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Changes to our coaching staff

We are pleased to inform you that we have decided to appoint a new Head Coach to manage our team. The new Head Coach will be Alvar “Araneae” Martín, a trustworthy person with a great understanding of the game, who has previously helped us during the 2015 World Championship. He will surely have a positive influence over our goal achievement, since he knows the team and its characteristics.

We want to thank Nicholas “Nicothepico” Korsgård for all the work and effort he put into Origen, as both an analyst and a coach, and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours.

“I am very excited to join Origen. I take this opportunity as a professional challenge to lead the team and bring it back to the top of the standings where it belongs. I’ve worked with almost everyone, in both Fnatic and Origen during the World Championship and I’m excited to be here again, to motivate the group and work together to achieve our goals.” – Alvar “Araneae” Martín

Enrique ‘”xPeke” Cedeño Martinez wanted to welcome “Araneae”

“I want to personally welcome Alvar as Head Coach of Origen. I have known him from the beginning of this adventure and I believe in his abilities, his exigency and his knowledge of the game. He is a very positive person and has a strong bond with Origen – whenever we needed him, he has been there for us. Therefore, I know he will try his best and I have no doubt that he will do everything possible to maintain the highest level at all times.

I also want to publicly thank Nico for his work in Origen, since he has been with us for better and for worse. Thank you Nico, and I wish you good luck.”

To conclude, we welcome Alvar and wish him the best and we hope his skills and abilities will grant Origen and our fans the deserved top position.

Welcome to the #OGfamily!



Alvar Araneae, nuevo entrenador de Origen

Nos alegra informaros de que hemos decidido nombrar un nuevo entrenador para hacerse cargo de la gestión deportiva. El nuevo entrenador será Alvar Martín “Araneae”, una persona en la que confiamos plenamente, con conocimiento del juego, que ya nos ayudó en el Mundial de 2015, que conoce el equipo y el proyecto, y que seguro va a aportar mucho en la consecución de nuestros objetivos.

Igualmente queremos agradecer a Nicholas Kosgard “Nicothepico” el trabajo que ha desarrollado  en Origen, tanto de analista como de entrenador, y le deseamos mucha suerte en sus nuevos proyectos profesionales.

Araneae ha dedicado unas palabras tras su nombramiento: 

“Estoy muy ilusionado de poder unirme a Origen. Para mí es un reto profesional poder dirigir deportivamente el equipo y poder llevarlo de nuevo a estar luchando en la parte alta de la clasificación, que es la zona que le pertenece. Ya he trabajado antes con prácticamente todos, desde Fnatic o el mismo Origen en los Campeonatos del mundo del año pasado, y estoy entusiasmado con estar aquí otra vez, poder motivar al grupo y trabajar juntos para conseguir nuestros objetivos.”

Enrique ”xPeke” Cedeño Martínez, ha querido dar la bienvenida a “Araneae”:

“Quiero darle personalmente la bienvenida a Alva “Araneae” como entrenador de Origen.

Como todos sabéis lo conozco desde el principio de esta aventura y sé de su capacidad, de su exigencia y de su conocimiento del juego. Tiene un carácter muy positivo y un gran cariño a ORIGEN, ya que siempre que lo hemos necesitado ha estado a nuestro lado. Por ello sé que se va a dejar el alma en este proyecto y no dudo que va a hacer todo lo posible por mantenemos al máximo nivel en todo momento y sacar lo mejor de nosotros.También quiero dar las gracias públicamente a Nico por el trabajo realizado en Origen y haber estado a nuestro lado tanto en los momentos más difíciles como en aquellos tan buenos que hemos vivido.

GRACIAS NICO te deseo mucha suerte.”

Para concluir, le damos la bienvenida a Alvar y le deseamos lo mejor para que todos juntos consigamos  posicionarnos donde Origen y nuestros fans se merecen.

¡Bienvenido a la #OGfamily!

Ozone Gaming Giveaway

Our proud sponsors at Ozone Gaming are having a giveaway and teamed up with everyone’s favourite anti-hero: Deadpool. Participate for a chance to get awesome goodies from Ozone and Deadpool.


Promotion will be held at Rafflecopter, trusted platform to run giveaways and draws.
To take part you just have to follow @ozonegaming on Twitter and retweet the giveaway with your friends.
Like Ozone Gaming on Facebook and stay tuned for more exciting news!

The giveaway is available only in UK, Spain, France and Germany. 



First prize includes: 

  • High Quality Panasonic Full HD LED 40 Inch TV
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  • OZONE PACK (Strike Battle keyboard, Neon 3k mouse, Tri FX  headset & Lepton mousepad)
  • DEADPOOL PACK (includes an original Deadpool T-shirt and USB pendrive)

9 runner up prizes: 

  • Deadpool T-shirt
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  • Ozone’s Ground Level EVO
  • Ozone’s wristband

Cover image by: Josh Rigg

Origen under new management

We are pleased to inform you that we have decided to appoint a CEO to run the whole company. Origen is focused on growing as an organisation and on increasing the strategic development of our team. Javier Zafra de Jáudenes will be the new CEO, who will assume management duties.

“Being in charge of a project such as Origen is a dream come true. I feel totally aligned with the values transmitted by the company, its players and especially its founder, xPeke. We have to keep working hard to regain our spot in the top, but I am totally convinced that we will succeed and Origen will keep growing and consolidating itself as one of the best eSports companies internationally.”

We hope all of you give @OGjzafra a warm welcome to the OG Family!



Desde Origen nos alegra informaros de que hemos decidido nombrar un CEO para dirigir la compañía. Estamos centrados en seguir creciendo como organización y apostando por un desarrollo cada vez más estratégico de nuestro equipo.

La persona encargada de desempeñar esta labor será Javier Zafa de Jáudenes, quién asumirá las tareas de dirección de las distintas áreas de Origen entre las que destacan el marketing, la comunicación y las operaciones empresariales.

“Dirigir un proyecto como Origen es un orgullo y un sueño hecho realidad. Me siento totalmente alineado con los valores que transmite la empresa, sus jugadores y sobre todo su fundador, xPeke. Tenemos que seguir trabajando muy duro para recuperar el nivel que siempre ha tenido Origen pero estoy totalmente convencido de que lo conseguiremos y que Origen seguirá creciendo y afianzándose como una de las mejores empresas de eSports a nivel internacional.”

¡Esperamos que todos le deis la bienvenida a @OGjzafra la familia OG!

OG Week 2 Analysis

OG vs. Vitality: 1-1

After subbing in Enrique “xPeke” Cendeño-Martinez in our AD carry position, nothing much was expected from Origen in this week of competition. In the first game of the best-of-2, Origen decided on a teamfight composition, picking champions with large damage zones such as Sivir and Vladimir. On the other side of the Rift, Team Vitality picked a pick comp with good late game scaling with picks such as Viktor and Vayne.

The game did not go so well for Origen, as they fell behind in the early game due to Vitality’s jungler MightyBear, controlling the map very well on his Elise.

Origen managed to get the game back even during the mid game, sacrificing dragons for towers around the map. This resulted in Vitality winning multiple engages and gaining another advantage towards the late game. In the end, Vitality closed out the game after taking a Baron and a final teamfight.

source: LoL eSports
source: LoL eSports

In the next game of the series, both Origen and Vitality picked teamfight compositions. Origen fell behind in the early game, but managed to come back in the mid game thanks to great plays from PowerOfEvil and AmazingWe had great objective control throughout the entire game and managed to get ahead, thanks to the multiple dragons secured.

Although this was quite a long game, which seems to be the signature of Origen these days, we managed to get the tie in important games.

source: LoL eSports
source: LoL eSports

Origen versus FC Schalke 04: 1-1

Another tie on the board for the team this week, this was quite important for Origen to at least tie as Schalke has been quite strong since the beginning of the season.

Unfortunately for our team, we fell behind in the early game and never managed to come back in the lead. Schalke dominated Origen throughout the entire game, thanks to picks such as Azir and Miss Fortune.

They had total objective control during the match, controlled every engage correctly and were able to peel for MrRalleZ. Two dragons, a baron and a plethora of kills were enough to be able to destroy Origen’s nexus and come out with a win in the first game of the series for Schalke.

source: LoL eSports
source: LoL eSports

The second game was a much closer struggle between the two teams. The match was very even during the first 26 minutes of the game. It is finally then, that Origen managed to find a great teamfight, securing them a dragon and a baron, allowing them to get SoaZ very fed on Jax. From there on out, Origen had the lead thanks to their French top laner and managed to close out the game 20 minutes later.

Origen comes out with two ties this week and remains in last place.

Cover image by: Dwight Casin

H2k-Gaming under new ownership

H2k-Gaming announced on their website a new change of their ownership. The release states that former CEO Richard Wells will become CGO (Chief Gaming Officer) and will still be in charge of management and scouting.

I’m incredibly fortunate to have been able to bring on a group of experienced and knowledgeable investors to H2K. Since our first meetings in 2015, there has been a sense of shared vision. We want to grow H2K but we want to do it sustainably and in the right way.  With the new owners onboard, H2K has the management resources and expertise necessary to be a world class esports organization.” – Richard Wells 

Susan Tully was named the new CEO of the organisation, previously working for Universal Music Group, Ernst & Young and Kanye West’s West Brands but stating that she is new to eSports.

“Having recently joined esports, I may be a stranger to many of you, but I am known to get things done and I’ll draw upon my financial and entertainment background to make being an H2K fan or partner even more rewarding.” – Susan Tully

On Saturday, Origen will face H2k in the Spring playoffs in the semifinal, starting with 17:00 CET.

Origen and Alienware team up

alienware_white_500x500We, at Origen, are very proud to disclose our newest partnership with one of the most important gaming companies out there, as Origen is joyfully announcing its cooperation with American computer hardware subsidiary Alienware Corporation.

Founded in 1996 by Nelson Gonzalez and Alex Aguila, Alienware quickly became one of the most successful hardware companies worldwide.

We are honoured with the opportunity to cooperate with such an important brand and explore all the potential this partnership might represent.

With the quick growth of e-Sports, we certainly understand the importance of solid, long-lasting, positive and reliable cooperation. Alienware is without any doubt, a very good example of all those qualities and therefore, we are ecstatic about being part of their extraterrestrial family.

“We are delighted to begin this new partnership with Alienware as their products have always been focused on high quality and perfomance. I believe they are the best choice for us as their technology will help our continuous improvement” – Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martinez, CEO & founder of Origen

New desktops have already been handed to our boys, thanks to Alienware’s kind support and so, we hope this new equipment will benefit both their performance and gaming experience.

Stay tuned for more great news to come from Origen and Alienware, as we are just getting started!

Find out more about their products.

Changes to our Coaching Staff

The beginning of this season has brought some changes to our organisation – with the addition of Tristan “PowerofEvil” Schrage in the midlane and Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martinez taking a step back, we also had to make some changes to our Coaching staff. With that being said, we have the pleasure to announce the addition of a new member to our coaching staff, former member and collaborator of Enigma eSports, Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgaard who is going to fill the Head Analyst position.

We wanted to hear more about Nicholas, so we asked xPeke about it:

“We want to announce the addition to the team of Nicholas Korsgaard – he has been working as an analyst with us for a few weeks now and we have decided he was the right person to fill the position of Head Analyst, after seeing his potential to help the team grow in strategy and picks and bans. To give a bit more context about the coaching staff here, we were in try-outs with our previous coach – Nicolai Larssen – and after not seeing it fit with the team, we decided to try other people. That was our intention since the beginning of the split, to get a few coaches we find suitable and do tryouts to see who could help us evolve. For the moment, we have put Ana Negueruela – who was our team manager – as interim coach while looking to fill this position, we will also be taking into consideration Nicholas’s activity during the upcoming week and decide on his final position within Origen.”

Meanwhile, we also wanted to meet Nicholas and welcome him to our team:

“It’s an honour and a privilage to get the chance to work with Origen and I am really excited and looking forward to work with the boys. Certainly, I am not going to throw around promises of success and of what changes and improvements I will make for the team. I am only going to promise one thing – I am going to give Origen everything I’ve got and do everything in my power to help them get back on top where they belong.” – Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgaard

How Video Games Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Valentine’s Day is coming. In case you’ve forgotten, it’s the day when people in relationships pretend to care; single people go out of their way to tell everyone they don’t care, and those who genuinely care, make chocolate covered strawberries. Regardless of your relationship status, it is a day to love the ones who love you and build stronger relationships – and a day to indulge in heart shaped chocolates.


Most gamers will be forced to put down their controllers and power off their consoles on Valentine’s Day, but what if I told you that you should opt out on the fancy dinner and play some games together? Aren’t relationships all about the compromises anyways? The trick is to find something that suits both of your interests.

Since I am a love junkie, it’s only fitting that I include a Valentine’s Day edition post to inspire our fans. Cupid – this one’s for you!
Let’s look at the reasons why gaming this Valentine’s Day may be beneficial to your relationships.



“What do I press now? “Or “Why don’t you wait for me?!”

Your partner or friend may not be at your level, so if you play together you’ll quickly realize how high your patience level can go. In League of Legends specifically, this isn’t a pretty sight. I say this with a heavy heart but my boyfriend is much better than me at league. So playing together wasn’t always his idea of fun but he stuck with me, through the deaths and feeding – and taught me ways to get better. I was also once the girl who thought that fighting zombies with a pork chop in Minecraft, was the way to go but fortunately, patience prevailed and I now know better.

Quality Time

Believe it or not – you actually can engage in deep conversation during a gaming session. Mix in some wine and romantic music and you have my dream date. It’s a time that you can informally tell your significant other about the office gossip or how you did on the latest test. Before you know it, 3 hours have passed but you can’t stop playing.


Learning about your partner

Picture this: It’s late game and both nexus turrets are down. It’s a ranked game part of a promo series. You are playing with your love and a fight breaks out in mid lane. Do they freak out or maintain a calm, leader-like attitude. Are they the person to say “we can do this” or are they going to AFK? In a real-life situation their reaction could be the same when the pressure is on so this is a great way to find out.

Keeps you connected

If you’re in a long distance relationships – your options for date nights are limited. Skype, FaceTime and live chats allow you to play and communicate with your SO giving you the feeling that they are in the same room.

Couples who have fun together, stay together

If you picked a multi-player game chances are you are working as a team. Fighting bosses and stunning enemies can be much more fulfilling with the one you love by your side. It’s important to de-stress together. Some games allow you to fall in love and get married – but only if you’re ready to take your relationship to that level!

Learning to Face a Loss

Some people are sore losers and if you’re one of those people, you shouldn’t place the blame on your teammate. You have to learn to accept the outcome for what it is and improve together before causing unnecessary relationship conflicts. No matter how much fun you have together, you’re are bound to also have conflict and disagreements but gaming allows you to repair what’s been broken simply because you can just play again.

So yes, be the annoying duo on blind pick that doesn’t call their lane first and says “we’re playing together can we ADC and Support, please?” There’s nothing wrong with that, at least definitely not on Valentine’s Day.

Can you say #relationshipgoals?

Written by: Iris Neagos
Cover image by: Josh Rigg

EU Predictions Week 5

Going into week 5 of the European LCS, we analysed the standings and made predictions of how this week is going to turn out.

Fnatic : Fnatic
 has made some drastic changes this week to their lineup, getting rid of Noxiak their former support and picking up Klaj a new player to the LCS and even the Challenger Series. With this new, untested talent, we can only be sure of one thing; this will not be the same Fnatic we have seen thus’ far.

Origen: Origen coming into the week has maintained a constant middle of the split record(4-4). Last week Origen faced difficulties in the game against G2 in the form of late game decision making and communication. In order to win against Vitality this week, they will have to truly buckle down and communicate effectively. Origen‘s first match of the week should be much easier as it is against Splyce. As Splyce is one of the weakest teams in this year’s Spring Split, very little can be expected of them in this game.

H2k: H2k has maintained a top position throughout this season’s Spring Split, however, this is by far the toughest week they are going to have. This week, they’re going up against two of the top three in the Spring Split UOL and G2. Starting off the week they’re facing off against UOL, H2k should be able to pull out a win so long as they continue what they’ve been doing. However the game against G2 should be much more difficult, and is much harder to call as both teams have been incredibly powerful this Spring Split.

G2 Esports: G2 should be able to easily beat Vitality so long as nothing horrendously unexpected happens; their tough opponent this week is going to be H2k. By far the hardest game G2 will have played thus far.

Giants: Giants has been completely underwhelming this entire split and is on track to be one of the first teams to never beat a single team during a split. Most likely their final chance is against the match against ROCCATs this week, if they can’t defeat them the there is little to no chance of them coming out of this rut. As far as their game against Splyce loss is all but assured.

Splyce: Splyce will be facing off against Origen in their first match of the week; which is going to be incredibly difficult for them. In order for Splyce to attain victory, they would need to buckle down and somehow deal with the fatal defects effecting their team in both the late and early game. As for their game against Giants, they can be expected to attain victory with very little trouble.

Unicorns of Love: UOL has a difficult schedule this week against both H2k and Fnatic this week; UOL is looking to cement their place in the Spring Split top three this week. Looking towards their first game against H2k, it should prove an incredibly difficult but enjoyable game and will take extensive late game shot calling in order to attain victory. Whereas against Fnatic UOL should be able to win, so long as Fnatics’ new support does not prove to be an unprecedented player.

Team Vitality: Vitality this week is facing off against G2 in their first match, Vitality would have to make an incredible upset in order to achieve victory. Whereas against Origen it should be a much closer game, though difficult it is not impossible for Vitality to create an upset and sweep the figurative rug out from Origen. Such as pushing a decision making mistake, much like G2 did, to achieve victory over the powerful early game team.

ROCCAT: ROCCAT this week is fighting just to stay above water, this week in their first match they are facing off against the worst team in the Spring Split Giants. If they want to stay above the horrifying last place they’ll need to buckle down and give it their all. Though they definitely have a leg up, as Giants have not received a single win so far; however that may be making them ravenous for a win. As for their second game of the week against Elements, it can be assumed they will lose unless they can make a crazy upset happen which is unlikely.

Elements: This week Elements is facing up against Fnatic in their first match of the week, a difficult match for Elements to say the very least. However, looking at the more promising match against ROCCAT Elements should be able to attain their fourth win of the Spring Split. With that win, it may bump them up just enough to make it into Playoff territory if a few teams have –very- bad weeks.

Post by: Stephan Bucher
Cover image by: Dwight Casin

Seven Gaming Features We Would Love To Have In Real Life

Over the last decade, we have seen some major changes in video games including fancier graphics, realistic story lines and thanks to the technological advancements, many games feel more lifelike than ever. One thing still remains unchanged – we do not have access to the same “luxuries” in real life that we are offered in the gaming realm.

I’ve compiled a list of elements that need to translate from the pixelated screens and into our daily lives.


Ok Mario, we get it – money is hanging in the sky for you to grab at your leisure but for the working class, it’s earned.  In video games, money is hidden inside pretty much everything. Crates, in the walls, on our enemies and inside boxes easily opened with bobby pins. If you can open it or kill it, there’s probably bling-bling inside. If I could pick up coins in the clouds on my daily commute, I would single handedly solve the world’s economic troubles without ever having to break into my piggy bank.


Elixirs and Potions

Why do I have to wait for hours in a walk-in clinic, just to get a prescription from a doctor, while in games I can find immunity juice at the local marketplace? A special liquid concoction that can make us strong, fast and healthy instantaneously would fly off the shelves but we need a genius to develop it. It also makes me question my tolerance levels when our in game characters survive massive hits and drops from the sky just by slinging back a “magic potion” while in the meantime, I can’t move my body after an intense gym session. Mom’s chicken noodle soup is suddenly not the answer, and neither is Gatorade.

Bottomless Backpacks and Pockets

What do guns and armor vests have in common? They’re heavy and take up a lot of space. Carrying all these items without breaking our backs is not something we can’t do in real life. If I added seeds, unlimited bags of money, knives and healing potions – I am facing an impossible task. I would appreciate a world where my purses are bottomless pits for storing my entire life – and a missile launcher or two.

Indestructible Clothing

If you’re clumsy and constantly spilling drinks all over yourself, this one would be really useful. In games, you can fight, die and roll around in dirt without the slightest speck of blood or dust staining your clothing. It’s as if the magical seamstress saw your rips, sewed them with special thread and threw them in the washing machine before you blinked. I’d probably save a fortune on my dry-cleaning bills if such luxuries existed.

Source: artarrwen 

Fast Travel or Speedy Boots

Short of having wings, this would be the next best thing. Sure, it would probably put hotels, airplanes and all car manufacturers out of business but this is purely a hypothetical dream.


I don’t think I have to go into detail about this one because everyone wishes they could be invisible.

Different Viewing Points

I don’t know about you, but I think it would be fantastic to see myself in third person view sometimes. Changing the way I see my everyday life wouldn’t necessarily be a benefit but it would spice things up a bit.

Lastly, the most obvious element of all – Respawn.

In most games, if not all, once you die – you’re not really dead. You can go back and start over, you can start a new game or you can bypass the tough monsters. In life, we have to face the unknown without the guarantee of a second chance. I’m not necessarily referring to a second life but also, the ability to go into an exam and ACE it because you already know the answer.

Life is a bit more challenging for us mortals, but thankfully we have the games to escape to when we want to feel invincible – or super rich.

Written by: Iris Neagos
Potions image credit: cherycake4
Cover image by: Josh Rigg