With the following brief communication, we would like to announce that due to lack of motivation, Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou will no longer be part of the starting lineup of Origen throughout the rest of the split.

Until we find a suitable replacement ADC, he will be replaced by Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño.

We expect FORG1VEN to find the necessary motivation to regain his passion for the game as soon as possible.

Also, we wish xPeke good luck in this new chapter. He will certainly give it his best as always and we hope for countless surprises and much joy.

Good luck xPeke.


Un breve comunicado para anunciar que por falta de motivación FORG1VEN no será titular de ORIGEN durante este split.

Mientras probamos nuevos AD Carry en esta línea jugará nuestro sub, xPeke.

Deseamos que FORG1VEN encuentre pronto la motivación necesaria para recuperar su pasión por el competitivo lo antes posible.

Y a xPeke le deseamos mucha suerte en esta nueva linea, estamos seguros que como siempre dará lo mejor de sí mismo, esperamos que nos sorprenda y  nos de muchas alegrías.

Buena Suerte xPeke!!

Cover image by: Dwight Casin

  • Robert Lucian Ferenczi

    This is not 1 april guys..

  • Anas Zubair

    No way xPeke as the adc

  • Moritz Eilmsteiner

    Niko Moser toxic af

  • Memphis Gauvry

    xpeke adc ??

  • Nebil Ben

    give me your count

  • Sven Rataxes Ahlström

    This is awesome. Gl xpeke 🙂

  • Eduard Zapata

    Ahora si que sera emocionante ver a Origen, y como encima triunfe, ya sera la ostia. Vamos, demostrad que lo valéis todo y a luchar por el mundial!

  • Francesco Iorio

    xPeke ADC? I’m hyped, no matter what.

  • Sandro Pungaršek

    xPeke as ADC

  • Maria Moonshine

    LOL good luck you can do it peke

  • Denn Is

    Peke Adc God Samet Hamurcu

  • Vicente Rueda Da Firenze

    No se que decir

  • Niklas Beyer

    Leon Es whaaaaaaat

  • Airi Akizuki

    No future, you mean?

  • Matt Sambrook

    I knew this was going to happen. Peke has been spaming alot of adc on his smurf and main with cyanide 😛 lately

  • Chris Martinez

    poor FORG1VEN is obviously he has depression, doesnt know what he want

  • Tomasz Rybakowicz

    Can’t wait till thursday

  • Gab_123

    You don’t take cyanide ? he has an adc smurf 😀

  • Mario Carrero

    He can play Corki xD. This is madness but at least xPeke has came back to the Rift. Best of luck 🙂

  • Tello Oraa

    Pepinero ADC !!!

  • Maria Moonshine

    how is reddit always right….

  • Ryan Wood

    Every team this guy is in something happens, no one praises him and wants to work with him anymore. You cannot make excuses for this guy anymore.

  • Eros Hotstyle

    .. xPeke as midalner was a true legend .. I don`t wanna see him as adc role . 🙁

  • Flo Leon Lentz Hambloch

    Cyanide adc !!! He played it a Lot in his Stream… and xpeke back to mid

  • Christian Rogers

    Matt Sambrook: I knew he wasn’t going to last. I had a fairly long discussion with the members of the OG Family when the roster was first announced. And I specifically was told that I was a stupid and salty because of my opinion. Then I was told that FGN was the greatest ADC and that because he was the greatest that my opinion mattered. That because I read articles and such that I know nothing because I dont know him personally.

  • Antoine Pras

    xpeke adc lmao

  • Stefan Jakimovski

    classic greek player ,tilted monkey , he is the ibrahimovich of league of legends

  • loryseungyong

    Are you kidding me…
    After all this mess with OG, now we see this? What’s going on? 

    PoE should be replaced and xpeke should come back to his main role, not to the adc one.

  • Robinson Saldarriaga Ramirez

    Pues triste mithy y zven pusieron en mucha desventaja origen pero aun asi seguimos firmes y todos nandandole fuerzas a xpeke

  • Nelson Mauricio Rojas Combariza

    looooooool cant wait for this Thursday GL guys PD: From a Fnatic fan :3

  • Stefano Amadesi

    Daniele Savino sono diventati una barzelletta

  • Thibault Vandenbogaerde

    Why did the old bot desert to G2? What a losers. Get some loyalty man

  • ezuri

    OG cyanide?

  • Christian Rogers

    Stefan Jakimovski: Lol, thats a little harsh… XPeke is a big boy. He knew what he was doing. Now he needs to suck it up and find someone fast.

  • PetrLang

    wild card …. OG CYANIDE king of the steals

  • Baptiste Brossette

    Brandon peke adc ils ont collés mdr

  • Gabriel Kąkolewski

    Michał Wrzosek WOW XD

  • Jonas Beke

    Og sedrion inc!

  • Kevin Le

    GG WP! Good luck xPeke! Kendy Le Julie Le

  • Richard Felix Lunde

    Lauri “CyanideFI” Happonen has to come out of retirement now!

  • Yann Vdb

    Ken Louis hahahahahah xpeke adc U0001f602

  • Khurune

    I’m glad he’s been benched, never rated him highly anyways. Limited ADC pool, god complex aswell. However, your biggest problem right now is PoE and shot calling. xPeke coming back in can help with the shot calling, however he won’t be able to do both calling and ADC as well as he could if he focused more on a single roll. But seriously OG, bench PoE for a bit, and bring in a fresh ADC then put xPeke back in the mid for a bit, see how it goes for a few weeks, you’ll get better results I’m sure.

  • Rudyto Martín Herrera

    Juan Luis Alberto me declaro xpeke como adc :s

  • Thanh Nguyễn

    Good luck guy !

  • CarlosSV97


  • Kivi Sheppard

    You mean “what a winners” cause they obviously change to win. They knew that they cannot grow up more as a player in OG and tahts why they left. Easy and logical. Loyalty has no place in (e)sports.

  • Omar Cabezas Flores

    You are the chosen one xPeke

  • Stefan Jakimovski

    Christian Rogers my comment was reffering to forgiven, and ye he deserves this harsh, but let em harvest what they sow

  • Aaron Rios

    Origen is a great team but its hold by spirit and forg1ven has none of it Go Origen Vamos peke

  • Scott Fleming

    Could tell from the first 2 games the team wasn’t happy with they way he was playing.

  • Kendy Le

    allerede bench? xD

  • Simone Colucci

    Albino Colucci apri il link ahahahahahaha

  • Christian Rogers

    Stefan Jakimovski: I know what it was directed towards. XPeke isn’t Greek! Haha. But that’s still pretty harsh.

  • Diego Zeballos Arias

    Quien entra por forg1gen ¿? , no puedo ver el link ://

  • Gabriel Ganzer

    Xpeke adc im more motivated now, OG forever !!

  • Josh Bolten

    The Valorean 😀

  • Thibault Vandenbogaerde

    I think loyalty and growing as a team together is the key to victory. If you keep changing members, where will the synergy go?

  • Juan Pablo Jimenez

    El peor split para og :/

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Kael Lamas wtf wtf wtfffffffffffff

  • Aleksandra Deszczyńska

    What a time to be alive, Sylwia Osip

  • Vadim Nicolescu

    Am i the only one who’s happy Forg1ven is leaving?!

  • Max Meads

    Daniel Markey DROP FORG1VENGRE

  • Yiannis Ioannou

    Marios Antonis sexpeke adc? U0001f62fU0001f626U0001f62f

  • Christian Llamoga

    Lauri “CyanideFI” Happonen adc!

  • Jose Wang He

    bring THE VALYRIAN

  • JannerAndres


  • Domagoj Cvrtila

    Since the old Fnatic days they were really good but jokers (cyanide, soaz and xpeke). I feel that yellowstar was the only one who worked really hard. That being said, when you look at what they’ve accomplished they look like well balanced team. Fastforward to Origen era, still a good rooster, capable of great things. Unfortunately (in my opinion) soaz, xpepe and amazing were already extablished players and knew their limits/power while zven and mithy were really hungry and wanted to prove themselves. I feel that they all worked, but were laid back kind of guys, except the botlane. Thats why the propably moved to G2. Team full of young people. But IMHO, they won’t last very long.

  • Clément Cuvelé

    It’s not April fools guys :'(

  • Daniel Pombeiro

    Forg1ven excellent mechanics, awful behavior =( a pro player needs both…. i think that a toxic player like him, is the reason why Origen is playing so bad….

  • Samantha Blue Summers

    Can any one tldr this for me ive heard some things but i want to hear from the og family

  • Sylwia Osip

    … i can’t handle it… but whatever, the more Peke, the merrier febW 😀

  • Molnár Brigitta

    this is the funniest sh*t ever 😀

  • Joao Sanga

    Que así se quede el team!!! Que se vayan los que no quieren estar…

  • Raph RG

    That was fast this time not even a split 🙂

  • Νίκος Χωριατέλλης

    Stefanos Danis Νίκος Καραμβάλης lol

  • Jasmin Filges

    I think his synergy was better with H2k-Gaming… Origen, I really love u, but he never really belonged to you. I don’t know if this is right, it’s just my impression of the situation.
    I rly hope u will remain your passion for the game one day Forg1ven247 !
    But maybe it’s time for another chapter in your life right now? I’ll still be your fan when you come back. :’-(

  • Mihnea Cristian

    Don’t give up guys! 😀 peke is a playmaker, 4sure he will do great!

  • Miguel Fernández

    when i read the article i thought in Cyanide, i think he’s a better option only because he’s been playing adc a lot. I hope Peke can perform though

  • Atreyu Colossus Finley

    Shawn Bonnichsen this

  • Jose Pablo Herrarte

    quien necesita un niels cuando tenes a un peke adc!

  • ReWat HunteR

    OMG you changed forg1ven the god of “by far” with xpeke.. come on..adc is very difficult and forgiven is the right adc for origen..i hope you will find the communication..

  • Sam Chow

    Lam Chi og898

  • Rudyto Martín Herrera

    Little la neta

  • Jose Tomas

    Hahaha tiene que ser una broma loco

  • Zakarias Rahder Thomsen

    Elias Koustrup Nielsen Wtf der er gået like 2 uger men det undre mig ikke

  • Ignacio Alvarez

    Στέλιος Χιονιας its not only individual skill, its what he brings to the team. if he brings bad behaviour, hes just as bad a someone who does not have the skill needed to play professionally

  • Matthew James Donnelly

    Everyone knew this would happen, I think it’s sad that Origen were the only ones who didn’t.

  • Dimi Kara

    That’s a new record, 1 week in a team! Nevermind, he’s a fraud either way. His character is what led him to be so bad at the end of the day

  • Ryan Wood

    I’m not fully blaming him, but just because he had good positioning and farming, doesn’t mean he didn’t make a negative impact on the teams he played on

  • Martín Giménez

    Este tipo envenena todo lo que toca.

  • Miltos Tsipoulidis

    cause sOAZ has to retire and POE is avrage.

  • Theodoros Matrapilias

    Okay Origen. You just lost the split by replacing the best ADC ever in history of the european lcs. Nice!! Hope u lose hard.

  • Filip Dizdar

    Stefan I assume you are from Macedonia so your opinion on the Greeks is invalid 😀

  • Matias Francisco Peña Pedraza

    Bad choice, u wont win LCS with xpeke playing adc, xpeke is midlaner’s blood. Cannot change that.

  • Earnest Williams

    Wait, the team with Amazing and Soaz are mad that Forgiven isn’t motivated? LOL What a joke! See you losers in relegation.

  • Sergio Niper Lopez Garcia

    Forg1ven… serás buen adc… pero nunca has sido compañero… solo hace falta mirar los post-partidos con todos los equipos donde has estado XD… VIVA xPeke!!!! (eso o que llamen a Puszu… era bueno el cabrón)

  • Michał Wojciechowski

    Pick up Creaton 😀

  • Carlos Diaz

    WTF xpeke adc?? haha

  • yeah..they should bring cyanide in 😀

  • Max Meads

    like srsly remove him from your team altogether
    he aint playin so why waste a bench spot

  • Imran Khan

    Tom Barrs wtf

  • Christian Rogers

    Filip Dizdar: His opinion is just as valid as the next. Lets not start BS on facebook. Nobody wins. Lets just all soak in that I was right and all the haters were wrong. We dont need to turn this in a Trump convention.

  • Billakos Paraskeuopoulos

    Panoulis O Arxodas den xero gt na hyparo pio polu pou ton dioxane k autoi h pou tha do peke adc

  • Daniel Markey


  • Marc-antoine Martin

    Peke adc ????

  • dAVIDE1222


  • Đặng Quốc Thắng

    great!!! now we could see more backdoor styles

  • Max Meads

    They were losing hard WITH Forg1ven in the team. Did you even watch the LCS last week lmao

  • Sergio Alejandro Sansores

    We need 5 xpekes for origen and Will be dream team

  • Nireas Mavrikos

    Venia Palamari perhaps you’d like to read this

  • Max Meads

    heads up
    still says you have him on ur bench

  • Aitor Naranjo Milrado

    Origen need 5 xpeke’s xD

  • Abdelhamid Dre

    ‘ wooliter ‘ is a very strong adc , he is great mechanically and i think he can develop very fast to become a top tier adc in the world . You don’t really need someone experienced , a rookie can do just fine 🙂

  • ruipfmendes

    Bring in the valyrian!

  • Konstantinos Fitilis

    Forgiven was the problem that team went 0-4….really? better shake your head and see vods….poe and amazing too heavy for forgiven….

  • Dimi Kara

    Αυτό είναι απλά χαζό, σορρυ κιολας

  • Theodoros Matrapilias

    You are trolling, aight? PoE played also bad in the first week. Very bad. Where is the replacement? Xpeke is main midlaner, why don’t he replaces that midlaner?

  • Can Duyar

    Simon xpeke adc :DDDDDD

  • Theodoros Matrapilias

    File tin apopsi mou lew, sta arxidia m an den tin dexonte. Demek dimokratia k kala

  • David TerBush

    He’s nowhere near the best. Rekkles and Zven are both better lmao.

  • Daniel Erbe Bohn Jensen

    Nikolaj Rossen lol xpeke adc nu U0001f602U0001f602

  • Christian Rogers

    Actually Pr0lly released a statement that said his synergy with the team was less than desirable and it only got worse.

  • Theodoros Matrapilias

    David TerBush Well, i said my own opinion, idc if you dont agree or you agree

  • Guillaume Mahieu

    Only soaz is doing Good things at the moment… Poe Amazing hybrid are under ^^

  • Diego Peñaranda

    Such bad news…good luck xPeke

  • Cesar Calderon’s

    Qué pasa perrin

  • Gabriel Ganzer

    Peke pick up twitch, in Peke we trust

  • David TerBush

    He’s a whiny bitch, and sucks on every team he plays for, so xPeke has to play adc until his period is over.

  • David TerBush

    There’s your TLDR

  • Daniel Erbe Bohn Jensen

    Skal sku nok blive sjovt U0001f602

  • Bastian Navea Morales

    que puedo decir… una lastima por FORG1VEN y …… xpeke de adc??? me gusta ver jugar a xpeke pero de mid, ufff creo que origen le tomara mas tiempo adaptarse. suerte chicos 🙂

  • David TerBush

    Cause he’s trashhhhhh

  • Theodoros Matrapilias

    Its not clearly boy. They have to tell it if its like that.

  • Adrian Patyk

    Lol guys just get used to it. This is all about Forgiven and his mental problems, not teams and mates he is playing with.

  • Franc Jimenez

    xpeke adc, ok.

  • Theodoros Matrapilias

    So much haters here. They gonna write also “pay your debts”

  • Tasha Reyes

    All of you stop whining. I just can’t wait to see Xpeke play again on stage.

  • Lukas Hecker

    Woolite is no rookie…

  • Jürgen Bronold

    xpeke adc after 6 years as midlaner?

  • Cesar Calderon’s

    es por lo toxico que es , es mas flamerin que un yasuo en manos de un niño de 15 años :v

  • Stavi Langdon

    This is the 3rd role he’s played in lcs now. #pekeadchype

  • Abdelhamid Dre

    ik , but i said that they can bring a rookie ( if woolite wasn’t available )

  • Michał Wrzosek

    Xpeke plesjy na wejn

  • Minaya

    Its Forgiven wich leave “because hes not motivated by the team” ? I think yes, i dont think OG can kick nobody, its a cute team, even when somebody do all the mistakes of the world, like poe… He stay in the lineup.

    Ahah our favorite team is living a terrible period actually, but fan of OG one day, fan of OG everyday.

    Good luck guys :’) <333

  • Aleino Fortes

    André Ramos xpeke adc q loucura

  • SergioNiperLopezGarcia

    xPeke is back… and we love the notice… but find Puszu pls XD

    Forg1ven… he was the social problem in all teams he stayed… ragger as ****

  • Pamela Wintringham

    Xpeke as ADC? Interesting.

  • André Ramos

    Sério? só pq eu fui pra adc ele quis ir.

  • Michal Majerczuk

    Dawid Teister Dawid Korszak Kierzkowski Konrad Xpeke jako ADC xDDD

  • Richard Bensley

    I know forgiven is feeling alot of stress right now. With possibly having to go serve in the army leaving his last team and performance issues becoming a problem. Hes a great player and i would love to see him get better and play for origen as he had alot to bring to the table

  • Hugo Wayne

    take HANS SAMA

  • Daniel Søndergaard Romlund

    Sygt… er han den nye Hai nu? 😛

  • Aleino Fortes

    nidalee adc new meta

  • Θανάσης Τσακίρης

    Καλά του έκαναν να μην έκανε μαλακιες, αμα είδες τι έκανε τότε θα ελεγες μπράβο που του δώσατε πουλο

  • EOddset – Danske Spil

    Noget kunne tyde på det, han har jo tidligere spillet toplane.

  • Θανάσης Τσακίρης

    Χριστοπαναγιες τους εριχνε επειδή έχαναν και εβριζε

  • XWizz Bijou

    hahaha xPeke best adc eu confirmed

  • Daniel Søndergaard Romlund

    Men det var dælme lidt motivation Forgiven havde, det blev til 2 kampe / 4 maps.. kunne han ikke have forudset det fra starten af 😛

  • Simon Perie

    OG Hans Sama inc please

  • Mikkel Dalgaard

    Lasse Dalgaard xpeke adc gg

  • Κωνσταντίνος Ζάννης

    the reason that origen is playing so bad is because they are uncarriable.forgiven can’t carry them.bad shotcallers Γιάννης Αναγνωστόπουλος

  • Baptiste Orsoni

    Tristan Cabotin MDDDDR c’est quoi cette team le mec part déjà et c’est Peke qui va aller adc ptn suis mort c’est le cirque Zavata

  • Barış Özkan

    Anıl “Holyphoenix” IŞIK iyi güzel

  • Tobias Bösel

    Matthias Schoenmackers Faule Griechen U0001f602U0001f602

  • Jerez Sanz Josep Ferrán

    Join imaqtpie!! The Dream!!

  • Tristan Cabotin

    MDDDDRRRRRRRR les fous ptn

  • Brian Riebandt

    Gentian Elezaj Hannes Ganz xPeke neuer adc lmao

  • Tristan Cabotin

    C’est le cirque c’est exactemetn ca

  • Κωνσταντίνος Ζάννης


  • Facundo Rivarola

    a habia visto

  • he was top lane before, though 🙂

  • Κωνσταντίνος Ζάννης

    David This trash has achieved double things that u will achieve all ur trashy misserable life.

  • Theodoros Matrapilias

    pes ta re file, gamw ta panta tous diladi,

  • Tom Barrs

    Xpeke vaynespotting inc

  • Konrad Sakowski

    who is ibrahimovich? lol

  • Edgardo Rodriguez

    Kelvin Obando Ruiz AH OC!!!!!!

  • Armando Andrade Gonzalez

    estara el jueves en mid o como adc?

  • Peter Baumhausner

    No, it’s not. Liking your own comment won’t make it better neither.

  • Kelvin Obando Ruiz

    xPeke adc JAJAJAJAJA

  • Lucas Juste

    Sebastien Pradoura Arthur Chastel LOL

  • Κωνσταντίνος Ζάννης

    it’s not the impact it’s that he is by far better than anyone else.bad behaviour is a result of bad communication and bad shotcalling.when sb in the team keeps shotcalling like a plat,then as a result someone will tilt.they wait from him to carry them.poe failed the game did he get replaced?no

  • Imran Khan

    Greek army conscription inc

  • Patric Hulten

    did you even read what the article said? Forgiven choose himself to step down cause he had no motivation… i hate ppl just reading the headlines -.-

  • Sebastien Pradoura

    Mec je suis pas bien là je vais attendre jeudi dans le coin de ma chambre en position foetal

  • Byron Velez

    Christian Ponce De León Cardona Noel Y. Rosado Albaladejo Xpeke adc???

  • Bauke Sipke Haagsma

    Tjidde Dijkstra Zie ik daar een toekomst voor jou?

  • Lucas Juste

    Je suis sur que xPeke il est top tier ADC

  • Patric Hulten

    ReWat HunteR He chose to step down himself causde he don’t have motivation… is it really that hard to read a whole article?

  • Κωνσταντίνος Ζάννης

    καθυστερημενοι ευρωπαιοι μιλανε για bad behaviour και καθε game soloq λουζουν.γαμω τον eu

  • Oualid Geen

    xpeke adc? hAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD

  • Κωνσταντίνος Ζάννης

    david ur retardness level is over 9000.if u are better than him go play at his replacement.silver trash talk better for best adc eu

  • Sebastien Pradoura

    on va se retrouver avec hybrid qui part et peke cyanide bot x)

  • David Molina

    Pero Cyanide puede ir ADC, ya que lo tienen de reemplazo de Amazing…

  • Noel Y. Rosado Albaladejo

    Acabo de leerlo y me quedé como que wtf haha la leyenda en ADC raise ur dongers lmao

  • Luiis Carlos Flores

    No se por que ya tenía el presentimiento que esto pasaría o.o

  • Stephen Ross

    He played ezreal when OG were in challenger too U0001f609

  • Richard Arnold

    Can’t wait to see it great to see xpeke back hopefully will give them the lift they need although bring back cyanide we need him !!!’

  • Sven Rataxes Ahlström

    Why would it be bad?

  • Sven Rataxes Ahlström

    And i liked your comment. Didnt make things better neither

  • Theodoros Matrapilias

    re file, krazoun forg1ven ta bastarda kai den vlepoun ti kanei aftos o kakriniaris sto mid, an einai dinaton, k kala to kalitero mid lane tis proigoumenis periodou, oti xeirotero exw dei sto lcs

  • PrincePretty

    They better bring a rookie than Woolite lmao…. Woolite has cost enough games in the LCS to not be considerd for teams that aspire to be top of the table. He’s is great only in Challenger(which proves he’s LCS quality but… not for the best teams) I bet OG would’ve loved to have Steeelback… I’m so sad they missed out on him :/

  • Tjidde Dijkstra

    Blijkbaar, wordt toch van me opleiding afgekicked als ik niet op pas :$

  • Dåvíd Nexiz Fernandes

    You can’t always change…. Search some guy and improve on him.

  • Alejandro López Santos

    do you realize that this is so fckng exiting?

  • Mixalis Marinis

    Michael eliwsa,exeis aderfo?

  • Marios Panagiotopoulos

    great.. he doesnt belong with origen.. his attitude is really bad.. xpeke back to the rift and then the team will roll again just perfect 😉

  • Joaquin Rodriguez

    Jose Olivera Aliaga Johan Mejia Pietro Franccesco Malone Imperiale XPEKE JUGANDO DE ADC

  • Κωνσταντίνος Ζάννης

    οταν τιλταρε ο καθυστερημενος ο γαλλος στο τοπ δεν μιλουσανε τα ζωα

  • Nicolas Knaebel

    Look at “Xpooks” account, he train adc, but it not rly works apparently x)

  • Joel Jesús Arias

    THE DREAM Luis Javier Sanchez

  • Michel Hartman

    I do not see anywhere origen kicked him out, more that he himself didnt want to go on! But yeah still a sad sad time tbh, I do know xpeke is an allright/ allright adc tho.

  • Κωνσταντίνος Ζάννης

    i would defend him anyways because he has proven what i said before. that he is the best adc europe.i saw no one of u commenting the soaz tilt-toxicity.only forgiven idk why.you expect him to carry when they cant even make a proper call

  • Michel Hartman

    As is said 10000000x now, cyanide went on sub becauce it is obligatory to have a sub.

  • Peter Baumhausner

    He’s about to ruin the team. It’s not only about Forg1ven, it’s mainly about Origen. xPeke is not an ADC, and with PoE and Amazing not playing very well right now, we won’t even make it to the play-offs. If Forg1ven is having a serious issue like a depression, I’m not saying anything against him, but if it’s really a lack of motivation, he’s just a retard and I want him to leave immediately.

  • Васил Чамбов

    Stefan Jakimovski Good comparison but I disagree. Zlatan is actually incredibly good and has won a lot of things. His problems come form the fact that he has too much ego. While Forgiven’s problems come from different place. And he hasn’t achieved nearly as much as Zlatan.
    Also why are poeple surprised about the news? Before joining H2K Forgiven had a Q&A where he said he’s done with League and he is probably going to play HoTs or something else. He said he doesn’t have motivation to continue with the game and then he got into H2K and I was super surprised. Apparently he was persuaded to come back but in the end lack of motivation does you in. I wish him all the luck in his future endevours but it’s obvious he doesn’t want to continue with league… unfortunate but not surprising at all.

  • Marten Mielemeier

    Björn Arafat Abu Chaker gib dir den scheiß xD

  • Jonas Kutzner

    Sareike Wnifka naisu!!!!

  • dimb1

    But Cyanide could go ADC…
    Just saying… Kappa

  • Christian Rogers

    Васил Чамбов: I’m not surprised. Quite the opposite. As my post states. And I’ve brought up the articles such as this – but was told that my opinion was not valid because I didn’t have his skills or I just read articles and didn’t know him personally.

  • Alvaro Alcaide Aguilera

    OG Lauri “CyanideFI” Happonen pls as ADC

  • Srs Bsns

    Ernsthaft? Er hat keinen Bock mehr? Rausschmeißen

  • Stijn Specenier

    Rob Lannoy ayyyyyyyyy xPeke ADC confirmed

  • Omar Saoudi

    why not Cyanid ADC ?

  • Rodrigo Andres Osses

    Bring steelback pls!!

  • Franco Vitale

    JAJAJa esto es increible. Lo poco que duró este tipo, es muy problemático. VAMOS PEKE TE TENGO FE!

  • Peter Baumhausner

    Κωνσταντίνος Ζάννης Dude, he was playing two games??? And he DID know, that PoE is not a good shot-caller BEFORE he joined the team. Right? He must have known it, otherwise he’d be stupid. I’m not blaming anyone who has just a bad form or something. Like Amazing. But someone who just plays two games and then loses motiviation – wtf? How can you defend him? He might be the European Bang when it comes to skills, but this massive lack of character is just shocking. I’d buy a Korean ADC or somebody to replace him, someone like Forg1ven can not play for ANY competitive team. This is not how team-spirit works.
    But I agree with you when it comes to PoE, he is not good enough for Origen and should be replaced after the split.

  • Karina Ruiz

    Wow! I’ve never seen xPeke playing adc!

  • Björn Arafat Abu Chaker

    wie geil ist der denn xD

  • Peter Baumhausner

    Get him out of the team, buy a Korean ADC and let xPeke play in the Midlane. If he doesn’t want to, look for somebody else to replace PoE. I want Origen to be in the Worlds, but right now I highly doubt that we’ll even make it to the LCS play-offs.

  • Jasmin Filges

    Oh… I didn’t know that. Well. He’s a very special guy… My impression was that his playstyle was a lot better with H2k-Gaming.

  • Parham Mohammadian

    Ashley Wright xPeke adc LOL

  • Matthieu Roy

    Oliver Zille o.O

  • Panoulis O Arxodas

    ax0xa0ax0ax0ax0ax0ax0 Klaiw Aima ….O xPeke Einai san to Torosidi Opou vroun ton xonoun mpas kai kouvalisei ta skoupidia …. Alla da3i re file o karaflas (mou fenetai) itan o ligotero Kakos apo olous ….

  • Amanda Coroneo

    XPEKE ADC?! I CAN TEACH YOU HOW TO ADC, ADD ME: Axcellera U0001f602 Can’t wait to see you play Enrique!

  • Chantel Parsons

    If he needs to take time for himself he’s not going to help the team until he can help himself.
    I hope he has a positive turn and well wishes.

  • Janik Meder

    Mark Hermann peke als adc U0001f601U0001f602

  • Jose Olivera Aliaga

    Tengo miedo pero estoy emocionado o_O

  • Jack Swestun

    A lot of people seem to be forgetting that the Greek army are trying to force Forgiven to join the army to serve his time there, during a time in which relations over in that part of Europe (with all of the war refugees crossing from Turkey and such) are poor at best. If I had that over my head, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on League either. I know he got an extension, but he still has to do it at some point. I for one feel sorry for him.

  • Joaquin Rodriguez

    Yo solo quiero verlos en el mundial

  • Vayne 01

    Hello my name is lukas  and i want to get the new adc if you gyus want me too i have experience since 3 years.And i was 2 seasion main Adc main my name are Vayne 01 its my smurf. i am 16 years old .

  • Berkcan Kaya


  • Michael Beier

    Stephan Bellinghausen heute ist aber nicht der 1. April oder U0001f914

  • Peter Baumhausner

    In this case, I’d understand him. But he needs to make a statement or something, where he can explain everything properly. Because right now, all I know for sure, is that we’ll struggle to get to the Summer Split play-offs.

  • David Baez

    nooo, ese es el peor de todos, bocon, mala persona… creido x demas…

  • Peter Baumhausner

    …which makes me sad and angry, obviously, because Origen was a team who competed against top asian and north-american teams in Worlds 2015

  • Jack Swestun

    I’m sure he’ll release his own statement in the coming days. Because he does have a lot of fans even if most people call him a toxic player, and I doubt he’d actually want to upset/anger his fans or Origen fans

  • NicoPompaLopez

    lo que tienen que hacer es pillar un adc coreano y dejarse de tonterias, que es como se estan ganando las lcs europeas a base de golpe de talonario y consiguiendo traer buenos jugadores a europa.

  • Gentian Elezaj

    Ich habs predicted alter xD

  • xPeke coge a algún chico español novato y hazlo tu aprendiz de una vez para que siga tu legado como jugador leyenda de España o algo por el estilo conaaas! XD

  • Sören Holmes

    Michelle Steinert Sean Kolbeck 😀

  • Jonas Pfannkuch

    Rüsen Ali Aygün xPeke adc xD

  • Sean Kolbeck

    Alles klar peke als adc das wird lustig

  • Julie Hahlbohm

    Sorry to hear but it’s about the team. I was hopeful but was also expecting something like this.

  • Michelle Steinert

    Nicht deren ernst haha wie gutU0001f602

  • Christopher Florian Förster

    Steve Timon also langsam wirds lächerlich

  • Mohamed AbdelRahman

    Fady Aziz Fouad LOL that was fast.

  • Jorrick Lummen

    Y No cyanide

  • Elisa Yniesta Dorado

    Vincent La Fusée Ricous tu es devenu pro gamer..

  • Nestor Hernandez

    Wasnt Lauri “CyanideFI” Happonen an ADC?

  • Sebastian Barclay

    xPeke ADC – oh boy

  • Timon Kwiatowski

    Das kommt unerwartet?!? Ich glaube nicht 😛

  • Jím Panȯs

    Perfect! Xpeke just take a kr botlane and og will be fine

  • Adam Čábela

    everyone knows his character and every split new team wants him… not his fault boyz, they just cant handle him.

  • IFan Najk Janouš

    Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño-Martinez ADC??? I need watch your trening? have any stream? AZUBU, TWITCH?? GL Origen is me live .. lets go

  • Joni Schaede

    Jan Peters xpeke adc U0001f633

  • Mohamed Mohsen Kamel

    i wished you gave him time it is not easy guyswtf the nest solo ueu adc you leave him and sorry but wtf xpeke >?

  • Joan Lein

    All the people on this chat are just players and groupies xD chill out

  • Micah Philpotts

    if you looks at the coms in game he is barely talking idk about in the house but he is a solid player

  • Atay Zerner

    This is the weirdest thing BY FAR

  • Vasilis Koskiniotis C

    totally agreed…from the first time i saw Forgiven in Origen i knew this wouldn’t last long..forgiven may be a great player but he is a horrible person and an even worse team player, which is the most important imo
    just hoping origen will come up stronger from this

  • Fady Aziz Fouad

    ._. I sent it to you in a pm 2 hours ago xD

  • Oscar Perez Francisco

    Mamma Mia???. Xpeke de AD Carry, eso tiene que ser una bomba de relojería y se veía venir que Forgivendre no iba a estar apenas tiempo en Origen porque esta mas preocupado por el servicio militar griego obligatorio

  • Jonas Kutzner

    Sareike Wnifka peke ADC 😀

  • Kostas Priest Lemon

    Lack of motivation?? that is not a good excuse! to be honest he was the most decent member of your team at both 2 sets of games! even the substitution at the second game was a bad decision at last! If you think that xPeke at his best can perform as good as Forg1ven at his worst at the ADC position then good luck at the challenger series guys!

  • Uzoni I. Cristian

    We want to see Zed or Syndra on Bot Lane pls

  • Dominik Fedor

    lmao u think they perform bad coz of adc? XD niels was carrying them hard for so long, they could be much better if they didnt have shitty top laner and avarage mid laner

  • Albino Colucci

    Hahahh Xpeke like a jolly 🙂 ma sono sicuro che non ci deluderà

  • Bren Alba

    Vamos peke!!! NIÑO FAN

  • Franco Vitale

    Bren Alba calla la boca niña fan. Te voy a engañar con peke ya te dije u.u

  • David Bertucci

    Amin Elk t’a vu.. Mon équipe part en sucette ?

  • Anna Prinz

    Aleksandra Aleks peke ist jetzt adc lol

  • Vincent La Fusée Ricous

    cimer l’image que tu as de moi

  • Fabien Pedegert-Saliou

    Challenger Series coming soon …

  • Vincent La Fusée Ricous

    autant pour moi, c’est parce qu’il est grec ?

  • Mohamed Ben

    Awtani nta U0001f602

  • Dawid Ryuhoshi Lamers

    Check post on his fanpage.

  • Andreas Stylianou

    If you have seen forg1ven was first in spring split in creep score and second on dmg and he still has more minions even when he’s team losing the game … It’s not his fault it’s the teams combo and especially Poe cause as a midlaner he is very low for the team and he is holding the team back and they are waiting from forg1ven to carry them

  • Vincent La Fusée Ricous

    capilairement a la limite

  • Daniel Spaniol

    But Cyanide always wanted to be the ADC for OG. Remember the interview in which Cyanide asked Niels if he is already afraid of Cyanide taking his spot?

  • Várfalvi Tamás

    Why not Cyanide? He is a professional Platinum ADC, I would chose him over xPeke XD

  • Alex Olivares

    Andrés Mtz Eder Alejandro SHIET

  • Eder Alejandro

    hahhhahhaahhaah que asco

  • DiegoArias1

    La mejor de las suertes como ADC, nada imposible para alguien con experiencia y talento en el juego.

  • Amélie Beau

    Dorian David Beau ca part en couilles la xD

  • David Beau

    Xpeke adc on va voir XD

  • Jorge Luis Marquez Monsalve

    wtf WHY NOT Lauri, Cyanide as ADC XD

  • Maxwell Alvarado

    i have the firm belief that players have no clue what the skill level difference is between diamonds and challengers anymore.

  • Robert Alexa

    yeah but i guess the contract could have some clause stating he will play if he needs to

  • Joed

    Kebin Marjun Kenneth xPeke adc omg.

  • Žan Dodič Bržan

    Rok Reja troll ? Hahahaa

  • Oliver Richter

    Max weißt du noch, als ich gesagt habe, dass ich glaube Forg1ven passt überhaupt nicht bei Origen rein??

  • GraydonBaylis

    Forgiven has been known to be uncooperative with teammates. If he can’t synergize with the other team members, it’s easier to switch out him than the 4 others.

  • Tymek Kuba

    wypad do wojska

  • FreeRiotPointz


  • FreeRiotPointz

    http://www.giftcodes.today/ – This is currently the only page to get codes like RP cards or steam codes for free because of a special contract. I used it with many friends alrdy so I just want to raise awareness that this stuff exists and works!

  • FreeRiotPointz

    http://www.giftcodes.today/ – This is currently the only page to get codes like RP cards or steam codes for free because of a special contract. I used it with many friends alrdy so I just want to raise awareness that this stuff exists and works!

  • Oscar Reibner

    Simon David Petersson vi hade ganska rätt haha

  • Lucas Jensen

    He was top in s1

  • Zephyr Zetto


  • Antonio Baglioni

    Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño-Martinez if you are going to kick your support I’ ll play for free…

  • Andi O Connor

    Lol Dominik Fedor watch the last game of the final of 2016 spring split.
    Niels and mithy did nothin and Xpeke and amazing tryed to carry that game but couldnt.
    So to say they all suck but niels is great is just wrong

  • Tom Vmi

    RIP Origen 2016

  • VasilisKoskiniotisC

    GraydonBaylis exactly!!  everyone is good in LCS, the thing is that they can play like a team and not like solo queue..synergy is the No. 1 factor in competitive scene and it’s clearly that Forgiven can NOT do that, therefore he is unsuitable in LCS…which is proven by switching the most team in just 2 years

  • Alberto González

    Everyone saw it coming xD

  • Rok Reja

    omg hahahhaha xpeke adc

  • Eloy G. G. Santolaya

    Konstantinos, go to the army, loser.

  • Ramy Ferjani

    hahahahahaa xpeke ADC XDDD Fourat

  • Victor Sanabria Marchena

    Lori A Benítez una lástima, me habría gustado ver de todo lo que era capaz con origen, aún con las críticas y lo poco que lo querían los fans de origen

  • Tom Futur

    Il est naze c’est un joueur de soloQ c’est tout

  • David TerBush

    Plus, I’m not balding, and have kissed a girl at least once 😉

  • Michel Hartman

    YES! and I think that most of that hate and toxicity makes alot of the players tilt kind of, offcourse they read the page and what happens and it is deffenatly sad that these kiddo’s feel that they have to tilt them, If everybody keeps calm the team will probably feel better about playing and will acctually play better. If you saw H2K’s page after they lost quarter, the fanbase didnt even become mad, even Elements/roccats pages where kind of “funny trolling” instead of just pure hatred towards certain players. It’s sad to see “fans” do that, I think that this amount of hate is also a reason for Forg1ven to quit for now atleast.

  • wijzelol

    Saquen al forgiven, no pega con este equipo

  • Raphael Schulte

    GG cant say how much hate mithy Niels and forg1ven

  • Víctor Rodríguez

    Sven, Mithy y xPeke forever!!!!

  • Κατερίνα Πάντα

    Forg1ven247 is a pro. And he plays for a team, ONLY when the team is efficient enough to follow his skill. It’s his only motivation. How difficult is for someone to understand that? Just common sense !

  • Łukasz Cołta

    Creaton??? Pls don’t bring another korean player into EU…

  • David TerBush

    He’s a whiny bitch, lol. Has nothing to do with his nationality. The fact that you made it about race shows the intelligence level that you’re working with. I’m sorry that you’re a fat, sheltered little bitch.

  • Rafael Toledo

    alguien mas piensa en steelback para origen?!

  • Che1ys

    Pls try Creaton, I’d love to see him again so much <3

  • Ryan Wood

    And if everything you say is true, then why did Forgiven even consider accepting to join OG?

  • Lori A Benítez

    Aparte del palmares que tenia detras… que si su toxicidad y que es conocido por cambiar 934839438493 veces de equipo en un año… T_T pero, sinceramente, al menos fue sincero y no hizo perder el tiempo a nadie

  • Rafael Toledo

    and varus lol

  • Owen Huxtable

    Sam Jacob xPeke ADC? Anyone? 😉

  • Theodoros Matrapilias

    AHAHHAHAHA love ya bro, keep it up

  • Dave Drop C Core

    Kevin Lopes Furtado hahaha check dat XD

  • Michel Hartman

    You realize he wanted it himself? Not Origen or anyone in general. I like the flamming tilt this community hits on them, great fanbase!

  • Sergio Gonzalez

    Arturo Xpeke ADC este jueves, no te lo puedes perder

  • Ronan Duda

    Que vous soyez dans le bas du tableau, nous, vos fans, on s’en fiche !!!
    Vous resterez l’équipe que je supporterai jusqu’au bout !!!
    #OG #GOOG !!!!!!!!

  • Josue Hipolito Rodriguez Valdez

    La esperanza :,v Diana Vannely Hernández xqxqxqxq!??

  • Adrián Raček

    Whole Origen is a comedy.

  • Freddie Chawatama

    Oh you could just be the replacement lol

  • Julián David Ochoa Diaz

    Sorry OG, but as an org you guys are a joke.

  • Jorge Pérez Godínez

    Pamela Villalobos :V! the comebacks

  • Joshua Lule

    pue si picnhe pelon sobas no la talla quien contrato a ese imbecil

  • Jaime Ibañez


  • Bene Brown

    Luke Troy Gouk-Macdonald wtf

  • Bene Brown

    Our boy is ADC

  • CrunchyMind

    stfu kid lmao, go back to you’re bronze 2 promos

  • Jonathan Camberlin

    En faite sa me parrai + logique que Forgiven …. qui malheureusement n’est plus dans le coup, et un peu trop individualiste, bonne chance a lui je pense que Xpeke va certes avoir du mal mais peut réussir

  • Turzic Dawe

    you need a doctor forgiven !!! fu in all and i am not fun of origen, but you need help man….

  • Marcos Rocha

    Danillo Scateli Pekee adc kkk

  • Rodrigo Aguilar Magaña

    Hahahahaha, why i dont surprise?, well is Forg1ven what do you guys expecting? xD
    Steelback is not in the list? i think he is not a god, but is a better and decent option, or at least try get a korean player like every EU team D: (sad but true)

  • Marcos Rocha

    Falaram q forgiven tava sem motivação peke vai substituir ele por enquanto não acham outro adc

  • NielsvanAmmelrooij

    bring in HENK

  • Peter Baumhausner

    Κωνσταντίνος Ζάννης ok, I partly agree with you. I hope the situation in OG will get better.

  • Pamela Villalobos

    Y como adc Omg D: xD

  • Benja Ignacio Castillo Latorre

    Bring gosu to origen

  • Hynox Impresionante

    It was only 1 the 1st week wth

  • Nicolas Kotev

    Sebas RideandRide peke adc xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Marc Neil Hinlog

    People like you tilted him though.

  • Vasilis Koskiniotis C

    “And he plays for a team, ONLY when the team is efficient enough to follow his skill” as exactly said by you…you mean that Forgiven, who has changed 4 lcs teams in 2 years, still can not find the right team for himself??
    maybe HE is the problem, his behavior, his superior ego that led him that way.. he got kicked out of 4 teams and now after just 2 games benched and you still think that it’s the teams fault for not giving him motivation??
    after all he is the one who should find motivation after being dumped from so many teams

  • Lim Yong Leng

    Ryan Lee XPEKE ADC LOL

  • Vasilis Koskiniotis C

    David TerBush please man, don’t mind the greek guys that play League….they are 12-14 years old and all of them are below average IQ…so for your own good don’t start a conversation with them, they will just end up swearing sooner or later..
    like you said “The fact that you made it about race shows the intelligence level that you’re working with”, just this one
    a friendly reminder from a greek guy (me 😛 ) who stopped playing league cause of guys like these here

  • Vasilis Koskiniotis C

    forgiven has been kicked out from 4 teams in 2 years…it mean’s that 16 players are too heavy for him too??

  • Vasilis Koskiniotis C

    χαχα ΑΚΡΙΒΩΣ το ίδιο νιώθω και εγώ!! (πετάχτηκα το ξέρω, αλλά klein 😛 )

  • Gabriel Naredo Suárez

    Que cosas, en verdad. ¿Qué le paso al Origen que conocimos?

  • Alejandro Sanchez


  • Jorge León

    CALL IMQTIPIE ! plz Llamen a IMAQTPIE !!!

  • matyvelazquez

    FORG1VEN va  a encontrar la motivación cuando SOAZ y AMAZING no esten mas en el EQUIPO ellos dos son los que no le ponen motivación al equipo, AMAZING el peor JUNGLA de EUW y toda la LCS. cuando cambien la sinergia TOP y JG origen va a estar en lo mas alto junto a FNATIC, G2 entre otros!.

  • David Acuña Vargas

    PTM POE es el que no rinde peke entiendelo

  • andresahp

    Forgiven waving and xpeke to the rescue, good luck xpeke

  • Ray Francis Sorrosa Salido

    Bring Cyanide back! 😀

  • Reggie Rex Garcia

    U better sub him then

  • Lim Yong Leng

    Xpeke main twitch confirmed

  • Maxwell Alvarado

    Jd Mattën i see the point, I don’t care for it. I made my point clear though. The large majority of the fans of origen are ragey kids who do nothing but jack off to xpeke shirtless, and than every time they lose they go. FIRE THIS GUY, NO FIRE THIS GUY, FIRE EVERYONE. I don’t care if you are frustrated as a fan. How can you even call yourselves fans? all you do is demand for every member but xpeke to be fired. it’s quite hilarious.

  • Ivan Brillantes

    give him another chance

  • ReecePruis

    Lol, you must be new to EU lcs or League. He was the adc from Alternate and Millenium (played with Arenae etc. season 3 and 4)… he’s definitely not Korean.

  • HayachiKaveyapong


  • IordanhsPelivani

    like a comedy movie…. no happy end

  • Alejandro Perez

    I totally agree with you, he is the most flamer player LCS has never had. And no matter what team he is on because he get bored of it after 1 or 2 loses in a row. Remember h2k everything was OK whilst they were winning, just when origen took them out he left h2k. The biggest mistake he always does is not improving with the team, every team no matter how good they are, will lose 1 or 2 games at least but the key is not to win every single game but learn from the lost ones. Imo forgiven is the worst player that a team can have.

  • Tim Kneucker

    Dennis Fuchs gg peke adc

  • Tristan Lee Velardo

    Week 2 check it

  • Crispy_08

    Later we will see xPeke jungling and support…

  • Barbora Chill Klabackova

    I hate the hate… though I must say that my favorites from Origen were Mithy and Niels/Zven… and they’re not there anymore… 🙁
    Well, right now I’m simply curious as to how it’s going to turn out.

  • Barbora Chill Klabackova

    People with expectations are the worst kind. Try it yourself and then you can bitch around… @[email protected]

  • Dorothee Kramkowski

    get the secret weapon of Origen.. aka Cyanide as adc

  • Barbora Chill Klabackova

    FFS, people! Give them a chance! It might not be your favorite roster, but not just support them anyway? What have they ever done to you, really?

  • Martin Falanga

    It’s time to summon o/ The Cyanide o/

  • Kevin Lopes Furtado

    Waaaaaad xPeke ADC hahaha wi gail as dad xD

  • Dawid Ryuhoshi Lamers

    Forg1ven didn’t simply got angry about the loses in the first week. For the last two weeks they lost like 90% of their scrims.

  • Martin Olsen Hansen

    What a disaster! I believe Peke with be better as ADC on OG than Forg1ven though.

  • Alvini

    Peke needs to play full time. The team needs him. Origen needs their captain “on the field”, your calls and your motivation and experience. When xpeke plays, the all team play much more confident. Dont matter if peke play as mid lanner, adc, support, etc… Origen needs him to play full time 😉

  • Alex Andrianos

    μάζεψε τα λόγια σου θα έρθω Σπάρτη 😛 Εννοείται ότι δεν ανήκει origen όταν τα 3/5 του team παίζουν σαν diamond ενώ αυτός παραμένει το καλύτερο ad

  • Marios Panagiotopoulos

    Χχαχχαχαχαχα που το ειδες.;;;
    Μαλακααα καταστραφηκαν οι og… :/

  • Alex Andrianos

    είσαι φίλος και σε βγάζει πρώτο comment στα Post 😛
    Αν φύγει soaz amazing evil θα δούμε άσπρη μέρα, ο μόνος που δεν έφταιγε ήταν ο forgiven.
    Ο peke τι όνειρο είδε και θα παίξει adc? 😛

  • Marios Panagiotopoulos

    Δεν εχω ιδεα… Δεν ειναι κακος αλλα δεν ειναι ουτε sven forgiven doublelift

  • Alex Andrianos

    by far !!!

  • Marios Panagiotopoulos

    Νομιζα ο evil θα εφευγε αλλα τελικα ηταν μονο αρρωστος;; -.-

  • Alex Andrianos

    είναι άρρωστος στο μυαλό, ο εγκέφαλος του του απαγορεύει να παίζει άλλους παίκτες εκτός orianna

  • Marios Panagiotopoulos

    Δεν ειναι καλος ρε.. Πιστευω δεν μπορουν να συμπληρωσουν roster γι αυτο τον κρατανε και στελνουν πεκε στο adc .. Τραγικοι

  • SteliosTsimopoulos

    peke adc? i want see the rekts on bot lane

  • Maxime Broca

    Try to buy Hans Sama + Selfie

  • MariosKrgk


  • Dimi Kara

    So you are basically saying that I should have no expectations about anything or anyone whatsoever. Now that’s new!

  • Donát Koós

    man, you really think that these players know only one roles to play?

  • JohnysMarkou

    I’m available 😡

  • Garry Elam

    Kyle D. Johnson better be ready to swap dat fantasy roster. Pretty unlucky LOL

  • Christian Rogers

    Donát Koós: Yes? They occasionally role swap but it’s not frequent unless your Hai. It’s better to excel and dominate on 1 lane than be ok at 5. But what does that have to do with anything said in this thread?

  • Vitorino Pepino

    Que le den por el ojete

  • KaiLeA1

    i knew it why did you give away zven

  • Elias Leonel Mariano

    wow…esa si no me lo esperaba 😮

  • Pietro Cogliati

    forg1ven want to quit. told to g2. they stole og bot lane. forg1ven do 2 game (horrible). then oh guys adios, was beautyfull. e gli og sono nella cacca fino al collo (i don’t know if there are a good translation). and g2 have a new good botlane. is impossible that you want to stop play lol a day when you wake up from bed

  • EloBoost Squad

    cant wait to see peke as adc

  • Dimitris Semertzidis

    Christian Rogers supposingly a fat retard like you would do better right? retard thats what you are a R E T A R D

  • Christian Rogers

    Dimitris Semertzidis: No, I specifically said that beginner bots would be better than me. Do you read? And you’re calling me a retard. LOL. And just because I am a fat retard doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion? You’re a terrible troll. Lmao
    And by the looks of it, you’re face is just as fat as mine. The only difference is – I am not a little bitch and am not afraid to show the rest of my body. Lmao.

  • Pedro Ordep

    origen que te vas al garete….

  • SeaW4rrior

    And when will POE be replaced ?

  • SotiriosDavidAngelevski

    The problem now is that a main on mid got to play on AD Carry for the team for the whole split because of the lack on replacement players

  • Ryo Nakamine

    those news everyday is pretty much like the fall of OG,pls find your way,do anything! we dont want to see the team falling appart

  • JaviMoreno

    OG Relegated

  • tedqw4e

    xpeke on adc great !!

  • Max Hernandez

    xpeke AD carry esa idea suena interesante no puedo esperar para verlos mañana

  • Mohamed Mohsen Kamel


  • wow – xpeke on the botlane! xD
    What champion you gonna play?

  • Adolfo Di Lorenzo

    alguien sabe a que hora juega origen? o donde me puedo fijar?

  • Noctemdiesa

    They didn’t choose it, he went away on his own.

  • Wkurwiony Internauta

    I think, one of the best EU ADC now, is Woolite. He grows up to play in LCS.

  • Alvini

    I guess ir worked, and will work better if he starts playing full time ADC. Would be interesting 🙂

  • MatthewCheng

    Hello Origen , I Have 10 accounts in korean challenger ranks #1 – #10 . I main adc and i can also play teemo adc . Please do consider me as i am very hungry for EU pro scene and want to win every competition

  • Gibran Santos

    Pablo Jose Ahuet Lopez entra. Ahí está en español también la noticia

  • Pablo Jose Ahuet Lopez

    Merga cuentame a grandes rasgos que hueva leer estoy viendo el juego

  • Gibran Santos

    Forgiven le da weba ya el juego y se fue a la verga

  • Johannes Helfert

    Rouwen Straß roflkopter, garnid mitkridd- dachte Xpeke trollmove adc oder der wäre krank? ne sorry bois einfach kb mehr?

  • hhhaaadsksk

    They should take holyphoenjx instead, he is dominating turkish lcs now. And I really appreciated xpeke, he is doing everything for his team