download (3)A new team rises in the North-American scene as Cloud 9 announces their challenger team for the upcoming season where many of Cloud 9’s veterans will be starring. Their main objective is to send a powerful lineup into the Challenger Series, qualify for the LCS and eventually gain more valuable players for the North-American scene.

There are no confirmed roles yet, but Cloud 9’s has been working on it by trying out different players in custom games to see what would suit them best in the near future.  Cloud 9 form a team which features veteran players  Hai “Hai” Lam,  Lee “Rush” Yoon-Jae, and An “Balls” Le as well as players from the Challenger ladder who currently fill up the positions; for marksman Johnny “Altec” Ru, jungler Thomas “Thinkcard” Slotkin, top laner Colin “Solo” Earnest , “Morning” and “Licorice“.

“Obviously since Balls and I are playing in the Challenger, in charge of that stuff, then we may not be the starter for the LCS team”, Lam said, however, he did not share any details of what would actually happen. Hai is actually recruiting people who are in the Challenger Division to try out in a 5 vs 5 game and eventually join their team.

“With the LCS team, since I’m doing this whole Challenger thing, that means the LCS roster is changing” – Hai Lam

Even though the Spring Split ended, we can expect to see more roster changes until the Summer Split. If Cloud 9 manage to qualify for the LCS, they will definitely be a strong team, worth of competing against the best teams North America has to offer at the moment. We just have to wait and see if Cloud 9’s Challenger Team manages to climb the challenger play offs and win their spot in the LCS.

Cover image by: Josh Rigg