At the beginning of the season, the number one team in Europe lost its captain and support. One of the veterans of the League of Legends eSports scene, Bora “Yell0wStaR” Kim has come back to Fnatic as support for the summer split of 2016.

Yell0wStaR has been one of the cornerstones of the League of Legends scene for the past two seasons. But his career started much earlier. Playing since season one, the player was actually in the first world finals on team Against All Authority alongside our own Paul “SoaZ” Boyer and facing our beloved Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño-Martinez. Originally playing as AD Carry, the player made appearances in the season two World Championships under the colors of SK Gaming.

Source:  Against All Authority

It is only at the beginning of season three that the player joined Fnatic for the first time. He played in the first split of LCS as AD Carry and won in the finals against Gambit Gaming. During the summer split, Yell0wStaR finally switched to support as Fnatic brought in Johannes “Puszu” Uibos as a substitute until Martin “Rekkles” Larsson turned 17.

In a lineup full of superstars, Yell0wStaR was not the highlight player since he was transitioning to his new role and learning how to shot call. It is not until season five, when all the stars of Fnatic left the lineup, that he became known as the leader and great player that he is today. His shot calling and his experience has led a team of inexperienced players to a World Championship’s semi-finals.

After that incredible year, the French player left his organization to join the North American squad Team Solo Mid. Being implemented in a superstar lineup, he seemed to have trouble to adapt to his new teammates as TSM struggled throughout the spring split regular season. In playoffs, the team clicked and placed second, losing the finals to Counter Logic Gaming.

Spring 2016 Playoffs C9 vs TSM

Source: Riot eSports Flickr

Yell0wStaR has expressed his will to return to Europe and has found a “new” home in Fnatic. We will have to observe them closely as the team has had its worst split in history by not going to a finals for the first time.

Cover picture: Dwight Casin