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Motivational Lessons We Learn from Video Games

Life lessons learned from gaming – it’s really not as cheesy as it sounds. Take the time to really think about it. Video games are one of the world’s most popular mediums of entertainment. Far from being an idle pastime for the geeky and the bored, video games are in fact awesomely powerful tools that aim to provide experiences like no other medium can. And as with all experiences, there’re always something we can take away from it if you are able to put your saltiness aside.

Along that train of thought, as a part-time gamer in her mid-20s who has clocked hours upon hours of game time over the past few years, you’d think that I would have learned a thing or two about life from these games by now.

1ea9cee54cf13a8c7849f92efbb2743a6ec8b82ffdc5d39cb37b3e7998e185c6_largeSource: Lockerdome

You know what? I’ve learned and I am willing to share some of this wisdom with you readers.

1.There’s always another way to win

Growing up, we’ve been conditioned to believe in the concept of a single pathway to success in life. We become obsessed with this ideal and lose ourselves in the pursuit of what we’ve been led to believe is happiness. In doing so, we unknowingly become our own worst enemy and often end up falling into a pattern of existential ruts.

As a generation, we can break this cycle. Much like an adventurer seeking to conquer a wide open game world, we need to have an open mind and embrace all options available to us, no matter how ridiculous they may sound. Tap into your curiosity and look into the opportunities or leads that you’ve been taught to ignore. Any adventure game aficionado or role-playing fan will easily tell you that the potential rewards and thrill of exploring the unknown far outweigh the risks of wandering off the beaten path.

Don’t be afraid of failing or breaking the mold. Brace yourself and take the road less travelled. You never know what treasures you might find.

2. Losing sucks, but it’s okay

Back in grade school, a ‘D’ followed by a terse ‘See Me’ scribbled in red ink were the last things anyone wanted to see on their paper. Thankfully, I never had to endure such a fate but trust me when I say that just the thought of it was enough to scare the living hell out of me on a day-to-day basis.

What they didn’t tell us at the time was that failure wasn’t the end of the world and that from failure comes a stronger motivation.  Failure is but one of two possible outcomes from the willingness to try. And much like playing a video game, things don’t always go your way and you’ll have little choice but to spend a ‘heart’ and try again – you don’t want to, but games always have a way of convincing you to try again.

We’re all human and we were created to make mistakes just like the in game heroes we play daily. I even wrote about it here. Getting good at something, in life or video games, takes time. And while you’re getting there, you better be prepared to lose a few more ‘hearts’ along the way. I could probably bring up any number of predictable gaming characteristics to illustrate my point but I think you get the picture.

8945587_origSource: Applemond

3. Giving up isn’t cool

Now, we’ve already established that failure isn’t that bad. Giving up, on the other hand, is really kind of lame.

Why? Because giving up implies that you’ve stopped trying. It implies that you’ve made the conscious decision to stand up, say ‘I’m done’ and left the room. It means that you’ve willfully overridden the rules and put an end to what could have been a fulfilling experience for you and your peers.

Failure comes naturally, both in life and in video games. We all make mistakes; we all mess up once in a while; we all occasionally fall into that bottomless pit in Mario. Failure can be a rough card to deal with and it can get very tempting to get up and leave, especially when faced with a real-life crisis. As long as you keep on trudging and learning from your failures, you’ll surely find it in you to beat that annoying stage or life problem and find yourself in a happy place (eventually).

Once you’ve given up and effectively stopped trying though, then all hope of success gets hurled out the window. So don’t let the game end because you gave up, play it until the ending is the only possible outcome. 🙂

4. Value your resources

This is huge. By resources I mean, teammates, time and funds. This is applicable to most games and if they’re not all applicable, then at least one is. If you find yourself in a game with all 3, then you are probably learning the most.

In real life, people take time for granted the most, because it is on a larger scale. You can think about having your entire life ahead of you and that your decisions may not have immediate consequences, but in a game, the repercussions of your decisions are immediate.

The lessons we learn depend on the person taking part in the adventure, but one thing is certain: we are constantly learning, even when we’re having fun!

TL:DR Video games actually teach us valuable lessons

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New Roster Announcement

With old endings come new beginnings!

As we announced yesterday, there were circumstances that forced us to make roster changes prior to the Summer Split. We are pleased to announce today that our squad is gaining two great players.

We never thought that we could find, in that short notice, a botlane that we are certain will bring us so much joy. We are happy and grateful that they are joining our team, and we know that they will give it their all in order to achieve our goals.

Please welcome Glenn “HYBRID” Doornenbal and Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou!

Our new players wanted to say a few words to you:
“I’m really happy to be part of Origen. I believe that if the team mashes well together, we will win this split and do really well at Worlds. I’m super excited to move in to the gaming house and start practicing hard for the summer split!”

“I am looking forward to play AD for Origen in the upcoming summer split which i consider the greatest challenge of my career. I will put my maximum effort to assist OG on achieving its goals.”

From Origen team, we hope and know that both of them are eager to share their lives and talents with us and soon we are going to find the right path to take everyones strengths so that they may bring us to victory. Please welcome them and I hope that you, our fans, will be there like always, motivating us and pushing us to be the best version of ourselves.


Source: LolEsports

Tal y como anunciamos ayer, la situación nos ha obligado a hacer cambios en el roster del equipo y hoy ya estamos en disposición de anunciar que vamos a contar con dos grandes jugadores.

Nunca pensamos que podríamos encontrar, en tan poco tiempo, a una bot que sabemos, nos van a dar muchas alegrías.
Estamos muy contentos y agradecidos de la buena disposición por su parte de unirse a nuestro proyecto y sabemos que van a dar lo máximo para alcanzar nuestra meta.

¡¡¡DEMOSLE LA BIENVENIDA A Glenn “HYBRID” Doornenbal y a Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou!!!

Nuestros nuevos jugadores os han querido dedicar unas palabras:

“Estoy muy contento de formar parte de Origen. Creo que si el equipo consigue congeniar, ganaremos este split y lo haremos realmente bien en Worlds. ¡Tengo muchas ganas de llegar a la gaming house y empezar a entrenar duro para el split de verano!”

“Espero con ganas ser el AD de Origen en el próximo split de verano, que considero el reto más importante de mi carrera. Daré mi máximo esfuerzo para ayudar a OG a conseguir sus metas.”

Desde Origen esperamos y sabemos que ambos tienen mucha ilusión por compartir sus vidad con nosotros y que pronto vamos a encontrar el camino correcto para sacar lo mejor de cada uno y eso se transformará en grandes éxitos.

Dadle la bienvenida y espero que vosotros, nuestros fans estéis aquí, como siempre, motivándonos y empujándonos para sacar lo mejor de nosotros.
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Being a true gamer

What exactly makes someone a “true gamer”? According to my friend, the only people that can call themselves gamers are the ones that live for the scene, not just some Mario-Kart playing posers. There’s nothing wrong with playing FarmVille on occasion but it seems that people like to differentiate between “people who play games” and “gamers”.

Some believe a gamer is anyone who enjoys playing games, even including casual games. However, going with this definition would be the same as saying that anyone who watches movies is a “film buff” and anyone who eats food is a “foodie”. That would be ridiculous because then literally 90% of those living in non-impoverished situations would be considered a film buffs and foodies; the terms would lose their meanings.

gamer_jpeg Source: Throughtheyesofgeek

I think the purpose of this distinction is not to brag from a diamond pedestal of elitism and say “you are not a true gamer”, but rather to reduce the probability of someone thinking that casual games or brainless shooters are all there is to gaming, in an effort to encourage people to discover a world of amazing games that most don’t even know exist. At least, I’m hoping that is the mindset. It’s the only logical explanation. Otherwise, you’re just being a jerk. We can argue that even though that a professional basketball player invests more time and effort than the regular athlete in perfecting their talent – someone who plays basketball for their local high school is not any less of a basketball player.

There isn’t a true definition in the Oxford Dictionary so this leaves a lot of room for opinions. To me being a gamer means having passion for the craft, dedicating any free time to a game and trying to show others how great games can be. I’m really not convinced that spending hours on end and buying every single release is the only way to gain the title. Sure, if you’re in high school or university you could pull it off but throw in a full-time job, a booming social life and living alone in the big city – this becomes next to impossible. Trust me, I speak from experience. Most days, I’m grateful I can squeeze in one game of LOL.  Am, I suddenly no longer a gamer? If I’m not, is there a grand jury that decides my fate?

Source: DeviantArt

Now, I totally understand that there is a distinction between hardcore and recreational gaming. There are people who spend hours bantering on message boards and defending the honor of their favorite franchise. The modern hardcore gamer, would say the worst thing about gaming is casual gamers. And then there are people who play video games a lot but don’t necessarily follow the industry’s every move. Aren’t both of these people gamers? Maybe different levels of gamers but they are both still gamers to me. I’d consider anyone who get excited when talking about something they did the night before in a game a gamer, just because I don’t think it’s about the type of game you play. There’s no need to create a tear system for something that is mean to be fun for everyone. There are too many ways to categorize people in the world today and this doesn’t have to be another one.

A hobby that used to be viewed as “un-cool” by society a decade ago, has how boomed into a national phenomenon and it continues to grow. I think gamers should rejoice that their passion has gained popularity and be proud of being part of the changing times. The great part about it is that no matter how good or invested someone is in the gaming world, everyone has a different experience and no one should take that away.

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Origen: It’s all about the underdogs!

I am a huge fan of motivational things. Quotes, articles and images of people achieving the “impossible”. It’s not a surprise to most, seeing as I’m a generally loud and excitable person. When it comes to things that are supposed to make me root for the underdog or defeat the odds – I’m a fan and I will shout it from the rooftops. Or in this case, my desktop. It’s not just me. Throughout history, we have rooted for David instead of Goliath or for Average Joes over Globo-Gym. (Dodgeball movie reference**).


So let’s compare this to League of Legends. I was thrilled to see that Origen reached semi-finals, despite the predictions of the analysts. They weren’t even expected to be there, people started to count them out only a few weeks into the split.

If there is even the slightest chance that a lower seeded team can beat a powerhouse team, I will always root for the underdog mainly because I’ve never met a human who hasn’t failed at something. No one wants to hear about someone who had every single thing go right for them. That would be the most boring story ever. What makes for a great story, is the climb to the top and the obstacles someone has to overcome to get there. It is said that the journey itself is more important than the reward. Your achievements will provide you with an abundance of happiness knowing that you were down and out and never quit. There must have been a time in soloq where your team was behind and all of the sudden something clicked and the tide began to turn. Let’s just say it was the underdog mentality that got you there.


Origen was hanging on to 6th place for a few weeks and losing a game or two could have put them in a troubling position. Criticism started pouring in and everyone became an analyst. I’d read things suggesting that they should swap out players for others and that one player was single-handedly losing games for the team. I’m really glad they didn’t give up. Victory is that much sweeter after you’ve failed a few times – doesn’t everyone know that?

We are taught from an early age to work hard for a chance to achieve our goals and for anyone who is truly passionate just a chance is enough. Statistics on paper don’t always surpass heart and passion. I may be biased when it comes to Origen because I’m a staff member but I think they have the passion most teams lack. It’s almost as if they compete to satisfy their own hunger. In their first season, the boys beat the odds time and time again considering they were a brand new team. They won the 2015 EUCS Spring Playoffs, came second in 2015 EU LCS Summer Split & playoffs, won the regional qualifiers and competed in the 2015 World Championship. Although the start of this year has been unlucky, they ended their split in second place. They went from 6th place to the 4th seeding, ending the split in 2nd place with 70 championship points. Lately, legacy teams are being challenged by new blood – this is fantastic to see.


In this way we remind ourselves of the human potential for excellence. Underdogs that succeed, are ordinary people that one day can become legends. When you’re an underdog, nothing is handed on a silver platter. This means you work hard. But when you succeed, you’re much more appreciative of what you have accomplished.

As an underdog, you have to believe that your failures will lead you to your successes. And that your efforts in something are never in vain, even when they don’t achieve the desired result immediately. You have to know that even when others don’t believe in your team’s ambitions and your perspectives that their opinions do not have to be your reality.

I’ve been the underdog before and I’m sure most people have, which is why I’ll always be cheering them from the sidelines.

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Image Sources: 1. Gamespot, 2. QuotesGram, 3. RedBull


Stop Being Toxic

I love League of Legends. It’s an addicting game that provides excitement, personal improvement and social interaction. But lately, it’s getting me a little down. Have people transformed into everything that we have been taught to not become? Are people bullies?

I play LOL as a way to unwind after a busy day at the office – so I can’t speak for those who play it on a professional level – but the toxicity takes away the fun aspect for me. The swearing and pure immaturity that comes from some allies and enemies I am matched with, is simply unnecessary. It’s not just in LOL that I’ve noticed players being more hostile towards each other. I recently had back to back Heroes of the Storm matches where my team was too busy insulting each other to get objectives. I shouldn’t have to report people or turn off all chat, because respect is common sense.

The question I ask myself is: do I fire back with the same enthusiasm? I reply to e-hecklers on a case-by-case basis, depending on my tolerance level or I mute them. I don’t, however, engage with people who are clearly never going to stop. Of course, a little trash talk comes along with the game but that’s where it should end.

gift_in_the_sewers_by_dawnallies-d830xojSource: Deviant Art

Whether you’re flaming someone during a game or commenting on Social Media – it can be a dangerous spiral, which brings me to my next point: Reddit Threads.

I don’t understand why so many individuals feel the need to go out of their way to write something hateful and it’s a shame if they’re proud to call that free speech. At the end of the day, nothing can cater to every audience. Players go through slumps, they make bad decisions and believe it or not, changes can be made without the approval of the entire community. Actually, it seems that even the teams performing well are receiving hate. Honestly, I expected more from the internet.

Stating an opinion isn’t wrong as long as you have a compelling argument or strong basis for your decision. Individuality is a fantastic thing and we are all critics in one way or another. But there are really terrible things that faceless people on the internet feel compelled to write about every day and I’ve noticed a huge increase in toxicity in Esports. There are two different types of criticism — thoughtful critiques and trolling.

I believe a thoughtful critique happens when someone analyzes your game play and takes the time to point out specific areas they feel you can improve on.

A troll is someone who is just trying to get under your skin and personally, I think they need to put that energy into something productive. It’s much easier to bash other people’s talents than to do work on developing your own.

So what can we do about it if criticism is inescapable? Probably not much as an individual but positivity is more contagious than negativity if we pursue it collectively. Wishful thinking, but I am hopeful. Let’s reclaim this online Esports community; it’s up to us to be the Positive Poppy and not the Negative Nocturne. Aim for the honor crests not the 10 game chat bans.


Source: LeagueofLegends

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Seriously? What happened to Illaoi?

Prior to her release a few months ago, Summoners were intrigued by the Kraken Priestess, but unfortunately she appears to have fallen off the face of the Rift. Although it doesn’t look like she will be joining Galio and Taric in the pool of champions that never see game play, it is worrisome that the new champion hype has fizzled off so quickly.

Has Illaoi hit her prime? Is she going to eventually need a major buffing or a complete rework in order to get her more action? Or could it be that there are too many disadvantages to picking her in any lane?


Photo Credit: Kilenator DeviantArt

On paper, she makes perfect sense: zone control, massive area of affect damage and she has built in sustain. In game however, she fails to bring much to the table. There’s no denying that she’s annoying to lane against but if you shut her down early, she’s not much of a threat. I’m hesitant to dismiss her already but the evidence shows that she is a regrettable pick.

When she was first free to play, everyone and their grandmothers from bronze to diamond seemed to want to hop on the Illaoi bandwagon. The biggest concern I have about her is that she’s Riot’s only new release that has not hit the professional stage. The pros have not benched most of the new champions released in the last 2 years. On the contrary, the newest releases are the most powerful/most picked in the META and frankly, she’s not worth the amount on her price tag – especially when comparing her to Kalista, Braum, Bard, Kindred or Azir.

And because I love making lists, our fantastic news team at Origen has come up with a few reasons why this lady brawler isn’t a favorable pick;

  1. Most top lane champions played in the META right now out-trade her in the laning phase
  2. She is easily kited
  3. Mobile champions will escape her tentacles without much effort, and in order for them to work – she needs to be on a heavy CC team
  4. In a META where double AD’s are all the rave, Illaoi doesn’t stand a chance against the range
  5. She is weak without her tentacles, so destroy them early and destroy them often.
  6. Tentacles are essentially free gold for players experienced enough to just dodge them
  7. She does not have a choice in where the tentacles are placed making her zone control very weak
  8. She has very low mobility making her susceptible to ganking especially before she has hit level 6
  9. She offers a damage only kit however and it does not scale well late game
  10. Illaoi can shine in team fights, but in professional play – team fights are not always the main focus. Sometimes, we only have one or two in the entire game
Pick Rate Comparison Between Illaoi and Other champions
Pick Rate Comparison Between Illaoi and Other champions

Of course, not knowing how to play against her can get you in a bit of trouble initially but once you know what she’s all about – a matchup against her is in your favour. The debilitating nature of her E can make you go insane, but similar to Blitzcrank’s pull – stand behind minions and you’ll survive the laning phase. In my experience one of the biggest hurdles for people when new champs are released is the initial grind. Learning the mechanics, defense, counter-plays and positioning are the solutions to playing against a new champion – which is what makes them seem overpowered.

But if anyone’s going to find out why this lady brawler hasn’t touched the professional scene, it’s someone more analytical than me. So get to work 🙂

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NA Quarterfinal Highlights

As the European quarterfinals were ending, the broadcast continued with the North-American LCS scene, where we saw an intense fight for a top place in the playoffs.

TSM vs Cloud 9 – 3-1 

TeamSoloMid showed what they are capable of in playoffs with an amazing comeback performance. Even though they dropped their first game to Cloud 9 – the next 3 games showcased the TSM that everyone expected to see at the start of the split.

The first match was pretty even early game with no real advantages going for either team but a chaotic team fight gave C9 a huge gold lead advantage in order to take the lead. TSM had no answers for Cloud 9’s map presence and ultimately, gave them the first win of the best of 5 series. On the second game however, was all about Team SoloMid. They had control of the entire map and were able to catch members of C9 whenever “Hauntzer” initiated fights with a very tanky Maokai. Cloud 9 selected an all AD composition and this enabled TSM to win most of the team fights.


TSM took game 3 to keep their momentum going. “Bjergsen’s” Zed was unstoppable carrying his team to another victory with a score of 11/0/6. The final game started in C9’s favour but their aggressive plays and miscommunication mid game cost them. By the 30 minute mark, TSM had a 10k gold lead and they never looked back winning the quarterfinal match with 3-1.


After their historically, worst start in the regular season, TeamSoloMid moves on to the semifinals to take on Immortals.

Team Liquid vs NRG Sports – 3-0

Team Liquid had something to celebrate this weekend as well after their 3-0 sweep over NRG Sports in the NA quarterfinals. Game 1 started off strong with first blood going to TL just over a minute into the game. They also went on to take the first 5 turrets before NRG could even take one. The gold lead at 16 minutes was too much for NRG to get anything done.


Game 2 was very similar to the first, with early game kills from Team Liquid. After that, both teams played a very safe game and smart decision-making. “Dardoch” almost had a pentakill with a full AD Lee Sin mid game but was shutdown. So close Lee Sin, so close. Game 3 once again featured a very dominant Team Liquid putting on the pressure early. The game winning fight came just after an attempt at Baron which lead to TL aceing NRG. TL proceeded to take Baron and quickly end the game. NRG kept this one close and put up a fight but not enough to force a 4th game. “Piglet” scored back to back quadrakills this game, showcasing his botlane talents.

Team Liquid secured their spot in the top four and take on Counter Logic Gaming in the semifinals.

Cover Photo by: Josh Rigg
Source for Images: Riot Esports

10 Things Only Origen Fans Will Understand

Let me first say that there are some Origen fans that this does not apply to at all – but for most of us – this is reality. I’ve always been the annoying and obnoxious fan when it comes to TV shows, sports and game shows. If I commit to something, I stick with it and I’m sure there are many of you in the same situation.

Now that the LCS Spring Playoffs are coming up, it’s time for all of us fans to crawl out of the woodwork and turn into cheerleaders. So if you’re a fan, you’ll definitely relate to these 10 things only we can understand.

1. You watch their games as an anxious parent would watch their child playing sports or competing in a science fair. Cheering, loudly at your computer while praying that nobody get camped on or that Kalista doesn’t get banned. Zven is a God on Kalista. Duh.

 Source: Tumblr

2. A large portion of your wardrobe contains the team colours. It’s perfect because black & blue look great on everyone, and it’s also the name of a Backstreet Boys album. So you cannot go wrong here.

3. Hearing unknowledgeable people say that Origen should change their rosters or that they aren’t skilled makes you cringe. Sure, that’s subjective, but how does a combination of the most CS (per minute) in EU LCS from Zven and several comeback games, make you come to that conclusion?

Source: Riot eSports

4. Often times you find yourself wondering if you’re too emotionally invested in Origen’s success. Usually this ends with you settling on the notion that there’s no such thing as ‘too emotionally invested in this team and you move on.

5. You think that everyone else needs to step up their selfie game because the greatest selfies of all time have been taken by our squad already.


If you’re an Origen fan, these are your favourite selfies ever taken.

6.  You will remember this forever because you love Origen’s owner xPekeeven if this happened before Origen’s time.


Source: GameK

Because getting “Backdoored” took on a whole new meaning for you at Intel Extreme Masters Season VI. In this season, we saw a brief backdoor from Soaz as well – I guess xPeke taught him well.

7.  The worry of getting knocked out by our biggest friendly rival: FNATIC

Source: Tumblr

This result would be absolutely disastrous and leave Origen fans open to rants from Fnatic fans, and we just can’t have that.

8.  Complaining even when our team has the lead. You have to be a true fan to find something to pick at, even when your team is ahead. It’s not our best habit but frustration kicks in if our players aren’t executing the game plan. A win is a win, so they say, but we need a safety net just in case our team begins to blow the lead.

9.The constant unknown of who will be starting in the mid lane gives you nightmares. Alright, so maybe not nightmares but is it going to be xPeke or Power of Evil? Origen stop toying with our feelings!

10. In the true fans eyes, anyone with anything critical to say regarding Origen is a ‘hater’ and that’s final. They are the greatest team ever and any differing opinion is not so much an opinion as it is pure HATING.

 Source: Smosh

Thank you fans, for your continuous support.

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NA LCS Week 9 Recap

As we wrap up the regular LCS season, each team needed to win for different reasons. Some to maintain their incredible win streaks, some to clinch better seeding and others for relegation and it resulted in some great matches this past weekend.

Day 1

Team Impulse versus Renegades – Winner: Renegades

REN continued their quest to avoid finishing last with an impressive win over Team Impulse. Renegades, known for their strong starts, got a sub-one-minute first blood and was able to assert dominance over their fellow relegation tournament participant. Team Impulse had opportunities to win team fights but ultimately the shot-calling and micro-play from the Renegades was just too much as the late game came.  Aleš “Freeze” Kněžínek’s play on Sivir was exceptional and was the main proponent to their win as he completely dominated the team fights. It’s clear with the recent play from Renegades that they’ve improved mightily since their roster changes.

Counter Logic Gaming versus NRG Esports – Winner: Counter Logic Gaming

NRG eSports slide down the rankings continued with a quick loss to Counter Logic Gaming. Counter Logic Gaming had complete control of the game from the beginning. A sub-minion-spawning first blood began a monumental gold lead at ten minutes already pushing the game out of NRG eSports’ reach. The performance from Darshan “Darshan” Upadhyaha on Graves ended the game quickly and gave Counter Logic Gaming possession of the second seed and the sought after first round playoff bye. The loss for NRG eSports puts their playoff in jeopardy if they lose on the final day. Their dismal performance needs to be corrected quickly if they want to find their footing and make it into the postseason.


Source: Riot eSports

Immortals versus Team SoloMid – Winner: Immortals

Immortals completely dismantled the struggling Team SoloMid. Team SoloMid attempted to ban out Adrian “Adrian” Ma but that worked almost as well as Team SoloMid’s offseason roster changes. Immortals built a Yasuo-centric team composition and surrounded it with champions that could protect him. Seong “Huni” Hoon Heo was able to demolish all of Team SoloMid in essentially every team fight which gave them a quick win. Immortals asserted their dominance once again as the strongest team in North America and Team SoloMid’s problems were highlighted even further.

Team Dignitas versus Team Liquid – Winner: Team Liquid

Team Liquid secured their playoff spot with a promising win over Team Dignitas. Team Liquid was able to take control in the middle game. They nearly took down the Nexus but were ACED with it at extremely low health. They got a little too cocky in the final team fight and went for kills rather than the win. Ultimately though Team Liquid was able to backdoor the Nexus. The loss for Team Dignitas puts them in a tie for last place with Renegades. The game itself was disappointing from Team Dignitas perspective as they never looked to be at the same level as Team Liquid. Team Liquid played a bit too confidently in the game but their macro play looked promising and with give them a boon for the playoffs.

Cloud9 versus Echo Fox – Winner: Cloud9

Cloud9’s strong close to the season continued with a clinical win over Echo Fox. Cloud9 asserted dominance from the very beginning in pretty much every lane. They rotated around the map taking kills and objectives almost at will. Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen showed why he should be considered as MVP of the split as he was able to dominate the game through his roaming on LeBlanc. Echo Fox’s attempt to make the playoffs after their roster issues to start the season ended in a poor fashion. Their attempt to farm the game out failed as Cloud9 knew exactly how to take control by repeatedly killing the side lanes. Cloud9’s siege was eventually too much for Echo Fox to handle and their nexus fell.


Source: Riot eSports

Day 2

It was the day of Jhin appearances in the final week of NA LCS Spring Split, some more effective than others.

Starting the day off were Renegades versus Echo Fox – Winner: Renegades

In a teeter-totter game, where the leads fluctuated from minute to minute, it was Renegades that took home the win.  They got the first and second turret with no answer from FOX. In mid-game, FOX caught REN out of position a few time and Henrik “Froggen” Hansen’s Lux capitalized giving his team a 9-4 lead in kills. Despite the kill advantages FOX had, REN were up in turrets and gold most of the game. Later in the game, ECHO FOX over-extended in a team fight and gave REN the winning advantage. They rush into their base and pick up their 4th win in the last 5 games.


Source: Riot eSports

Next up on the rift were Team Liquid and Cloud 9Winner: Team Liquid

TL took an early lead and held on to it the entire time, picking up a clean and dominating win against C9. Miscommunication in the early game put “Balls” behind by staying too long in the lane swap. He was never able to recover and make a comeback. Within the first 7 minutes and 30 seconds of the game TL was knocking on C9’s top tier turrets.

Team Impulse vs ImmortalsWinner: Immortals

How often do you see a Jhin & Karma combo? Not often, but Immortals showed is that it can indeed be done. IMT broke a new North American record with their 94.4 win rate in the win against TIP. Immortals got the early lead and did not look back. Neither team seemed too interested in the dragon, as Immortals took the only one of the game. Seong Hoon Heo “Huni” recorded his second PENTAKILL of the season, this time with Ekko.

Just as expected Counter Logical Gaming defeated Team Dignitas, 7 – 1 in a 25 minute match. CLG had a commanding lead all over the map and took control of the game early.

In and intense battle between Team SoloMid and NRG eSports, it was NRG that came out on top. TSM gave up 4 kills at baron allowing NRG to take the lead. Shortly after, TSM came back only to fall behind again. They gave up a 10,000 gold lead within four minutes to their contenders. Winner: NRG eSports


Source: LoleSports

In the only tie-breaking match of the day Team Impulse played RenegadesWinner: Renegades
REN continued their win streak and took the 8th place seed in the standings, proving once again that they are now contenders.

North American quarterfinals begin April 02, 2016.

Post by: Iris Neagos and Timothy Smith
Cover Photo by: Josh Rigg

An Ode To Support Players

Dedicated to Mithy, and players alike.

How am I to describe the benevolent efforts of a support player?

A force that is often shown through strength, healing and warding. You are vigor and ruthlessness that fights every day on the rift to provide your team with crowd control and kills. Your lane partner knows that they aren’t alone, you protect the lost, the squishy, the broken and you are an example of selfless might. You know that it’s not all about getting the kills, it’s about winning the fight.

Thank you supports, for using the little money you have on buying shiny wards, granting your team vision to prevent unnecessary deaths.

” Support: Hey guys, it’s really great that you’re working on your build, but pink wards are cheap and we can have 5 on the map. Can you please buy some?
Top: Shut up
Support: -_-  “

A word of gratitude goes out to you for  sacrificing your own speed, because boots are expensive and you don’t have coins until later because, most of the time, you move out of the way to give your ADC the gold. The lack of levels, the lack of items and the sacrifices don’t go unnoticed. You are selfless, and maybe it’s because the league world has always expected you to be.

I main support and I instantly cringe when I set up a kill beautifully and the ADC just sits there. Interestingly enough, the same ADC will dive under turret at level 3, die and proceed to flame me for not backing him up. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  Source: Lolesports

 Zven, of course knows better but for the non-challenger players, this happens way more than it should.

Janna will take a rain-check on an enemy team fight engage on account of bad weather. Bard says “NOPE!” when the enemy jungler attempts to gank and Poppy will blow you out of her teams vicinity if you think you can pull a fast one. The least we can do for our supports is say thank you.

Of course, the strongest of structures within history have crumbled under certain situations, but you, my supports, have remained strong. Ganks happen and often someone has to die. In a perfect world, it’s a failed attempt but if somebody has to go, supports would much rather it be them than their carry. They only aim for assists in the game, their personal survivability is lowest priority in team battles.

Everyone should learn to be more like you because being a support does have its perks;

  1. Shorter wait times in queue
  2. You don’t have to focus on last hitting
  3. If you carry early, you get carried later. It’s return on investment at its finest
  4. You make a big difference in team fights
  5. And best of all, fan girls. Fan girls love a selfless, caring support.


All you support mains out there – grab a drink. You’ve earned it!

Cover Photo Source: Deviant Art