Matchup of the Week – Team SoloMid versus Team Envy – Winner: Team SoloMid (2-0)

Both Team SoloMid and Team Envy came into their matchup after underwhelming performances on Saturday. Team Envy lost to Cloud9 2-0, whilst Team SoloMid pulled out a 2-1 win against Echo Fox despite playing abysmally and having some terrible shotcalling. Each team will hope to bring their best to their series today, to ease the minds of their fans that they still deserve to be atop the NALCS standings. Team SoloMid is still undefeated and will hope to remain that way against a team such as Envy who despite their bright start, has had some struggles against the best teams in the region.

Game One – Winner: Team SoloMid (1-0)

Team SoloMid won by playing by the book. They drafted well and began the game playing well. A level one gank from Vincent “Biofrost” Wang for Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg gave his Zilean the middle lane for free. Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell’s Irelia was not deeply affected by the lane swap, whilst Team Envy’s Shin “Seraph” Woo-yeong struggled mightily. Team SoloMid focused on objectives and dragons in the early game. Their farm lead was slight, but due to their ability to take early dragons, the game wasn’t as close as it looked. A slight misstep after taking a seventeen-minute inhibitor allowed Team Envy to extend the game a bit. However, Team SoloMid would not let them live long and surgically took down the rest of Team Envy’s base after taking two Earth Drake’s and a Baron. The macro play from Team SoloMid was impeccable, and the difference in team’s abilities and strategies were much more massive than most people imagined. Team Envy will need to drastically change their performance in order to extend this series to three games.

Game Two – Winner: Team SoloMid (2-0)

Team SoloMid completed the sweep with an easy demolition of Team Envy in game two. Team Envy tried playing Cassiopeia, which often in the past gave Team SoloMid great difficulty (it even put them on tilt for a whole split), but it was to no avail. Team Envy kept the game close earlier, which was an improvement to their previous game. Team SoloMid simply turned the switch on in the middle game taking skirmishes, dragons, and even a twenty-one-minute Baron which they used to break down the middle inhibitor. The series gave Team Envy a chance to show that they could compete with the top tier teams in North America, but Team SoloMid is currently just steps ahead of the rest of NA. Team SoloMid remains undefeated and miles ahead of the rest of the table in the standings.

Source: Riot Esports Flickr
Source: Riot Esports Flickr

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Cover Image by: Josh Rigg