OG vs. Vitality: 1-1

After subbing in Enrique “xPeke” Cendeño-Martinez in our AD carry position, nothing much was expected from Origen in this week of competition. In the first game of the best-of-2, Origen decided on a teamfight composition, picking champions with large damage zones such as Sivir and Vladimir. On the other side of the Rift, Team Vitality picked a pick comp with good late game scaling with picks such as Viktor and Vayne.

The game did not go so well for Origen, as they fell behind in the early game due to Vitality’s jungler MightyBear, controlling the map very well on his Elise.

Origen managed to get the game back even during the mid game, sacrificing dragons for towers around the map. This resulted in Vitality winning multiple engages and gaining another advantage towards the late game. In the end, Vitality closed out the game after taking a Baron and a final teamfight.

source: LoL eSports
source: LoL eSports

In the next game of the series, both Origen and Vitality picked teamfight compositions. Origen fell behind in the early game, but managed to come back in the mid game thanks to great plays from PowerOfEvil and AmazingWe had great objective control throughout the entire game and managed to get ahead, thanks to the multiple dragons secured.

Although this was quite a long game, which seems to be the signature of Origen these days, we managed to get the tie in important games.

source: LoL eSports
source: LoL eSports

Origen versus FC Schalke 04: 1-1

Another tie on the board for the team this week, this was quite important for Origen to at least tie as Schalke has been quite strong since the beginning of the season.

Unfortunately for our team, we fell behind in the early game and never managed to come back in the lead. Schalke dominated Origen throughout the entire game, thanks to picks such as Azir and Miss Fortune.

They had total objective control during the match, controlled every engage correctly and were able to peel for MrRalleZ. Two dragons, a baron and a plethora of kills were enough to be able to destroy Origen’s nexus and come out with a win in the first game of the series for Schalke.

source: LoL eSports
source: LoL eSports

The second game was a much closer struggle between the two teams. The match was very even during the first 26 minutes of the game. It is finally then, that Origen managed to find a great teamfight, securing them a dragon and a baron, allowing them to get SoaZ very fed on Jax. From there on out, Origen had the lead thanks to their French top laner and managed to close out the game 20 minutes later.

Origen comes out with two ties this week and remains in last place.

Cover image by: Dwight Casin

  • Pablo Manrique Perez

    sOAZ may just be the best top laner in europe right now

  • Leandro Afonso

    right now? he always been the best in europe…

  • Lautaro Romero

    Soaz te la chupo wachin

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  • Lautaro Romero

    xPeke te la chupo wachin, saludame 🙁

  • Lina Merchancano

    Animo!!!!! Sigan adelante con toda su fuerza, siempre los estaremos apoyando.

  • Nahid Alom

    When will soaz hit puberty ?! Ffs

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    i thought soaz was going to adc

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    had a miniheart attack, thought Soaz was leaving because his face was the thumbnail

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    The post in spanish please :c peke haz algo!

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    me viven cagando

  • Josué Díaz

    This meta is for SoaZ, he didn’t perform very well cause the juggernaut meta, but the tank meta with Poppy and now transitioning to a fighter meta with Jax is really good for him.

  • Lori A Benítez

    in my opinion, even if play with the meta or not, they still don’t know what they doing in the games XD

  • Bill Fardias

    XPEKE kick poe and go mid and try to pursuate forg1ven back THIS IS THE ONLY WAY

  • Maxime Broca

    Xpeke go back as midlaner, try to trade forgiven for Hans Sama, GG

  • Quân Vi

    so do i :))

  • NicoBrunetti

    IMO Origen should prioritise SoaZ in this meta and also because of the team roster at the moment. Give him resources and he will be the top layer hypercarry that we need

  • azsin401

    NicoBrunetti I agree, This meta is Soaz, and Origen should work on that with him

  • Gabriel Ganzer

    Soaz top con jax tipo Cómo PIJA POR EL CULO