The Rift can sometimes be a strange place. Since, after all the game is based on how you work as a team – the type of people you are playing with or against can have an impact on your performance. While the upsides are numerous, you can encounter some frankly bizarre or irritating people every time you log on. Some of them are intense, some of them are know-it-alls, some of them are endearing – and some of them are you.

No matter what your rank or level is – at one point or another, you’ve seen these types of players. Let me make is clear that not everyone falls into the below categories, some are genuinely nice people, but for the most part, I think I am spot on.

This is our list of those awesome personalities that you are likely to find in the game.

The negative Nancy
Everyone has had that teammate who can bring everyone down with just one “/all man, my team sucks”. Never happy, they bemoan the fact that everyone on the team sucks and that they should all uninstall the game. Whether the cause of their upset is that they didn’t get the primary choice or they think they are better than everyone else, the level of crisis projected will always be at a maximum level.

This is also the player who reports everyone on the team.

The Feeder
Ahh, the one who over-extends and feeds the enemy team. GG.
We love this one especially in a promo game, when they’ve already died twice and are not sticking to the turret. Maybe Riot needs to give them a little refresher on what happens when the enemy team constantly gets kills, and your team doesn’t. This is also the person who will surrender at 20, and get upset when everyone else votes no.

Source: Deviant Art

The person playing on dial-up internet (aka wood internet)
Continuing with the irritating list of summoners you will come across, is the classic person disconnecting every 4 minutes or blaming his death in the first 5 minutes on “lag”. This person will likely cost you the game because they are behind in CS and in experience, and we think they should join us in 2016 and acquire faster internet.

The person who thinks he invented the game
Everyone is an expert right?
This type of person can be discovered in the picks and bans phase. He is the one telling everyone who to pick and what summoner spell to take. This person tries to all in at level 2 with 25 HP left, dies and then flames the team for not following up. This is the same person that tells everyone to group and push mid 10 minutes into the game. Slow down speedster, this is a team game and just because you’re shot calling, doesn’t mean it’s the right decision!

Source: Deviant Art

The against the meta player
This player is unconventional because he takes the strangest characters, in the strangest position with the strangest builds. In the event that this works out for the team, he’s a hero but if it doesn’t, then he is a troll. You may see him pick Miss Fortune as support just because she has a slow, but in low elo – this might work. If this player can make it past the champion select without someone leaving the game, the possibilities are endless.

The one who makes jokes
This is the player who at the start of the game tells you that “something really cool happens when you press F”. The only time this isn’t funny, is when you are the player that falls for it. Oops, your flash is on cool down.
The jokester on the team is constantly laughing or teasing everyone without being toxic. This person is likely to get friendly and honorable opponent votes at the end of the game just because it was fun to have them around.

The 30-2-18 player
This player carried your entire team to victory and you aren’t sure if you even did anything to deserve the win. This is the guy who has a full build mid game and is “merking” every lane.
How is he/she doing this? It could be that this is their smurf account or they are just that good. It doesn’t matter how this is achieved, the important thing is that this person landed on your team.

The “I can only play ADC” player
Luckily, these types of players are rare because most players can at least play 2 or 3 different roles. Every so often, you get the player on your team who enters chat and claims that they will feed if they don’t get the role they play.
With the new dynamic queue, this has improved tremendously and only occurs when someone gets the secondary role. Hopefully, this forces them to learn new roles.


The Troll
I was recently playing a game where the support entered chat and identified himself as a troll. He chose Bard as his champion and made my lane impossible.
He was helping the other team by using Tempered Fate on his own team granting the enemy team free kills. Sadly, there aren’t enough ways to prevent this from happening and people who troll are just league bullies. With a little bit of luck on your side, your team may be able to group and still win the game.
Consider yourself reported Bard.

Sir-Pings-A lot
Seriously? Why do people feel the need to ping 90 times in a row?
I understand that sometimes, if people aren’t playing attention, there’s a need to reiterate the ping. However, in most cases, everyone has acknowledged you and is thankful that you called your name missing.
I have a love/hate relationship with this player because sometimes you saved my life and sometimes you’re being Captain Obvious.

The Couple in Bottom Lane
You two are so cute. I’ve come cross this enough to include it in my blog and I think it’s adorable. These players are dating and they say things like “thanks babe” in chat. The one will die for the other and they pick champions they work well together.

They get extra points if they have matching skins.

Source: Deviant Art

Which ones have you come across? Which players to you love/hate to have on your team the most? Let us know.

Cover Photo By: Josh Rigg

  • PaulMoldovan

    I met all those type of players in the game and I am a couple of them.
    The most important player in a team is “The one who makes jokes”. The reason is simple: If you can laugh in a game it will make it so much better and even if you’re losing it’s not that bad.