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After a emotional roller-coaster Day 1, the second day at the MSI promised loads of emotions and great plays with two big League of Legends “Clásicos“: NA vs EU and China vs Korea. However, those two games were not the only great showdowns we saw during today’s coverage. As always, a spoiler alert is in order!

CLGvsG2Source: Riot Games Flickr

GAME 1: Counter Logic Gaming vs G2 Esports – CLG WIN

The first game of the day faced the two LCS regions in a heated match-up. After a comfortable picks & bans phase for the NA representatives, the game started wild with a First Blood on Hybrid’s Bard on hands of Stixxay’s Lucian. After that, the dust didn’t settle, as a gank from G2 Esports at the top lane ended up with a kill for Hybrid but a Triple Kill for Darshan on Poppy, after a beautiful Teleport and an on-point appearance of Xmithie. At the same time, Kikis tried to make a play in mid but Huhi outplayed G2’s solo laners by getting a kill over Kikis’ Ekko. A daunting 5-1 start for the North Americans, and yet another disastrous start for the Europeans.

From that point, CLG snowballed their advantage, granting barely one more kill while massacring G2’s champions everywhere in the map. Around the 25 minutes mark, the NA champion brute forced a Baron fight after catching Trick. Whitout a Smite on the European side, the buff went for the North Americans, pushing their way to victory just before the 30 minutes mark.

RNGvsSKTSource: Riot Games Flickr


GAME 2: SKTelecom T1 vs Royal Never Give Up – RNG WIN

The two biggest names in this tournament were to face off with a 2-0 score on both sides. China’s RNG, playing in their home turf, were nonetheless the underdogs coming into this game. However, we never should underestimate the strength of Chinese teams and now SKT T1 knows it. After being knocked out of last year’s MSI, the all-mighty Koreans fall yet again against an LPL representative.

With a loud crowd supporting the locals, the game started fast-paced. Blank invaded mlxg blue buff, while the Chinese jungler went for a to level 3 gank on Faker’s Azir. After baiting the local players into Nidalee’s spear, the fight turn sideways for the Koreans, as Xiaohu’s LeBlanc takes First Blood on Blank and mlxg’s Graves ran away with just a narrow slice of Health. Xiaohu used the stolen Blue Buff as a karmic smite on Faker, taking the solo kill while the Korean had no mana. Never a Blue Buff steal turned so sour for a team in such a short time.

But the slaughter in the mid lane didn’t stop there, as Graves ganked yet again a few minutes after and gave a third kill to LeBlanc, that started to scale into a monster threat. Although the Gold advantage was starting to raise, RNG kept pushing. A 5-men dive at the bottom tower ended up with a kill for Graves on Bang’s Lucian. The game was Hell for SKT T1’s carries.

From there, the LPL Team forced objective after objective, leading at one point 7 towers to only one for the Koreans. After a huge fight at top, where Wuxx sniped Blank from downtown with his Curtain Call and then rejoined the fight to clean up, RNG grabbed Baron buff and proceed to force their way into SKT T1’s base. However, the Koreans are not easy to conquer and they fought back. They actually managed to stay in the game and get the next Baron buff, forcing the game past the 50 minutes mark.

The game was decided in a fabulous team fight in the river, contesting Dragon. A great engage by Mata, knocking up two members of SKT T1, gave the window of opportunity to Xiaohu to deal an insane amount of damage, turning the tides of a fight that seemed to balance in favor of the Koreans. After Acing the LCK Team, the Chinese invaded the Korean stronghold, getting those last 50g and a monumental victory.

26832055025_12fa030ea1_zSource: Riot Games Flickr

GAME 3: Flash Wolves vs SuperMassive – FW WIN

Most of the people thought that these two were the weaker teams coming into this tournament. And it seemed so, as the game started very slow-paced and, well, boring. However, 15 minutes into the game, the diplomatic tension was over with a 5-men dive from SuperMassive, foiled by a great defensive maneuver by the Wolves. After the dust settled, FW were 3-2 up in the scoreboard.

Although the wee advantage, the Turkish team were leading in Gold for most part of the game, despite being always behind in kills. But after a huge team fight initiated by a marvellous engage by SwordArt’s Alistar, Maple ran rampant and got a Triple Kill. After SuperMassive’s retreat, the Wolves made quick work of Baron Nashor. With the Baron Buff running through their veins, the Wolves went for the throat and finished the game a few minutes after.

RNGvsG2Source: Riot Games Flickr

GAME 4: Royal Never Give Up vs G2 Esports – RNG WIN

The time of reckoning came for G2 Esports, as this game represented going 0-4 or beating the current leaders of the MSI Group Stage. Sadly for Europe, the LPL representatives proved to be a force to reckoned with.

Man-of-the-match Mata had an amazing game with his legendary Thresh, making play after play, and forcing amazing engages when the opportunity came. First Blood was just after 2 minutes into the game, with a beautiful hook by Mata onto Kikis’ Ekko. Yet again, a disastrous start for G2 Esports.

RNG never really gave up control, although Wuxx decided to ran into three members of G2 under his tower, giving a free kill in the process. Besides that, China’s representative kept a strong grip around the objectives and snowballed the game successfully, with a few hiccups here and there, but nothing that really jeopardized their victory.

SUPvsCLGSource: Riot Games Flickr

GAME 5: SuperMassive vs Counter Logic Gaming – SUP WIN

This was the biggest surprise of the day. Very solid game by SuperMassive, that led the gold difference during most of the game and never really gave up control.

The game began just like most of the games in this tournament started: First Blood before 5 minutes. A timely gank by Stomaged’s Kindred gave him 400g while Naru got an assist. The victim, Huhi, lost his Flash in the process, and got himself in a huge problem. Fortunately, he didn’t gave away more kills, although their team mates can’t say the same.

To be fair, it was a pretty tight game, with a lot of give and take. We can safely say that it was a messy game overall. In chaos, Achuu shined, solo-killing Stixxay twice during the game. The Turkish team prey on Stixxay’s Sivir, dooming CLG’s chances to win the game. Against many predictions, SuperMassive never really lost the advantage they conquer during the first minutes of the game. Nevertheless, the objective control were not yet there, as the first tower to fall was the top one, taken by Darshan’s Ekko. The only time when SUP were behind was around 20 minutes, but only a few minutes until they managed to came up victorious in a team fight, gainin a 3k Gold advantage and threatening to start Baron Nashor. Although that Baron kill never happened, that was the breaking point for the IWCI Champions. A very clean win for them after that, taking several inhibitors and finishing the game with a Teleport to base when CLG were running for their live at bottom lane.

SKTvsFWSource: Riot Games Flickr

GAME 6:SKTelecom T1 vs Flash Wolves –  FW WIN

Remember what I said about the “biggest surprise of the day”? Well, troll face. With a magnificent performance, the Wolves took an unexpected victory, beating the powerful Koreans, that are currently 2-2. Astonishing indeed.

The LMS team amazed the world with a titanic performance, bringing down the Goliath of the tournament. After seeing the draft, experts claimed that FW composition was too much late-game oriented, with Ezreal and Ryze. However, their objective control was on-point. The final statistics say it all – 10 Towers for FW, 1 for SKT T1; 4 Dragons for FW, 1 for SKT T1. The Taiwanese team managed to strip away one of SKT T1’s most powerful weapons and used it against them masterfully.

I could tell you more about this game, but it’s hard -and unfair- to describe such an epic game with mere words. I strongly suggest you to check it out if you enjoy high-level League of Legends. It will be hard to find much better games than this one!

Cover image by: Dwight Casin

  • Jose Tomas

    Esto demuestra más que nunca que ustedes debieron ir al MSI, G2 es una vergüenza para Europa un equipo poco profesional que demuestra la falta de intereses que tiene por el juego. Origen pls, go for summer split #ogwin

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  • Whitelotus Last KIngs

    Clg trae la.maldicion de perder contra regiones iwc

  • Slyze

    Would have been much better if Origin won the finals so that they would attend at MSI… at least they would try…

  • Gürkay Özkan

    Cry more 🙂

  • Bastian Navea Morales

    G2 esta dando pena, no se tomaron enserio MSI, creo que ustdes hubieran hecho un mejor papel representando a EU, una lastima.

  • Deiniol Morgan

    G2 are a joke tbh.. they are clearly a good team but they have 0 experience

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    Origengg #keepzven

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    Origengg #keeptheentireteam

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    G2 have no buisness playing at worlds they have palyed terrible its disgusting where is Origen when you need them?
    G2 even lost to NA how pathetic -_-

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    i feel embarrased for G2 to represent us EU in MSI -.-

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    Niels and mithy dont go g2 :'(

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    #OGWIN for next Split OG OG OG !!!


    TheTaZeR98 Origengg ur forgetting mithy!

  • Armando Andrade Gonzalez

    tampoco origen estaba al nivel, asi q no sabes si ubiera llegado en buena forma al msi

  • Jose Tomas

    Armando Andrade Gonzalez pero por lo menos hubieran entrenado y no preferirían irse de vacaciones!!!

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  • Nicolás Moya Marchant

    Origen tiene más experiencia contra equipos grandes… Es obvio que hubiera dado más pelea Qué G2

  • Rodrigo Carrillo

    OG tiene la misma tendencia que el viejo fnatic se crece en competencias internacionales, tal como los vimos el mundial pasado. G2 esta jugando su primer competencia internacional por eso se podria pensar que og hubiera hecho mejor papel. Pero el hubiera no existe

  • Jose Tomas

    Rodrigo Carrillo pero por lo menos Fnatic y Origen entrenan y no se van de vacaciones como esos otros…

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    Its a rumor that im pretty sure isn’t true whatsoever.