Matchup of the Week: Team SoloMid vs. Immortals

Team SoloMid versus Immortals has become one of the most anticipated matchups in the west over the course of the last two splits. Immortals fell to Team SoloMid in the semifinals of the 2016 Spring NA LCS Split and came into the matchup looking to prove themselves in a best of three against the elite of NA. Team SoloMid wanted to keep their perfect performance streak going after one of the most impressive starts to the season in their history. Team SoloMid’s players have been firing on all cylinders and their top laner Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell has made a case so far this split that he is the best top laner in NA and his matchup against Immortals’ Seong “Huni” Hoon Heo would likely play a major part in determining the winner of this series.

Game One – Winner: Team SoloMid (1-0)

Team SoloMid completely demolished Immortals in the opener. A crafty beginning from Immortals, looked like they had a slight advantage, but a massive mistake from Adrian “Adrian” Ma recalling in the wrong spot, gave first blood over to Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng.

After that play, Team SoloMid pushed their advantage. A solo kill from Hauntzer on Huni earned them leads in both outer lanes, whilst Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg farmed away on Vladimir in the middle lane. Immortals went out of their way to avoid Team SoloMid for the rest of the early game, giving up two Infernal Drakes to Team SoloMid for almost nothing in return. Team SoloMid didn’t rest and pushed their advantage constantly forcing skirmishes and dives on Immortals. The game was over before the middle game even ended and Team SoloMid continues to impress with their absolutely dominating performances.

Team Solo Mid vs Immortals in Week 2 Day 3 of the 2016 North American League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS) Summer Split at the NA LCS Studio in Los Angeles, California, USA on 12 June 2016.
Source: Riot Esports Flickr

Game Two – Winner: Immortals (1-1)

Team SoloMid kept the momentum going after earning a one minute first blood for Doublelift. However, that was the extent of success Team SoloMid would achieve in game two. Immortals obliterated Team SoloMid’s perfect record through sheer dominance. Huni’s Irelia found kill after kill and destroyed Team SoloMid’s back line. The Soraka pick from Adrian allowed Huni and Jason “WildTurtle” Tran to be nearly invincible. Team SoloMid played a similar style, but this game, their aggressiveness backfired on them due to the more effective team composition for Immortals. They took the game in under thirty minutes and forced a game three.

Game Three – Winner: Team SoloMid (2-1)

The most exciting game of the series was indeed the finale. Immortals started off strongly and certainly looked like they would walk away with the series. However, Team SoloMid would not give up. The game came down to one or two crucial team fights, the most important one being after a Baron take from Immortals. Immortals took Baron and looked to escape, but Team SoloMid, through Bjergsen’s Zilean and Hauntzer’s Swain, they were able to force a team fight and take an early kill. Immortals attempted to retreat after that but a S-tier god Bard ultimate from Vincent “Biofrost” Wang stopped that escape. He hit three members of Immortals and Team SoloMid was able to delete them and ultimately, improve to 4-0 on the season and alone in the top of the standings.

Source: Riot Esports Flickr
Source: Riot Esports Flickr

Week 2 Results


-NRG Esports vs. Immortals – Winner: Immortals (2-1)

-Apex vs. Team Envy – Winner: Team Envy (2-1)


-Liquid vs. Counter Logic Gaming – Winner: Counter Logic Gaming (2-1)

-NRG Esports vs. Echo Fox – Winner: NRG Esports (2-0)

-Phoenix1 vs. Cloud9 – Winner: Cloud9 (2-1)

-Team Solomid vs. Apex – Winner: Team SoloMid (2-0)


-Team Envy vs. Phoenix1 – Winner: Team Envy (2-0)

-Cloud9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming – Winner: Cloud9 (2-1)

-Echo Fox vs. Liquid – Winner: Liquid (2-1)


Cover Photo By: Dwight Casin