Going into week 6 of the Summer split, with the competition going full speed, let’s take a look at the standings and the matches from this week:

The Bo2 format is definitely making a difference. Last week, we could see exciting ties, unexpected losses and new rosters finally shining. After the 4-0 from last week, all eyes are set on Giants Gaming, who took the victory against Fnatic, and will face G2 Esports this week. They are determined to escape relegations and aim for playoffs this split, and they seem to be on the right path to do so. However, G2 will not make things easy for them. Even though they lost a game against Origen last week, G2 is still one of the strongest teams in the EU LCS. As for Origen, they are facing Unicorns of Love and Vitality this week, two teams that have been quite inconsistent lately. If Origen manages to step up their game, they will definitely have a chance to break the “tie curse”, but it depends on their synergy and the focus on the macro play and rotations.

EU LCS Summer 2016 Week 5

Overall, this will be an interesting week to watch. Both G2 Esports and Fnatic should not have any problem winning, but Giants Gaming could make a comeback, consolidating their improvements. H2K, Splyce and Schalke 04 will fight to keep their position or even advancing in the standings, with Splyce having the best chances of winning both of their matches. On the lower part of the standing, we have an Origen eager to climb, and this will probably be the best time for it. As for Unicorns of Love, Vitality and Roccat, it will be a rough week if they do not manage to solve their issues.

EU LCS starts today at 5 CET with Fnatic vs Vitality and OG vs UOL.

Cover image by: Dwight Casin

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