Welcome to the second Origen’s Artwork Showcase! We loved the submissions you send us, are you ready to see what are we featuring today? We are so thankful for everything and for your continuous support! In today’s post, we have a stunning portrait, a lovely chibi, more fan skins and even a real sword!

So remember: if you want to be featured here on future posts, send us an e-mail with your fanart or cosplay to [email protected]

Zven portrait, by Lior Beres:

niels drawing

3D printed Fiora’s Baguette sword, by Simone Fontana:

Origen Twisted Fate, by Modesto Fernando Rodríguez Martin:

Modesto Fernando Rodríguez Martin

xPeke, chibi style, by Solax:


Origen Hecarim, by Sergi Lorenzo:

SergiLorenzo DA

Which one is your favourite?

If you want to see your artwork featured here, send us an e-mail with your fanart or cosplay to [email protected]

Cover image by: Skadi [1][2][3]

  • TheoGrigore

    I… want… an… Origen…. Hecarim… skin… NOW!

  • Lior Beres

    Yay I’m there! 😀

  • Fntsmn

    Happy to see my Fiora Baguette 3d printed here 😀

  • Fntsmn

    Thank you to include my Fiora Baguette 3d printed 😀

  • Nazho Asdsasd

    A que hora seria la partida de mañana en latinoamérica?