We would like to inform you that we are opening new staff positions. We are looking for ambitious and talented people who are passionate about Esports and League of Legends to join our behind-the-scenes team!

So if you are an excellent graphic designer, a writer who has a lot to say about the League of Legends scene, or a video editor with amazing skills, you got to the right place!

Graphic designer

Are you full of creative ideas? We are looking for a talented graphic designer to take over our graphic designs for social media, web, and merchandise. 


• Creative skills in graphic and clothing design

• Advanced level in Photoshop and Illustrator.

• Esports background (advantage)

*When applying please attach a portfolio.

Content writers

Have a lot to say about the League of Legends scene? Let’s hear it! We are searching for content writers for our web who can give an intriguing glimpse into Origen’s journey in the Esports world. You will cover Origen’s progress in the league and give our followers a deeper insight of what’s going on.


• Advanced English 

• Excellent writing skills

• Deep knowledge and understanding of Esports trends and LoL gameplay.

*When applying please attach a short article about League of Legends/Origen.

Video editor

We are looking for a talented and creative video editor to help us show Origen’s world to our followers! The videos will include game highlights and behind the scenes footage of our team.


• Knowledge in LoL gameplay and Esports

• Creative video editing skills

• Advanced level in Premier or similar

• Advanced level in After Effects (advantage)

*When applying please attach a link to your portfolio.


Do you think you got what it takes? Then apply now at [email protected]! All said positions are compensated.

  • Altarex Luurkesien

    I’m challenger on EUNE. But ain’t nobody got time fo LCS.

  • Ruben Prada López

    Jorge Franco Ricardo Gonzalez hacer las pruebas

  • Jorge Franco

    Paso de llevarlos al estrellato

  • Bart Bosman

    Dylan Jonker lesgo dan

  • Saddem Sam

    Can you boost me pro ?U0001f914

  • Altarex Luurkesien

    wat tier are you?

  • Yassine Kira

    Zakarias Elkhattabi Tahrioui Origen recrute

  • Alexander Schöße

    Dennis Dylka Stefan De Patrick Löw auf gehts! 😀

  • Nico Seitz

    boost me on euw 😀 i´m platin xD

  • Willy Sky Valliet

    you need some kappa

  • Zakarias Elkhattabi Tahrioui

    lcs in 2K16

  • Florian Lambert

    Maxim egow ze zoeken een nieuwe jungler

  • Tiger André Numb Honorz

    OG Sir Koarz :…LAS

  • Jari Hazenoot

    Joeri Van Nieuwkoop just do it

  • Marco Gruber

    Stefan Bauer wär des ned was für di???

  • Mischa van Aerssen

    So youre pretty much gold on EUW kappa

  • Altarex Luurkesien

    I was gold on EUW in season 2

  • Brieuc Hesnault

    I’m still Silver ! ^^`

  • Peter Zwegart

    I was d1 and now in preseason Master with 100 lp. Anyone Chance to apply ?

  • Alam Aguirre Jiménez

    It says right there that they’re looking for players with challenger and/or master accounts, so I’d say, give it a try.

  • Peter Zwegart

    Lets try then 😀

  • Ivailo Ivanov

    my account has decayed and I want to get it to at least master i believe i can do it quickly, I even emailed you guys but i have no response, how much time do I have?

  • Zak Feasey

    where does it say you need master/challenger? can’t find it

  • Toby Oepen

    In another post about the tryouts. I think it was the announcment for the leave of soaz and amazing

  • Ray Subia

    Does those in plastic division have a shot?U0001f602U0001f602

  • Hannah Gottfried

    Email sent :^)

  • Afonso Faro

    José Laranjeira it was my chance to shine but…. it slipped through my fingers????

  • Patrick Löw

    • Deep knowledge and understanding of Esports trends and LoL gameplay.
    Da hat es sich für Dennis schonmal erledigt 😀 😀

  • José Laranjeira

    #nevergibeup C9>Origem butt origen also gud

  • Afonso Faro

    I dont realy dislike him but if i was going to c9 im gonna be a immigrant and he doenst like that

  • Alexander Schöße

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  • Vincent de Mesa

    I’m only platinum in League of Legends-Philippines but I have many experience to Tournament or Competition in my country. My main role is AD Carry. I learn a lot game play or strategy by watching all LoL Tournament and also World Tournament. I want to be the next OG NieLs/ZveN.

  • Brandon Floyd

    If I make masters this season I’ll give you ring

  • Joeri Van Nieuwkoop

    Haha sorry jari maar die tijd is voorbij

  • Seif Sidhom

    ADD me JAIS , OG JAIS looks nice , i can play any role , any champ and loose the game 🙂

  • Shae Zammit

    James Small Ryan Williams – Origen K1ng in with a chance???

  • James Small

    You got this fam dw

  • Felipe Aron Gallardo II


  • Victor Marques Marzo

    Cristian Barco Marzo hay sitios en OG o.O

  • M.J. Nami Veela

    this would have been awesome if I lived in berlin U0001f622

  • Mauri Paez

    Alejandro Nicolás Paez recluten a mi bro :v main bardo ad y bronce :vvvvv

  • Rasheed Miguel Caibigan

    Walang impossible……… Ay teka impossible yang gusto mo…

  • Daryll Ng

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  • Alejandro Nicolás Paez


  • Diego Loyola Dávila

    Beto López Loyola es ahora o nunca :’v

  • Andrea Magan Rey

    Hi, I’m Andrea. I sent my cv to [email protected]. I’m waiting for your news.

  • David Ray C. Manguiat

    Dream on pre. Hahaha. Laftrip pero dream high, malay mo. xD

  • masblack

    Podría escribir artículos en español. No tengo un buen nivel
    de Inglés, pero actualmente estudio Filología Hispánica y me encantaría poder
    colaborar para vuestro público hispanohablante.

  • LerwinAlexander

    Andrea Magan Rey Hey andrea, Are you a Graphic Designer?

  • Andrea Magan Rey

    Yes, I am!!

  • Customdrum

    Hey! Soy david, diseñador y ”escritor” en mis ratos libres, desde un principio he seguido la challanger series, lcs, na y otras competiciones deportivas en el ambito de e-sports, mi nivel de ingles es bastante avanzado, tanto escrito, leido y oido.

    Sería un autentico placer trabajar para mi equipo favorito, Origen, que sigo desde su nacimiento.

  • ChrzAlvarez

    Es necesario saber perfectamente Ingles?

  • Andrea Magan Rey

    ¿Alguien recibió respuesta, ya sea para bien o para mal? Es que me gustaría saber si el proceso ya está cerrado o todavía siguen con la selección y valoración de candidatos.