As we wrap up the regular LCS season, each team needed to win for different reasons. Some to maintain their incredible win streaks, some to clinch better seeding and others for relegation and it resulted in some great matches this past weekend.

Day 1

Team Impulse versus Renegades – Winner: Renegades

REN continued their quest to avoid finishing last with an impressive win over Team Impulse. Renegades, known for their strong starts, got a sub-one-minute first blood and was able to assert dominance over their fellow relegation tournament participant. Team Impulse had opportunities to win team fights but ultimately the shot-calling and micro-play from the Renegades was just too much as the late game came.  Aleš “Freeze” Kněžínek’s play on Sivir was exceptional and was the main proponent to their win as he completely dominated the team fights. It’s clear with the recent play from Renegades that they’ve improved mightily since their roster changes.

Counter Logic Gaming versus NRG Esports – Winner: Counter Logic Gaming

NRG eSports slide down the rankings continued with a quick loss to Counter Logic Gaming. Counter Logic Gaming had complete control of the game from the beginning. A sub-minion-spawning first blood began a monumental gold lead at ten minutes already pushing the game out of NRG eSports’ reach. The performance from Darshan “Darshan” Upadhyaha on Graves ended the game quickly and gave Counter Logic Gaming possession of the second seed and the sought after first round playoff bye. The loss for NRG eSports puts their playoff in jeopardy if they lose on the final day. Their dismal performance needs to be corrected quickly if they want to find their footing and make it into the postseason.


Source: Riot eSports

Immortals versus Team SoloMid – Winner: Immortals

Immortals completely dismantled the struggling Team SoloMid. Team SoloMid attempted to ban out Adrian “Adrian” Ma but that worked almost as well as Team SoloMid’s offseason roster changes. Immortals built a Yasuo-centric team composition and surrounded it with champions that could protect him. Seong “Huni” Hoon Heo was able to demolish all of Team SoloMid in essentially every team fight which gave them a quick win. Immortals asserted their dominance once again as the strongest team in North America and Team SoloMid’s problems were highlighted even further.

Team Dignitas versus Team Liquid – Winner: Team Liquid

Team Liquid secured their playoff spot with a promising win over Team Dignitas. Team Liquid was able to take control in the middle game. They nearly took down the Nexus but were ACED with it at extremely low health. They got a little too cocky in the final team fight and went for kills rather than the win. Ultimately though Team Liquid was able to backdoor the Nexus. The loss for Team Dignitas puts them in a tie for last place with Renegades. The game itself was disappointing from Team Dignitas perspective as they never looked to be at the same level as Team Liquid. Team Liquid played a bit too confidently in the game but their macro play looked promising and with give them a boon for the playoffs.

Cloud9 versus Echo Fox – Winner: Cloud9

Cloud9’s strong close to the season continued with a clinical win over Echo Fox. Cloud9 asserted dominance from the very beginning in pretty much every lane. They rotated around the map taking kills and objectives almost at will. Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen showed why he should be considered as MVP of the split as he was able to dominate the game through his roaming on LeBlanc. Echo Fox’s attempt to make the playoffs after their roster issues to start the season ended in a poor fashion. Their attempt to farm the game out failed as Cloud9 knew exactly how to take control by repeatedly killing the side lanes. Cloud9’s siege was eventually too much for Echo Fox to handle and their nexus fell.


Source: Riot eSports

Day 2

It was the day of Jhin appearances in the final week of NA LCS Spring Split, some more effective than others.

Starting the day off were Renegades versus Echo Fox – Winner: Renegades

In a teeter-totter game, where the leads fluctuated from minute to minute, it was Renegades that took home the win.  They got the first and second turret with no answer from FOX. In mid-game, FOX caught REN out of position a few time and Henrik “Froggen” Hansen’s Lux capitalized giving his team a 9-4 lead in kills. Despite the kill advantages FOX had, REN were up in turrets and gold most of the game. Later in the game, ECHO FOX over-extended in a team fight and gave REN the winning advantage. They rush into their base and pick up their 4th win in the last 5 games.


Source: Riot eSports

Next up on the rift were Team Liquid and Cloud 9Winner: Team Liquid

TL took an early lead and held on to it the entire time, picking up a clean and dominating win against C9. Miscommunication in the early game put “Balls” behind by staying too long in the lane swap. He was never able to recover and make a comeback. Within the first 7 minutes and 30 seconds of the game TL was knocking on C9’s top tier turrets.

Team Impulse vs ImmortalsWinner: Immortals

How often do you see a Jhin & Karma combo? Not often, but Immortals showed is that it can indeed be done. IMT broke a new North American record with their 94.4 win rate in the win against TIP. Immortals got the early lead and did not look back. Neither team seemed too interested in the dragon, as Immortals took the only one of the game. Seong Hoon Heo “Huni” recorded his second PENTAKILL of the season, this time with Ekko.

Just as expected Counter Logical Gaming defeated Team Dignitas, 7 – 1 in a 25 minute match. CLG had a commanding lead all over the map and took control of the game early.

In and intense battle between Team SoloMid and NRG eSports, it was NRG that came out on top. TSM gave up 4 kills at baron allowing NRG to take the lead. Shortly after, TSM came back only to fall behind again. They gave up a 10,000 gold lead within four minutes to their contenders. Winner: NRG eSports


Source: LoleSports

In the only tie-breaking match of the day Team Impulse played RenegadesWinner: Renegades
REN continued their win streak and took the 8th place seed in the standings, proving once again that they are now contenders.

North American quarterfinals begin April 02, 2016.

Post by: Iris Neagos and Timothy Smith
Cover Photo by: Josh Rigg

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    TL 4th FeelsBadMan

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    TSM should thank Echo Fox for their place in the playoffs. They don’t deserve it, and I’m sad for Froggen.