The beginning of this season has brought some changes to our organisation – with the addition of Tristan “PowerofEvil” Schrage in the midlane and Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martinez taking a step back, we also had to make some changes to our Coaching staff. With that being said, we have the pleasure to announce the addition of a new member to our coaching staff, former member and collaborator of Enigma eSports, Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgaard who is going to fill the Head Analyst position.

We wanted to hear more about Nicholas, so we asked xPeke about it:

“We want to announce the addition to the team of Nicholas Korsgaard – he has been working as an analyst with us for a few weeks now and we have decided he was the right person to fill the position of Head Analyst, after seeing his potential to help the team grow in strategy and picks and bans. To give a bit more context about the coaching staff here, we were in try-outs with our previous coach – Nicolai Larssen – and after not seeing it fit with the team, we decided to try other people. That was our intention since the beginning of the split, to get a few coaches we find suitable and do tryouts to see who could help us evolve. For the moment, we have put Ana Negueruela – who was our team manager – as interim coach while looking to fill this position, we will also be taking into consideration Nicholas’s activity during the upcoming week and decide on his final position within Origen.”

Meanwhile, we also wanted to meet Nicholas and welcome him to our team:

“It’s an honour and a privilage to get the chance to work with Origen and I am really excited and looking forward to work with the boys. Certainly, I am not going to throw around promises of success and of what changes and improvements I will make for the team. I am only going to promise one thing – I am going to give Origen everything I’ve got and do everything in my power to help them get back on top where they belong.” – Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgaard

  • jandrofvp

    LilSainity analista jefe melon

  • ELovexperience

    LilSainity de donde sale este hombre?XD

  • ELovexperience

    LilSainity es como deman y dexter juntos en una cara XD

  • LilSainity

    jandrofvp Same risas my friend Nico the Pico

  • Andres Valenzuela

    Por el nick apuesto que es Chileno XD … “Nico pal que lee”

  • Emiro Gomez

    The same here, I’m not blaming PoE of anything, but the team won a lot the last season cause of the great shot calling that “xPeke” did… and we kinda need that… Actually just bring xPeke back.

  • rosi7747

    Origengg would be nice for the team, so an experienced analyst. Provided that the guys are ready.

  • Vlanitak

    Obscurica thanks

  • Dennis Weeber

    aaaand peke still never did the shot calling dude ._.

  • Raiza Nerissa Veridiano

    All the best, Origen! 😀

  • PaulMoldovan

    xPeke was supposed to share the mid lane with PoE and I get that spring split was more to make the team have synergy with PoE, but please… please…. in the summer split the mid lane should be shared by the two players and not just PoE.

  • Josip Kovač

    XPeke said bring back season 2 or i’ll never comeback 😀