I love League of Legends. It’s an addicting game that provides excitement, personal improvement and social interaction. But lately, it’s getting me a little down. Have people transformed into everything that we have been taught to not become? Are people bullies?

I play LOL as a way to unwind after a busy day at the office – so I can’t speak for those who play it on a professional level – but the toxicity takes away the fun aspect for me. The swearing and pure immaturity that comes from some allies and enemies I am matched with, is simply unnecessary. It’s not just in LOL that I’ve noticed players being more hostile towards each other. I recently had back to back Heroes of the Storm matches where my team was too busy insulting each other to get objectives. I shouldn’t have to report people or turn off all chat, because respect is common sense.

The question I ask myself is: do I fire back with the same enthusiasm? I reply to e-hecklers on a case-by-case basis, depending on my tolerance level or I mute them. I don’t, however, engage with people who are clearly never going to stop. Of course, a little trash talk comes along with the game but that’s where it should end.

gift_in_the_sewers_by_dawnallies-d830xojSource: Deviant Art

Whether you’re flaming someone during a game or commenting on Social Media – it can be a dangerous spiral, which brings me to my next point: Reddit Threads.

I don’t understand why so many individuals feel the need to go out of their way to write something hateful and it’s a shame if they’re proud to call that free speech. At the end of the day, nothing can cater to every audience. Players go through slumps, they make bad decisions and believe it or not, changes can be made without the approval of the entire community. Actually, it seems that even the teams performing well are receiving hate. Honestly, I expected more from the internet.

Stating an opinion isn’t wrong as long as you have a compelling argument or strong basis for your decision. Individuality is a fantastic thing and we are all critics in one way or another. But there are really terrible things that faceless people on the internet feel compelled to write about every day and I’ve noticed a huge increase in toxicity in Esports. There are two different types of criticism — thoughtful critiques and trolling.

I believe a thoughtful critique happens when someone analyzes your game play and takes the time to point out specific areas they feel you can improve on.

A troll is someone who is just trying to get under your skin and personally, I think they need to put that energy into something productive. It’s much easier to bash other people’s talents than to do work on developing your own.

So what can we do about it if criticism is inescapable? Probably not much as an individual but positivity is more contagious than negativity if we pursue it collectively. Wishful thinking, but I am hopeful. Let’s reclaim this online Esports community; it’s up to us to be the Positive Poppy and not the Negative Nocturne. Aim for the honor crests not the 10 game chat bans.


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Cover Photo by: Dwight Casin

  • theapestosojuan

    Origengg RdeTOCA_PELOTA


    theapestosojuan Origengg yo solo soy toxico por micro callate

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    Origengg well done! Some ppl actually need to read this xD

  • FahDs

    The toxicity is something very hard to handle in this game, it’s ok find someone who’s inmature, but most of games have some negative/toxic in allie/enemy team, that why in SoloQ games when I hit the rift i just /mute all and play my game,

  • Luis Mora

    Toxic players are important part of any game. sad but true

  • Streuner86

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  • NAMIveela

    Origengg the photo fits the article 😀 kids these days~!!

  • Julien Gruwé

    A child to define toxic players ? You pointed it so well guys 😮

  • Leandro Afonso

    Flaming people is the funniest thing in league of legends

  • Christian Kir

    Patrick Lesen U0001f618

  • Youness Elhaimer

    Riot games = Toxic . riot can easy solve this probleme but they dont wana solve the probleme toxic ban new accoutn new skin new money for Riot they realy wana player being toxic for win money

  • Patrick Lohmann

    Du kleiner hund –‘

  • Youness Elhaimer

    riot can solve probleme but if they solve the probleme they lose moneyyyy because toxic = ban = new account = buy rp buy skins you know

  • Rémy Perings

    Adrien Jessica Orban pour toi

  • Guido Facundo

    I could stop being toxic, I mean, I’m not, but there are some reasons that make someone start flaming. One of that reasons could be when someone stole your penta.

  • Zorita Zeihath

    If I remember well, Mithy was known to be a real toxic player some years ago. See where he is now he stopped ? :v

  • Gabru Gallego

    What about Mithy then? xDDD

  • Luis Mora

    Wow so im not the only one who knows the true behind the ranked system…

  • Luis Mora

    The only way to get our game fun again its back to season 1 rollback AND NO MORE REPORT.NO MORE HONOR NO MORE SHIIT AFTER THE GAME END IF U WIN OK AND IF U LOST JUST PLAY AGAIN. i play league since the beta. Im from spain have 25 and 4 accs perma banned couse “flame”.

  • theShadowbay

    NAMIveela Origengg unfortunately it’s not only the kids

  • NAMIveela

    theShadowbay Origengg unfortunately, adults act like kids these days 😀

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    Araneae Alvar :v :v

  • theShadowbay

    NAMIveela Origengg unfortunately that’s right

  • rosi7747

    Origengg sad but true

  • Nico Gloystein

    The toxicity of the opponents can be easily used to win a lot of games. Ranked is mostly about to break a specific enemy so hard, that he either starts flaming his team or get flamed by them, or both ;D.

  • Francisco Cecilio

    Stefan Badertscher less das dankeU0001f602U0001f602

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    One of the reasons I stop playing lol

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    Origengg /mute

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    who allowed you to use my face on your page ?

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    ×_× u have along time play lol

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    Origengg Good read. 🙂

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    Origengg thats easy,just mute the toxic fggt and enjoy the game

  • Felix Angell

    Harry Smith u should read this 😉

  • Brieuc Hesnault

    The picture is totally accurate about who is toxic.

  • Brieuc Hesnault

    Unless you mute all chat. Oops ! You failed.

  • Nico Gloystein

    I dont mean flaming the enemies or even writing to anyone. Winning the lane, continue pressure and focusing on their weakest teammate makes every “high elo” team flame each other.

  • Luis Mora

    League was s nice game a few years ago but the report system take the euw comunity down rly fast… sad couse riot its making money with that sooo no problem for them x

  • Tessa Freeman

    love it… so true

  • TessaFreeman

    Love this.. so true

  • Harry Smith

    Im not even toxic.. Im challenger and my team doesnt understand

  • Harry Smith

    I think Connor Park should read this though

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    Elwood Jack Moritz Ziegler Vielleicht hilft dir das ja 😉

  • Daniel Calvo Bastida

    just play pokemon and all your toxicity will disappear

  • Jack Dayman

    Don’t read much do you Brieuc? he clearly stated about it being on a particular team, not enemy teams. Besides even if they did mute. the chances suddenly significantly drop because you can’t communicate.

  • Paul Hofer

    Luis Mora tzz what? i also have played a really long time now and never even received a single warning or anything else…its not the system that is bad, its the players! and i thank the system, because it makes it somewhat better…but i think only IP-bans would solve the problems…or flamers have “4 acc perma banned cause “flame” “

  • Luis Mora

    I get my bans couse i want. Not like im against rito but the EUW comunity toxicity level its insane i play on LAS.LAN.BRASIL.NA.TURKEY AND RUSS. And no one have the “flame” level like euw. Im plat 1 player also and still get “report” for all the reason the retards want every single game.

  • Paul Hofer

    Luis Mora /mute all, communicate only with pings and well…gg

  • Bart Schelfaut

    there is barely, if any at all, content about dealing with toxicity in that blog. It just says people are toxic and its a shame

  • Connor Park

    mate im not toxic

  • Harry Smith

    You are pretty much tyler1

  • Chantel Parsons

    Mute is the best. Reading boys qq flaming is like watching them get in a penis measuring contest. Just turn it all off because it isn’t worth any fuss, and they are unimportant.
    Try and find two things you can personally improve on from the previous game. Because you can rarely make someone better if their ears are closed.

  • Rodrigo Aguilar Magaña

    Mute all your allies= victory

  • Connor Park

    I really am not -.-

  • Felix Angell

    U r p toxic lets be honest

  • Connor Park

    Not anymore I’m not :p a few years ago I was mega toxic :’) depends on the mod

  • Julian Vos

    Don’t mute, but share contagious positivity. I believe that was the main advice, or maybe that’s just how I wanted to interpret it personally c;

  • Martin Kopac

    Igor Savić tale je pa za Matic Mihelič hahahha

  • Felix Angell

    lets be honest tho

  • Bart Schelfaut

    Ah i see how you could interpret it like that, but to me it felt more like a general ‘call for being less toxic’ than actual advice on how to deal with the salty chat spam

  • Stefan Badertscher

    Francisco Cecilio du besch do de toxic 😀

  • Francisco Cecilio

    de Loris Koch esch de salty onder üüs??

  • Stefan Badertscher

    kinda true 😀 aber de Sonny Spada esch de scho au no am start 😀

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    Kyle Junaid you could learn from this

  • Kevin G. Peryagh

    If you tilt their jungler , it happens automatically.

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    Francisco Cecilio du besch am meiste toxic vo allne U0001f602

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    Máté Trombitás egyeseknek ajánlatos

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    seit de hoser i merU0001f602U0001f602 Loris Koch

  • Mahmoud Avraham George

    i personally use mute all command and u dont really need to type in solo q in diamond all what you need is to communicate by pings imo.

  • Vivian Erklavec Zajec

    Kinda funny that mithy is part of your team and you post stuff like that 😀

  • Mihajlo Dodevski

    To be toxic is part of the game with players you don’t know and their mistakes