Matchup of the Week – Team Envy versus Immortals – Winner: Immortals (2-0)

Team Envy and Immortals enter their matchup with 4-0 and 3-1 records respectively. The winner of this series will have sole possession of second place in the 2016 NA Summer Split and will validate themselves as legitimate shots to win the summer championship and possibly earn a spot at this year’s World Championship. Immortals came into the split as favorites to dethrone current champions Counter Logic Gaming while Team Envy had much lesser expectations from the masses. Team Envy, in their first split in competitive League of Legends, has delivered incredible performances in all of their series and remains undefeated. This comes as a huge surprise from a team many expected to be battling for their lives to remain in the LCS. The matchup between Immortals and Team Envy was one not many looked forward to at the start of the season, but is now a battle for second place behind current leaders Team SoloMid.

Source: Riot Esports Flickr
Source: Riot Esports Flickr

Game One – Winner: Immortals (1-0)

Immortals took game one after one of the more competitive encounters of the summer. Team Envy looked to be a bit behind early, but they were simply biding their time until they had any advantage and would force a fight. The game went heavily in favor of Team Envy after they earned a Baron buff after demolishing Immortals in a team fight. Team Envy cracked Immortals’ base open due to the Baron buff and were looking to close out the game with the spawning of the next Baron. Shin “Seraph” Wu-Yeong and Noh “Ninja” Geon-woo massive AoE damage from Ryze and Karma respectively allowed them to get to this point. Ninja got an important double kill as Immortals were looking to retreat from a team fight that allowed Team Envy to secure Baron. However, the Karma seemed to struggle as the late game came, especially due to the massive sustain from Immortals. Kim “Reignover” Ui-jin and Adrian “Adrian” Ma were able to keep members of Immortals alive with their heals from Nidalee and Nami. This allowed the game to be turned around when Team Envy went for their second Baron. Immortals out-sustained them, took Baron for themselves, and quickly dispatched all of Team Envy’s base.

Source: Riot Esports Flickr
Source: Riot Esports Flickr

Game Two – Winner: Immortals (2-0)

Immortals completes the sweep and takes second place after finishing off Team Envy in only two games. Game two was one of the most dramatic games in recent memory with constant fighting and decision making that put both teams in positions to win the game multiple times. Immortals had control for most of the game, but one huge team fight in favor of Team Envy gave them a chance to win. They took a Baron buff and Elder Drake. They eventually took Immortals’ base, other than the Nexus (it was at 50%) before getting wiped out by Immortals. Immortals simply walked down mid and finished the game. Team Envy had a chance to win it, but their lack of late game composure ended up hurting them. They didn’t commit for the Nexus or the team fight as a whole and the split damage resulted in them losing the game. Regardless of this outcome, the series was intensely competitive and Team Envy does show that they are indeed a strong team and won’t be disappearing from the top of the standings anytime soon.

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