Prior to her release a few months ago, Summoners were intrigued by the Kraken Priestess, but unfortunately she appears to have fallen off the face of the Rift. Although it doesn’t look like she will be joining Galio and Taric in the pool of champions that never see game play, it is worrisome that the new champion hype has fizzled off so quickly.

Has Illaoi hit her prime? Is she going to eventually need a major buffing or a complete rework in order to get her more action? Or could it be that there are too many disadvantages to picking her in any lane?


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On paper, she makes perfect sense: zone control, massive area of affect damage and she has built in sustain. In game however, she fails to bring much to the table. There’s no denying that she’s annoying to lane against but if you shut her down early, she’s not much of a threat. I’m hesitant to dismiss her already but the evidence shows that she is a regrettable pick.

When she was first free to play, everyone and their grandmothers from bronze to diamond seemed to want to hop on the Illaoi bandwagon. The biggest concern I have about her is that she’s Riot’s only new release that has not hit the professional stage. The pros have not benched most of the new champions released in the last 2 years. On the contrary, the newest releases are the most powerful/most picked in the META and frankly, she’s not worth the amount on her price tag – especially when comparing her to Kalista, Braum, Bard, Kindred or Azir.

And because I love making lists, our fantastic news team at Origen has come up with a few reasons why this lady brawler isn’t a favorable pick;

  1. Most top lane champions played in the META right now out-trade her in the laning phase
  2. She is easily kited
  3. Mobile champions will escape her tentacles without much effort, and in order for them to work – she needs to be on a heavy CC team
  4. In a META where double AD’s are all the rave, Illaoi doesn’t stand a chance against the range
  5. She is weak without her tentacles, so destroy them early and destroy them often.
  6. Tentacles are essentially free gold for players experienced enough to just dodge them
  7. She does not have a choice in where the tentacles are placed making her zone control very weak
  8. She has very low mobility making her susceptible to ganking especially before she has hit level 6
  9. She offers a damage only kit however and it does not scale well late game
  10. Illaoi can shine in team fights, but in professional play – team fights are not always the main focus. Sometimes, we only have one or two in the entire game
Pick Rate Comparison Between Illaoi and Other champions
Pick Rate Comparison Between Illaoi and Other champions

Of course, not knowing how to play against her can get you in a bit of trouble initially but once you know what she’s all about – a matchup against her is in your favour. The debilitating nature of her E can make you go insane, but similar to Blitzcrank’s pull – stand behind minions and you’ll survive the laning phase. In my experience one of the biggest hurdles for people when new champs are released is the initial grind. Learning the mechanics, defense, counter-plays and positioning are the solutions to playing against a new champion – which is what makes them seem overpowered.

But if anyone’s going to find out why this lady brawler hasn’t touched the professional scene, it’s someone more analytical than me. So get to work 🙂

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Cover Photo from: Riot Games

  • Baracuda91

    Origengg fun champ for normal games^^

  • IAmOmicron

    Origengg I really enjoy playing her. I don’t quite get why she’s so under picked. She’s strong in lane and the teamfight sustain is great.

  • Rin Apeiron

    It’s a shame, I like her :C

  • Mile Narancic

    She’s soo cancerous she disappeared, whilst being removed from the pro-scene by bribes and pressure from Riot onto the players, the further escalation of the event was covered up with caution

  • estamujer0

    IAmOmicron Origengg agree. Well, in Silver against Riven is like being in hell, but i think she’s pretty good even that. In Master idk 🙂

  • Arkadiusz Głas

    Still one of the most annoying champs on ARAM

  • IAmOmicron

    estamujer0 Origengg Works pretty well for me against Plat/Diamonds. Only impossible lane is malphite.

  • Alexandre Haenel

    This. She can 1v5 end game and still quadra or penta.

  • Marcel Koch

    true true
    I feel like she is just so slow. Like she’s perma-exhausted xD


    Origengg hmm, she waits for the teamfights, just walks in the middle, presses R and gets a penta. GG

  • LucasFialho

    Maybe if they change her numbers up a bit and maybe transform the w in a skillshot (similar to fiora’s q) she might come up strong. But she’s just too predictable rn as she is.

  • Miguel Rosario

    Still easily kited.

  • TheRickRoller77

    Origengg she’s trash that’s what happened

  • Ryo Nakamine

    imo if they made her E go through minions to catch you that would be a nice buff,but the solution to that is when Illaoi’s E hits you u have to go all in on her so she cant finish the soul,thats all there is to it XD if u can go all in the moment she catches u with E she cant do much

  • Markus Brandon

    What happened to Shen? Seriously

  • Rishern Chen

    Foo Fang Shen we used to wonder rite?well here is the answer

  • Foo Fang Shen

    Got happen anything meh?

  • Rishern Chen

    Tap the link and read it bruh ,answer for your question is no

  • Diego Carranco


  • Justin Chapman

    Just played Shen last night top lane went 7/2/11

  • Jhosua Garrido Marquez

    Happened to isn’t used by Soaz or xPeke, they’re the best. Niels the best adc*-*. You did a good play in the last game and mithy? Omg mithy are so cool suporting but amazing :gggggg. Is for that to i will die with Origen but xPeke can’t leave it hehe, if you need a xPeke Junior call me. I was following he plays, i don’t play like him, but i’m trying to do. Jhosuimarquez LAN.

  • Nahid Alom

    I think one major buff they could do is increase the radius/range of her ult ..

  • Darcy Gross

    her e is the most ridiculous mechanic in all of league. the initial part is fine but the vessel part is a nightmare and the design is really stupid.
    I am not a fan of the champ design in general either.

  • Ally Jow Jeagerjaques

    But she gets tentacles that respawn every few seconds, one ult on you and you’re dead, she needs no buff

  • Ryo Nakamine

    she is underpicked xD and its easy to avoid the tentacles and they are free gold too

  • Ally Jow Jeagerjaques

    Doesn’t mean she’s not strong, she’s a nightmare if she gets aggressive with her e
    If you do escape the e grasp after she successfully hits you, 3 tentacles respawn next to you, you can’t farm during that time. And she just spams her e.

  • coeurloyal

    “…being removed from the pro-scene by bribes and pressure from Riot onto the players…”

  • Ryo Nakamine

    she is not considered strong tho thats whats the post about xD u just hide behind minions to avoid her e and even if she catches u,you go into her so she cant finish the soul xD

  • Kai Le A

    how to fix illaoi: allow the player to use the passive. dont make tentacles spawn random. give her ult the amumu ult range. gg she is viable

  • Ally Jow Jeagerjaques

    She can ult you that’s my point xD

  • Ally Jow Jeagerjaques

    Pre-6 yeah but still her burst is big

  • Ryo Nakamine

    so what u can ulti her too xDD her laning phase is not so strong

  • Ally Jow Jeagerjaques

    Her ult with extra tentacles deals shiton of dmg that’s what xD

  • Ryo Nakamine

    pls there are ultis that deal more damage and u can qss her e xDD

  • Ally Jow Jeagerjaques

    Her e not her ult, right xD?

  • Ryo Nakamine

    yep just her e thats more than enough xD

  • Ally Jow Jeagerjaques

    You have to wait her ult to be on cd then you can engage safely, that’s my point brother xD
    Yeah qss is good to use to engage her after xD

  • Ally Jow Jeagerjaques

    Her speed is very slow too so that would be ideal xD

  • Maxwell Alvarado

    simple answer- they made a juggernaut in a season where juggernauts aren’t good, if adcs get a massive nerf, then we will see her played

  • Marc Gellert

    the initial part is fine? late game she does ~50% dmg to your hp just by pulling your sould out a killing it

  • Darcy Gross

    Marc Gellert i know. that is kinda what i mean by badly designed

  • Rafael Pettersen

    That’s op indeed, but in matter of design is pretty well tho, she spends her whole life talking about life as movement, and the “E” is her trial for you. You want to live? Move, easily thought, easily done. And I never got a trouble being hit, it’s pretty slow for a fake hook. The AD ratios might need a nerf as a full AD illaoi may splash half your hp with one Q or tentacle, but she was thought in a tanky way.

  • Darcy Gross

    Rafael Pettersen the “person” of a champion really doesnt matter at all. What matters is how they impact the game. I find that it is the lone ability that creates the worst experience in the entire game

  • Darcy Gross

    have you ever had to play against illaoi + Lucian/kalista/graves botlane? it is so disgusting because u cant win trades and u get rekt wherever u are

  • Romain Pagot

    or her kit is just garbage against decent players? pick one