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Important: Roster Update

With the following brief communication, we would like to announce that due to lack of motivation, Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou will no longer be part of the starting lineup of Origen throughout the rest of the split.

Until we find a suitable replacement ADC, he will be replaced by Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño.

We expect FORG1VEN to find the necessary motivation to regain his passion for the game as soon as possible.

Also, we wish xPeke good luck in this new chapter. He will certainly give it his best as always and we hope for countless surprises and much joy.

Good luck xPeke.


Un breve comunicado para anunciar que por falta de motivación FORG1VEN no será titular de ORIGEN durante este split.

Mientras probamos nuevos AD Carry en esta línea jugará nuestro sub, xPeke.

Deseamos que FORG1VEN encuentre pronto la motivación necesaria para recuperar su pasión por el competitivo lo antes posible.

Y a xPeke le deseamos mucha suerte en esta nueva linea, estamos seguros que como siempre dará lo mejor de sí mismo, esperamos que nos sorprenda y  nos de muchas alegrías.

Buena Suerte xPeke!!

Cover image by: Dwight Casin

Knowing: Glenn Doornenbal

As recently announced, Origen has gone through roster changes for the summer and we would like to introduce them to you. So let’s hit it off with our new support; Glenn “Hybrid” Doornenbal.

Glenn was born on August 5, 1994 in The Netherlands and his professional career started back in 2014 when he first joined Benelux’s organization LowLandLions, a team that qualified for the EUCS Spring Season via the EUCS Spring Qualifier after beating Different Dimension in their bracket final.

In 2015 the team moved from LLL.White to Copenhagen Wolves Academy with Morsu, Kirei, CozQ and Vizility as team mates. However, this was a very short venture for Hybrid and by Summer Split 2015, he was already a part of Gamers 2’s roster (as the team was known back then). With G2 eSports; Glenn “Hybrid” Doornenbal reached what is so far the peak of his gaming career after winning EU LCS Spring Split 2016 this May.

Image from:

He is known as a solid and reliable support, with a lot of potential. Hybrid’s most played champions are Braum, Trundle and Thresh and he was one of the Top 5 players in KDA Ratio at 7.92 in 2016 EU LCS Spring Split along with FORG1VEN (7.22), VandeR (7.11), Ryu (7.07) and Steelback (6.81).

Now as part of Origen, he will be sharing the bottom lane with Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou this upcoming Summer Split, a duo we hope will bring a lot of joy to all our fans and to this great organization.

Zven In The Spotlight

This week we had the opportunity to sit down with our very own Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen, Origen’s AD Carry, who kindly did share some time out of his busy training schedule with us for a quick Q&A.

Image from

Q: I am sure that all of our fans are curious as to why you have changed your name. Can you tell us the reason behind this decision?

A: I wanted to change it for a long time but I was not allowed to by Riot until after summer (and then Worlds once we qualified)

Q: If you could invite one famous person to dinner, who would you choose and why?

A: Do not know, I do not have some I can call my idol or something like that, so I would not know.

Q: What part of your daily routine do you enjoy the most?

A: If a scrim set up is good, it is definitely the most enjoyable thing from my entire routine.

Q: If the guys in the house could use one word to describe you, what do you think each of them would say it is?

A: I do not really know, I guess the best thing to do in this case will be ask them directly maybe.

Q: How did you first discover your passion for League of Legends?

A: When I did start playing the game for more than fun in s2 and s3

Q: Which is your favorite off-role champion?

A: I like to play champs with high skill ceiling such as Azir, Yasuo, Lee Sin and Thresh when I am offroling.

Q: Do you ever get nervous when competing? If so, how do you deal with nerves when they show up?

A: Nervous yeah, but never something that impacts my game so I am not sure how to deal with it if it happens but for me I just focus on the game and it’s no problem.

Q: We know that it has been a challenge for you guys to work with a new midlaner. However, we have seen major improvements lately. What do you think has helped you overcome this challenge? How can you continue to improve?

A: Well I will say practice and motivation to improve is what made us adapt to a different mid player’s playstyle.

Q: What is the best advice you have ever received from a teammate, coach or friend?

A: It might be hard to pick one, so I do not know if there is any you can select as the best one.

Q: Do you think that competing at World’s last season gave you the upper hand in playoffs this year?

A: It definitely helped the team to play so many games at Worlds in terms of improving.

Q: Do you have any interesting pre-game rituals you do like to share with the fans?

A: I watch a video called Streets 1:12 sometimes before games to get hyped up a bit. It is about a guy finishing a level in an old game on record time.

Q: Many people have expressed their frustrations regarding Kalista’s constant nerfing. It is no news to everyone that you are a master at the champion. How does she currently stand in the metagame and is she still one of your go-to champs?

A: Kalista was already significantly worse before the nerfs due to the meta being all about point and click cc like Alistar / Braum (to an extend) and top tanks like Maokai, Malphite, Nautilus, Poppy, Ekko. On top of that the mid lane champions that are played are also good vs Kalista (Azir, Lissandra). And just to make sure she is not strong, they nerf her ult (which is good and should have been done) but overnerfed her by changing her passive and damage on W. For me it is only something I would play with Thresh or Alistar, or if I am targeted in draft, like against G2.

Image from YouTube

Q: Do you think that North America benefits in any way by having a best of 3 format in the Summer Split?

A: Well yeah, they potentially play one more game on stage per series so there is that.

Q: Is there another player that you look up to? Or a player whose play style / mechanics inspire you?

A: I used to look up to Rekkles and Forg1ven for different things until I realized how to play the game and made my own playstyle.

Q: Is there anything about life as a pro that surprised you?

A: Actually no, it was pretty straight forward and kind of how I expected it to be. Although some of the traveling/people/events surprised me a lot.

So there you have it, we certainly expect you all to enjoy this interview as much as we did doing it.

Cover image by: Skadi


Staff Opening

Origen is currently searching for a new editor-in-chief, able collaborate with our news department.

We are looking for people bearing wide experience in the field of gaming journalism and capable to handle the following tasks:

  • Fact checking, spelling, grammar, writing style, page design and photos.
  • Rejecting writing that appears to be plagiarized, ghost-written, published elsewhere, or of little interest to readers.
  • Editing content.
  • Contributing with editorial pieces.
  • Motivating and developing editorial staff.
  • Ensuring that final drafts are complete and there are no omissions.
  • Handling reader complaints and taking responsibility for issues after publication.

All applications are set for review and all qualified applicants will be further contacted upon formal interview.

All interested applicants, are to submit a resume to [email protected], including previous work experience, writing work examples and recommendations.

EMBER is no more!

It has been announced this week, that North American Challenger Series team; Ember has released their League of Legends roster, excluding Juan “Contractz” Garcia.

The reason behind this move has been acknowledge to be related to investors backing down after unsatisfactory performances, forcing the recent established organisation to end what seemed to be a promising venture into competitive League of Legends, way sooner than anyone could have ever expected.

The Challenger Series spot currently under possession of Ember, as well as Garcia’s contract will be further available to be bought as it has been reported.

All released players are at this point free agents and their future remain uncertain, as no offers have been handed to them yet.


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IEM Katowice Groups Revealed

Summoners, are you ready?

The two groups for the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice World Championship (League of Legends), Season 10 have been announced!

These eight passionate teams will take the stage from March 4th-6th 2016 for a chance to win a minimum of $100,000, however they must first prove that they are the two best in their group.


Then, the four best teams from the group stage will move on to the playoffs which will consist of best-of-three semifinals and a best-of-five final battle.

Our very own, Origen squad (the champions of the IEM San Jose), Team SoloMid, ESC EVER (IEM Cologne champions) & China’s Royal Never Give Up make up Group A.

Group B features Europe’s Fnatic, North America’s Counter Logic Gaming (IEM San Jose runners-up), Qiao Gu Reapers (IEM Cologne runners-up) and LOL World Champions, SK Telecom T1 from Korea.

Below are the match-ups for the first day:


How do you think your favorite teams will fare? Let us know which teams you think will advance to the championship bracket.

Written by: Iris Neagos

Off-Season Transfers Recap

As the season 5 of the League Championship Series ended, a lot of changes in the teams’ rosters will take place, in order to form a better team for one big goal: the World Championship. In the last couple of weeks, many speculations have been made about players joining other teams, but we will only talk about the official statements released.

In Europe, once again, Fnatic disbanded with only Febiven and Rekkles remaining in the team. Fnatic announced on their website that their new roster will be completed by Lee “Spirit” Dayun (jungle), Young Jun “Gamsu” Noh (top lane) and Lewis “NoXiak” Felix (support).

Meanwhile, H2K came to IEM San Jose with a new roster, with only Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu remaining in the top lane and Ryu as a midlaner from the previous team. Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski will be replacing Loulex in the jungle, Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou will be the their new adc and Oskar “VandeR” Bogdan as their support.

In addition, one of the biggest organisations in eSports, Vitality acquired Gambit Gaming’s spot in the 2016 spring split. Even though the organization was focused on FPS games, they are now extending into the MOBA scene with a League team formed by: Shook (jungler), former H2K bot lane – Kasing (support) and Hjarnan (adc), NukeDuck (mid) and former Gambit Gaming, Cabochard (top).

SK Gaming makes a return to the European LCS, announcing only two players of their new roster:  Sun-ho ‘SuNo’ Ahn (mid) and Kyeong-tak ‘Dokgo’ Kim (jungle).

For the Unicorns of Love fans, they are making a comeback to the new season with a few changes in their team. Joining Vizicsacsi and Hylissang are Danil “Diamondprox” Reshetnikov in the jungle, Hampus “Fox” Myhre on the midlane, Pierre “Steelback” Medjaldi on the botlane. Speaking of Unicorns, former midlaner Tristan “PowerofEvil” Schrage joined Origen and will be sharing the mid lane with xPeke.

In the North-American scene, a lot of changes occurred in a short amount of time. As Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng left Counter Logic Gaming and joined Team Solo Mid, CLG had to fill the gap. With Pobelter joining another team, Huhi became their new midlaner and Stixxey as adc.

TSM is determined in 2016 to win the LCS with their new formed roster consisting of Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen as their new jungler, “Hauntzer” on the toplane, DoubleLift as adcarry, Bjergsen on the midlane and former Fnatic, Bora “Yellowstar” Kim as support. Even though their former jungler, Santorin said he was going to retire, in a tweet he declared he was going to join a European team (Team Huma) in the Challenger series and hopefully, we will see him back in the LCS in no-time.

A new team rises in the North-american scene, as Team Immortals form a roster of EU and NA’s finest: former Fnatic duo, Seung-Hoon Heo “Huni” (Top) and Yue-Jin “Reignover” Kim (Jungle), Eugene “Pobelter” Park (Mid), Jason “Wildturtle” Tran (ADC) and Adrian “Adrian” Ma (Support).

The team that won their spot from the Challenger Series for the spring split is Renegates. The team formed by RF Legendary (top), Crumbzz (Jungle), Alex Ich (Mid), Freeze (adc), Remilia (Support) showed a lot of potential and we are eager to the see their performance in the new season.

Even though the season ended, we will probably see more roster changes until the spring split. We are looking forward to see the new teams in action!

Santorin statement:

Post by: Ioana Popa

Team Fire Reign At All-Star Event

It was that time of the year again, where six regions fight with and against each other to be crowned the All-Star champion(s) of 2015. The regions
were divided in two teams: Ice and Fire. Team Ice consisted of the LPL, EU LCS and IWC. LCK, NA LCS and LMS would form Team Fire. What happened at this event and who made the big plays?

193px-LoL-AS-LA2015The EU LCS, with Origen’s very own Amazing, had to fight NA LCS in the first game of day 1. NA took the lead after an incredible gank from Meteos, joined by Aphromoo. Not only was the American All-Stars’ positioning very exciting to see, their good team communication paid off early- and mid game. At late game NA fell back, lacking good calls. Team EU kept on pushing after destroying the inner turret and with Huni, who kept on pushing on Jax, Team Ice was sure of a win in the first game of the day.
Day one’s fun mode involved the League of Legends’ fans. They voted for the champions that the All-Star warriors had to play. LCK and the LPL were the regions loading on to The Rift. With some unusual player picks, such as Alistar AD Carry and Graves in the jungle, the game was fun to watch. After many more successful and incredible plays, Team Ice secured 50 points for winning the ‘Pick 10’ game.
In between the regional and fun modes, Riot would go over to the 1v1 Arena, where all the star players would fight for victory and be crowned the Duelist Champion. Some unexpected results came back from The Arena. Faker lost in the first round and KaSing moved on to the second round after a victory over Ziv.

In the second regional game of the day, LPL took on the players from the LMS. In this game Clearlove (Rengar) and Rookie (Kassadin) were dominating The Rift with some mind blowing take downs. Together with good involvement from Uzi (Miss Fortune), they took the game in their own
hand and won after 29 minutes of epic fighting and team work.
Lastly the LCK- and the IWC All-Stars were off to The Rift with Korea as fan favourite. IWC’s bottom lane couldn’t get into their element, losing the lane early. All of the other lanes were struggling as well, which resulted into a big loss for the wildcard qualifiers.
After day 1, Team Ice led with 250 points to 100 for Team Fire.

Day 2 started off with IWC challenging the All-Star team from North America on Summoner’s Rift. In the end, the NA LCS won the game by good positioning, which made them dominate the map. Team Fire earned 100 points for this victory.
That day’s fun mode was all about marksmen. The defensive items were banned, which resulted into ten glass canons fighting in two teams on The Rift. Team Fire’s Bebe and PraY had a good synergy all over the map, catching members of Team Ice over and over again and setting up kills for other team mates. Team Fire rushed through their base, with the nexus as target, winning the game.

Over at the 1v1 Arena KaSing defeated AD Carry main Uzi, which came to him as a surprise. Later KaSing stated that he had no idea what he was doing23037038883_e5daee2b3a_z at yesterday- and today’s match. Despite being unsure about his tactics he moved on to the next round. He was not the only one. The other players that were qualified for the next round were: Clearlove, Bjergsen, PraY, LeX, Doublelift, Froggen and Aphromoo.
The next region game was between the EU LCS and the All-Stars from Taiwan (LMS). Origen’s Amazing was making unbelievably good plays. From a
Sonic Wave over the wall at the raptors camp onto Westdoor to ganking bottom lane, using his legendary Q. There was literally no escaping from Amazing. Together with Huni (Fiora), the EU team created a big lead over their Taiwanese opponents, winning the game in 31 minutes.

The Korean and Chinese players made their way to the stage for the last game of the day. After acing them in their final fight they fought their way through the base, with the Nexus as destination. This was the Koreans getting revenge on the Chinese team after losing the ‘Pick 10’ game on day 1.

After day 2, Team Fire and Team Ice are tied 350 to 350.

Day 3 in the All-Stars event started with a regional match between the LCK vs EU All Star where Europe dominated and won the match with 3 victories.

It was followed by a One for All type of match, between Team Fire and Team Ice. Blitzcrank had his moment in the spotlight as players hooked each
other, showing off their skills on the Great Steam Golem. Ultimately, Team Fire secured the victory and won their team points. Later on, we saw the quarterfinals of the 1 v 1 tournament, where Bjergsen, Doublelift, Froggen and Pray won their spots to the semifinal.

Following the 1 v 1, we saw a great win of LMS over IWC, with one of the best plays at this years’ All-Stars, where Westdoor scored an incredible pentakill.Another surprise for the fans was the Assassins mode between Fire and Ice. The match was a blind pick, where players had to pick from a
restricted champion pool of only assassins. They also had limited items, such as potions, boots and AP/AD items. Team Fire was comprised of great midlaners such as Faker, WestDoor, Bjergsen while in the Ice Team, we had Froggen, Rookie and Kira. We saw unexpected picks in this mode, such as Rengar, Nidalee or Shaco. At last, after killing sprees during the entire game, Team Fire took the victory and gained 50 points.

Last game of the day was a regional between the NA and LPL. The Chinese team had such an aggresive gameplay, with Clearlove and Rookie roaming on the entire map, bringing the element of surprise for the solo laners and securing their victory. This match showed us the underestimated power of
the Chinese and came as a come-back after great players such as Uzi, who did not qualify for the Worlds Championship still represent a threat.

Day 4 started with a fan match called ‘Tandem mode’, where each champion was controlled by two players: one on the mouse and the other the keyboard. Teams were picked of 20 players who were not voted into the All-Star All-Stars. For this game, player’s names were mashed together and fun combinations came out, such as Kashuni (Kasing and Huni), Rekklex (Rekkles and LeX) or Bjergus (Bjergsen and Dyrus). Ultimately, Team Ice secured the victory of this mode, gaining their team 100 points.

image2The semifinals of the 1v1 tournament were Best of 3, with unpredictable picks and plays from each player. Bjergsen had to take down Pray and even though he lost the first match, he went on to win and advance to the final. The Froggen vs Doublelift match, Froggen was too confident that he would win, but Doublelift proved his skill winning against him with 4 matches out of 3. The moment Doublelift was going back to base and Froggen snowballed him, he carried him straight to the base winning with this strategy 2 times in a row. Coincidence or not? In the end, the great 1 v 1 final was between TSM teammates Bjergsen and Doublelift, where they played 2 midlaners and 1 adc (at which point you know Bjergsen was meant to win).

Next, an All-Star All-Stars game took place, where Team Ice got the victory. The decisive match of the All-Stars event was a Best of 3 between the LCK All-Stars and the EU LCS All-Stars, with LCK winning the match and securing the cup to Team Fire.

Team Fire won the 2015 All-Stars with over 1075 points. The All-Stars event was a great way of showing each player’s skill and ability as an individual. Moreover, it was about having fun and knowing other players better, a great reward for the fans for the end of the year. See you in 2016!

Post by: Ioana Popa and Valerie Hoste

We want you!

Origen is currently looking for an experienced life coach to join our staff team. Our ideal candidate is someone who can promote good health and wellbeing within our team, and maintain a positive mindset.

Since this is a position directly related to eSports and specifically to League of Legends, we would expect all applicants to own a good knowledge of the game.

If you think you’re suited to the role and would like to join the Origen staff, we would love to hear from you!

All individuals interested in becoming part of this project will need to fulfil the following requirements:

  • They will need to be self-motivated and adept in the field of life coaching;
  • Be able to maintain a positive outlook in challenging situations;
  • Be curious and truly interested in not only their own work, but in the work and wellbeing of their team members;
  • Be consistently action orientated and understand the importance of SMART goals;
  • Be optimistic, but realistic, and nurture and believe in the team’s potential;
  • Be trustworthy;
  • Be very team oriented, and able to transmit ideal and positive comments to all members of the team;
  • At least 3 years of experience in this field of expertise.
  • Fluent English.

A degree in a health related field is not required, but is desired; therefore all candidates with a degree will be prioritised.

Be aware that all applications will be carefully reviewed due to the nature of the position and the direct impact this labor will have to our team performance. Therefore we request all applicants to provide a detailed resume, that really remark your experience and knowledge regarding life coaching.

Our ideal candidate will be either located in, or able to move to, Berlin; Germany. If you believe you are the right person for this role, you can email us at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can add our recruitment Skype (username job.origen) to share your interest.

All applications must be submitted before December 28th or else your application will be discarded.

Note: Being pre-selected for the role does not indicate that you have been selected for the role. The category of pre-selected candidates will comprise all applicants shortlisted for formal interview.

Open Staff Positions

Origen has open few spots for news writers and bloggers interested in becoming part of the growth of this organization and contribute in a positive way.

Therefore, we would like to hear from you and give good use to your talents. We are in need of dedicated staff, willing to help Origen to get closer to our fans and keep them informed and up to date with all daily events from Origen.

What do we seek?

Those interested in become part of this amazing project we proudly call Origen, will need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Good knowledge of the English language and all known aspects of it. (British and American applicants will have priority).
  • Basic knowledge of WordPress functionalities and platform or similar ones.
  • Previous experience within news and blog writing labors.
  • Wide knowledge of the gaming scene and all popular titles.
  • Availability to post news on request.
  • Creativity.
  • Proactivity.
  • Dedication.
  • Habitual to teamwork, able to transmit ideas and positive comments to the rest of the staff.

How to apply:

If you feel like the right person for the job, and you are open to new challenges, you can contact us through our “Join Us” form contained here or through Skype by adding our General Manager Marck “PapaBear” Hernandez (marck.hernandez is the skype you need to add).

We also seek for news staff able to write in both English and Spanish, as we would like to retrieve more to all our Spanish speaking fans, by providing them with fresh content in their own language.

We will review all applications and contact all preselected candidates for a formal interview, to then select those applicants which adjust the profile we seek the best. By being selected, all new personal will be provided with further information regarding obligations, benefits and training procedures.

Note: Being preselected, will not represent by any mean an immediate incorporation, it will only grant you with the opportunity to be interviewed for the available positions.