The current Major champions have had a long road. The Brazilians have finally won a Major Trophy and are the first non-European team to claim that title. Luminosity is a story about success, hard work and great individuals.

The creation of this roster dates back to April 13th, 2014 when KaBuM! eSports created its Counter-Strike division. At that time, the team was composed of FalleN, fnx, fer, HEN1and Lucas. These players are still split today between the two top Brazilian teams, today’s Luminosity and Tempo Storm. Back then, these players weren’t much known and KaBuM was only competing in domestic championships.

KabumSource: PuloDuplo

Their first international appearance was at ESWC 2014 but it wasn’t successful. Still lacking international experience, the players placed last in their group, losing heavily to teams such as Titan or Ninjas in Pyjamas. In February 2015, the team parts organization and become Keyd Stars, another great brand from the Brazilian scene. In the meantime, the roster has already changed, replacing fnx, HEN1 and Lucas for steel, Boltz and zqk.

During their time in Keyd Stars, the team managed to gain a legendary spot at ESL One Katowice and wins several North American competitions. Unfortunately, their time with this organization is quite short as they leave in July, five short months after they joined.

On July 28th, 2015, the roster joins Luminosity Gaming. From there on out, the team gradually becomes one of the best in the world. They get to the quarter finals of both majors in Cologne and Cluj-Napoca and start dominating European teams in minor tournaments. They actually start to be known in the scene at the FACEIT 2015 Stage 3 finals, where they managed to beat Team EnVyUs (recent major champions at the time), Ninjas in Pyjamas and Team Solo Mid (now known as Astralis) in best of 3s. This is particularly impressive, since the team had changed its roster just the week before, replacing Boltz and steel with fnx and TACO.

LG1Source: TecMundo

They go on to place in the top 3 of most of the tournaments they attend to from the end of 2015 up until the first major in 2016. Although they had to travel a lot in between all of the competitions they had to attend to, the team was extremely dominant and were only losing to Fnatic and Natus Vincere.

Finally comes the first major of the year, the first have ever been hosted on North America by MLG. The team is part of the favorites but most analysts predict Fnatic to win another trophy. Luminosity comes out first in their group after easily beating Ninjas in Pyjamas and Mousesports.

In the quarter finals, they are seeded against Virtus.Pro. Virtus.Pro actually manage to take a map off of the Brazilian overlords on Cache but in the end, Luminosity takes the series on Cobblestone and Overpass. The Polish team is actually the only roster to have taken a map from Luminosity at this major. In the semi-finals, they faced off against Team Liquid. They actually struggled quite a bit against a team they play often and won in overtime on Mirage and Cache.

In the end, they faced off against one of their former kryptonite team, Natus Vincere. After winning a close game on Mirage (19-17), the Brazilians destroy the CIS team on Overpass and take the trophy home as well as half a million dollars.

Their dominance was due to great strategies and world-class mid-round calls by their in game leader and captain FalleN. Combine that with the fragging power of fnx and coldzera and you have an almost unbeatable team.


Luminosity have had disapointing results in Malmö recently, not being able to get out of the group stage after disapointing losses to both Chinese team Tyloo and German team Mousesports. Can they recover from this bad result? Was the win at the MLG Major a fluke?

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