic managed to win the second match.

Fabian “Febiven” Diepstraten looked more comfortable getting to pick Zed, making miraculous escapes and outperforming Luka “PerkZ” Perkovic, and the rest of the team played with better synergy, achieving the victory without much trouble. It was the moment of G2 to step up their game, and even though Fnatic played overall a better game on the third match of the series, PerkZ managed to pick Ryze and supported by Kikis’s Trundle and his good use of the teleport, allowed them to make a comeback and finally win the game. There was not too much left to do, and on the 4th game of the series, G2 made a draft to make sure that they would definitely not loose, picking Ryze again, but this time with an even better composition around the midlane with Kindred and Janna. Fnatic picking Thresh this time was not enough to make them shine, and G2 had no mercy with them, winning the game easily and crushing Fnatic’s dream of reaching the final.

Next week, we will see on Saturday, in Rotterdam, Fnatic and H2k playing to decide the 3rd and 4th position and on Sunday, the final of the Spring split will be Origen vs G2, a match that we are so expecting to watch. It will definitely be worth to save the date, make sure you don’t miss it!

Article by: Ioana Caraman and María Eijo

Cover picture by: Josh Rigg

Artwork Showcase No.3

The third Origen’s Artwork Showcase is here! As always, we loved the submissions you send us, it’s difficult to choose only five each week! We are so thankful for everything and for your continuous support, keep stunning us! In today’s post, we have some awesome player’s artwork, two fan skins and even a real life handmade Origen jacket, that’s dedication!

So remember: if you want to be featured here on future posts, send us an e-mail with your fanart or cosplay to [email protected]

Zven and Mithy artwork, by HazazelCL:


Amazing and Soaz, chibi style, by Misha Arts:


Origen Kassadin, by Machus-san:

Machus-san DA

Origen Syndra, by ShuMidzu:

ShuMidzu DA

Origen jacket, poro and tattoo, by Vriski Derp:


Which one is your favourite?

If you want to see your artwork featured here, send us an e-mail with your fanart or cosplay to [email protected]

Cover image by: Skadi [1][2][3]