As recently announced, Origen has gone through roster changes for the summer and we would like to introduce them to you. So let’s hit it off with our new support; Glenn “Hybrid” Doornenbal.

Glenn was born on August 5, 1994 in The Netherlands and his professional career started back in 2014 when he first joined Benelux’s organization LowLandLions, a team that qualified for the EUCS Spring Season via the EUCS Spring Qualifier after beating Different Dimension in their bracket final.

In 2015 the team moved from LLL.White to Copenhagen Wolves Academy with Morsu, Kirei, CozQ and Vizility as team mates. However, this was a very short venture for Hybrid and by Summer Split 2015, he was already a part of Gamers 2’s roster (as the team was known back then). With G2 eSports; Glenn “Hybrid” Doornenbal reached what is so far the peak of his gaming career after winning EU LCS Spring Split 2016 this May.

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He is known as a solid and reliable support, with a lot of potential. Hybrid’s most played champions are Braum, Trundle and Thresh and he was one of the Top 5 players in KDA Ratio at 7.92 in 2016 EU LCS Spring Split along with FORG1VEN (7.22), VandeR (7.11), Ryu (7.07) and Steelback (6.81).

Now as part of Origen, he will be sharing the bottom lane with Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou this upcoming Summer Split, a duo we hope will bring a lot of joy to all our fans and to this great organization.

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    Origengg Me cae bien ya sólo porque se llama Glenn y me recuerda a twd ♡

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    Origengg es una pena que muera en la siguiente temporada jeje

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    Origengg Hope everything goes well for OG and you have no problem with with the new roaster , GL .

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    I dont know nothing about Hybrid, i just remember few things about him like .. we all know this… the wolves wasnt famous in LCS ahahah, there wasnt the worst team euw ? i hope it wasnt because of Hybrid because we have lost a great supp (Mithy T_T), we need a great one again now.

    Cheer for you Hybrid ! & Welcome on this boat.

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