The fifth Origen’s Artwork Showcase is here! Another week, and then more astonishing artwork! Thanks again for all the things you send us, keep doing it! In today’s post, we have a stunning Origen Ahri, two lovely player drawings, a pretty original nail art and even a cooking video! Make sure to check everything!

So remember: if you want to be featured here on future posts, feel free to send us an e-mail with your fanart or cosplay to [email protected]

Origen Ahri, by Asuchan13:


Amazing, by Oranuncha:


Cooking video for Soaz’s Fiora, by Chef Lu Bu:

PowerofEvil, by Ravecries:


Origen nail art, by Reneedark34Tang:


Which one is your favourite?

If you want to see your artwork featured here, send us an e-mail with your fanart or cosplay to [email protected]

Cover image by: Skadi


    draco_lucian this pic is so cute. U0001f61a

  • draco_lucian

    REKKY_FNC Actually , I think it’s look like Sneaky from C9 more than Amazing. T_____T So sad…

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