As you all know, xPeke was training hard to try to reach the best possible level as ADC but, with our results and, being yesterday the last day we had left according to RIOT rules, we have been forced to enroll new players in our team roster.
We have enrolled Zhergoth as our sub for TOP. He is training hard just in case we need him in any moment but our official TOP is and will be Soaz. We trust him, we all know his ability, and he is the kind of player that even in the worst moments can win games on his own.
Toaster will play ADC position. He inspires us enough confidence to play this role officially and we know he will work hard to fit in the team as quick as possible and get the victories we need.
xPeke will be sub for ADC and Mid so we will maybe watch him playing some games.
We thanks all these players that want to be part of Origen and welcome them!


Como todos sabéis xpeke estaba practicando duro para intentar coger nivel como ADC, pero visto el poco tiempo que queda y la normativa de RIOT, ayer era el último día para hacer cualquier cambio o incluir nuevos sub, nos hemos visto obligados de forma urgente a hacer estas nuevas inclusiones en el roster del equipo.
Hemos incluido como sub de TOP a Zhergoth , él está entrenado duro por si en algún momento lo necesitamos, pero nuestro TOP oficial es y será SOAZ, confiamos plenamente en él y en su capacidad, todos conocemos su habilidad para incluso en los momentos más difíciles sacar partidas adelante.
Toaster, jugador en la posición de ADC, nos ha inspirado la suficiente confianza como para que ocupe esta posición de forma oficial, sabemos que va a hacer todo lo posible para adaptarse al equipo lo más rápidamente posible y a conseguir las victorias que necesitamos.
xPeke pasará a ser sub tanto de mid como de ADC por lo que no es extraño que lo veamos jugar algunas de las partidas que nos quedan.
LE DAMOS LAS GRACIAS a los nuevos jugadores por querer formar parte de ORIGEN y  démosles todos una gran BIENVENIDA.

  • Sean Kossila

    Sick Name Toaster. Never heard of him

  • Víctor Iván Calderón de Reza

    Well niels/zven was new last year, and now he is the best adc in the EU Lcs

  • Daniel Eduardo

    Niels 2.0 maybe? Roockie

  • Lydon Cassar

    toaster pc tieghek

  • Tom Vmi

    i miss the old origen.. with mithy and zven bot lane and xpeke mid not PoE..

  • Stefan Fauth

    Paul Krebs is it you?

  • Paul Krebs

    Ja, die PoE und Maurice haben beide angerufen und mich angefleht

  • MarkMijares

    Do you guys need a writer? I will work for very little payment. This is horrendous. 🙁

  • Stefan Fauth

    glückwunsch feed l0rd in der LCS also 😀

  • XWizz Bijou

    He looks like Cyanide’s bro

  • Sascha Arenas Beeger

    Too sad how many players have joined and left OG in so little time. I loved the original OG but money always changes everything. Just keep going boys

  • Lior Beres

    its great you miss tham but they left OG for money so you can go follow them to the paytowinteam that is G2

  • Mark Mijares

    Lior Beres hahaha true

  • Nigel Barbara

    u il laptop ta’ Samuel, never forget.

  • Gabrielė Agnietė Butvydaitė

    Paulina Bastakytė Arnas Surblys Lietuvis!

  • Lydon Cassar

    Laptop ta’ Samuel> PC tieghek

  • Salvador Alejandro Pérez Rosas

    You seriously need to consider many of your fans around the globe would love to see xPeke play more.

  • Tom Vmi

    i don’t think that they leave Origen because of the money.. I believe it was because of a personality of the remaining team members. (sorry for my bad english)

  • Paulina Bastakytė

    Kdl Aleksandra Rybaka primen?

  • Floris Buurman

    Can’t even write Zhergoth correct Benjamin Sanchez

  • Lukas Babrauskas

    First Lithuanian in professional league community

  • Christopher Hartung

    Can Hybrid finally get exchanged for a support who can actually make plays and not just waits for his team to get caught or to be fed to not totally explode while getting caught…?

  • Alejandro Nicolás Paez

    Mauri Paez gg wp

  • Fresko Wyrtzen

    And reports of behinds the scene staff leaving due to the management of Origen apparently being not so great (4 have left). That possibly affected their decision, too.

  • Fabian Dx

    Good Luck Toaster U0001f60a

  • Maxime Shikyo

    Wow he seems happy to be here…

  • Yang Dai

    Already change so many awesome player I felt so sad about this I really want to see original OG…? let xpeke play mid lane plz …

  • Kağan Batuker

    man, who wrote this? Needs some English correction 🙂

  • AlejandroNicolasPaez


  • Cristian Macavei

    he’s from UK,from what i know

  • Cristian Macavei

    Zhergoth is former toplaner for Baskonia,the former team of Aranae

  • Arnas Surblys

    lets gooo xd

  • Syrendross Actelek

    Mithy and Niels bot, Peke mid.

  • Karalius

    first? okay 😀

  • Erik_Blackwood_

    You have to consider the team needs to win, and peke is not on shape

  • Erik_Blackwood_

    Also black lettering on dark blue background?

  • Lukas Babrauskas

    His name and surname is pure Lithuanian, however he is living in UK for the past 8 years.

  • Erik_Blackwood_

    Hope you guys find some victories, and a little more professionalism! Good luck

  • Tomas Sedelskis

    Not the first ._.

  • Ikbal Foufa

    weren’t they already playing with a toaster as adc? XD

  • Arvile Hodgson-Love

    Toaster is one of the most dedicated people I know! He’s very good in what he does (has few challenger accounts) and most important he’s passionate about the game! Always trying to improve himself. GO TOASTER!

  • Lukas Babrauskas

    in LCS first. Not talking abou IEM’s and similar tournaments

  • Damian Thomas Hodgson Love

    Try outs. He’s now part of the team.
    Best thing to happen to the team.

  • Ikbal Foufa

    That was a joke and meant that xPeke was a toaster (since he’s not that good of an adc x) )

  • Alexandros Ioakim

    He is fine

  • Juozas Kiltinavičius

    yra zaides Karalius uz aAa LCS’e pries kelis metus, taipogi extinkt subino ROCCAT komandai praeita split

  • Guido Facundo

    Most of us do know that, if it’s true that OG had no choice, Peke weren’t the ideal ad carry. But in my opinion, I prefer him more that Forg1ven.
    Now, with this new, u made my day xD

  • Harun Skalic

    Yeah lol, why do think they target ban him evry game

  • Christopher Hartung

    cause he can play braum and that’s it…?

  • Michel Hartman

    What? Only forgiven? Right..

  • Antanas Gerinauskas

    Juozas Kiltinavičius dar jis kalba apie gramatikos nemokejima =]

  • Guille Vega

    The old Origen and the true Fnatic…

  • Sascha Arenas Beeger

    Who said anything about forgiven bro

  • Krzysztof Zły

    He’s tilter if he dies 2 or 3 times he throw game

  • Θοδωρής Σεντουκάς

    εβλεπα την καρκινιαρικη τη φατσα του,και δεν εκανα leave,ΦΤΟΥ Γιαννης Φραγκουλης πως εισαι ετσι,Φτου γαμω τη μανα σου

  • egosumdiversis

    I don’t know if u can do it better in both languages.

  • Karalius

    As pirmas lietuvis LCS buvau, tada buvo extinktas, tada buvo mazzerinas keletui zaidimu. Ir cia tik kalbant apie EU lcs, yra lietuviu net du kurie dabar rusijos LCS zaidzia. Pasidomek bent kazkiek pries rasydamas sudus.

  • Kadsenfreund

    Extink was the first i believe. (NIP 2013/ROC now)

  • Karalius

    Kadsenfreund Slightly later than me, but one of the best Lithuanians to ever play in LCS. Too bad it was so short.

  • Hihi ISsam

    guys guys …

  • Petr Lang

    he means niels ( zven) and mithy + poe than hybrid and forgiven

  • Samuel Scicluna

    Lydon Cassar fkin ikkalma

  • Gabriel Ganzer

    Yeah go and follow trash2

  • Matías Recabal

    xpeke quedate en mid por favor :,(

  • Mine Aranda Casanova

    There’s nothing OG can do about it tho, they left on their own accord, nobody forced them, and nobody should force them to come back, so sadly it is what it is

  • Ittipong Sankot

    I hope this goes well

  • Youness Elhaimer

    @[email protected] any video gameplay toaster good luck i hope he will be good player and not dodge OG like zven and ….

  • NicolasDeschannel

    Ánimo ORIGEN! como dirían por ahí, los cambios son buenos!!

  • Michel Hartman

    Oh crap, commented it on the wrong thing, looks like i need to get some boosting done, sorry man

  • Ngọc Long

    I think Soaz is great player
    Zhergoz is great player too and it will make origen stronger

  • Fredy Silvas

    Saquen a power of evil :v

  • Julián David Ochoa Diaz

    I just hope you realise that, as an org, you guys suck

  • Daniel Spaniol

    xPeke no longer ADC? But who will carry soaz then? :'(

  • Jesus Ferrer

    Jorge Ezequiel Vicuña Ruiz tostadora :v bueno a lo mejor y nos sorprende

  • Alejandro Nicolás Paez

    Ni idea xd pero lo hiciero nde urgenica, fijate la nota leela esta en español

  • Ferdinand Erubiel

    Luis Vidal lloras jajaja

  • Martín Giménez

    Lol, the organization is awful

  • apologo

    Zhergoth is a great toplaner, hope we wuold see him eventually.

  • Med Mt

    guys we gonna make it no matter what i hope Zhergoz gonna help the teame

  • Med Mt

    hybrid is good supp whit some amazing chanp pool

  • Joss_644

    #GoOG 😀

  • Kosta Ćirković

    Extinkt is Lithuanian tho.

  • Aroa M González

    Vaaamoooos! Todo sea por levantar cabeza este split. ¡Sois mejor de lo que creéis, chicos! Muchísimo ánimo y que no os digan lo contrario!

  • Antoni Peñafiel Claros

    Go TOASTER !!! :3 OG WIN !!

  • Jorge Ezequiel Vicuña Ruiz

    hahaha pentakill de tostadora

  • Иван Каун

    I think that NaVis midlaner is Lithuanian.

  • Armando Andrade Gonzalez

    tostear estara para el partido de mañana?

  • Silvia Marte

    Welcome toster good look in your future games, we are with you.. GO OG

  • Dexter Vince Yubal

    Soaz and peke out? Or not?

  • Gabriel Lai

    Can someone please tell me what “left according to riot rules” mean?

  • Nguyễn Đăng Khôi

    Gud luck to OG #OGbest

  • Bryan RS

    Read pls, Soaz still top for OG, he will play in case that soaz cant play for any reason

  • Christopher Hartung

    dude he got carried on G2 and since now he has to actually do something for the team and not just play protect everyone, because they are fed, he cannot do anything anymore…and btw guess why they ban braum…? cause its his ONLY champ he can play on this level…same thing with yellowstar at th beginning of the season: he could only play braum and no other support, but he actually trained other champs and got better on them…with Hybrid it feels like he is just too lazy and wants to rely on his team to do good…just look at biofrost from TSM: THAT is a support who is well rounded and makes plays…andd if you want to tell me that biofrost and hybrid are on the same level then MAN…you got some problems…

  • Fredy Silvas

    Getting mad for players leaving to another team is so stupid haha their carrer in esports is so short, they have to take every oportunitie they have.

  • Manuel RM

    El mundo se consume en dinero, el dinero es dinero, dinero, dinero, dinero, aprende algo dinero! :v

  • Cesar Enrrique Salazar Miranda

    Vamos origen son los mejores n.n

  • Dat Nguyen

    It was so awkard reading the text U0001f605 sounded funny. #OGWIN

  • Daniel Caguioa Espiritu

    i miss zven 🙁

  • Muffinman Man

    You can’t put a substitute into soaz back he will tillt even more

  • Harun Skalic

    Man thats not true.When he was in g2 he was the best supp along with mithy, and he played with a bad adc…He has a huge champ pool.The only one with a bad champ pool in og now is poe who managed to pull of varus and a few games of ori this entire year so….

  • Cesar Monteros

    vamos la tostadoraa!!

  • Lionel Sorren Hamilton

    Og is always the team which bring ‘unfamous’ gamers and make them famous keep it on og #ogwin

  • Briscio Carvallo

    me alegro……VAMOS ORIGEN!!!!

  • Diogo Nogue

    Nice games Toaster!

  • DiogoNogue

    Good Luck guys! wins in comming!

  • Juozas Kiltinavičius

    yes, but NaVi is not in LCS. We’re talking about LCS here

  • Pavle Jagličić

    the old botlane left cause they wanted to play with damn Perkz

  • Khayyn

    Cmon guys!! Looking forward for a great winnin streak return

  • Jonathan Camberlin

    Why dont chose Hans sama

  • YagoLorensLorens

    le van a comer la tostada jajajajajaja

  • Pavle Jagličić

    Guys, is Cyanide still origens sub

  • Alvini

    I guess peke should step up for mid… PoE is a great player but very inconsistent… He already had time to show what he is capable of but he is not showing  the level desired. Next split if peke still without time to be a full time player, Origen should think about getting froggen… probably he wont stay in that team much longer and would be a great choice (in spite of being peke’s rival on previous titan’s fights xD). But i still think the best option would be peke playing mid. His great experience, knowlegde of the game, shotcalls, mechanics, coordination with amazing and soaz, would be great for the team.

    About Toaster, I think it was a good bet. He has good mechanics and still have a lot to grow.

  • Milbert Candelario

    Wew, I miss old Origen too,
    Soaz,Amazing,xPeke,Niels and Zven.U0001f61eU0001f61eU0001f61e

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  • Alvini

    niels and zven are the same xD u mean mithy and zven… those traitors are the responsibles for this split. going away like that, dont giving time for Origen to get a bot lane.

  • wobabuwe

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  • sebamendezsilva

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