After an outstanding performance and impressive evolution throughout last year, the new season brought a lot of changes in Origen. Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez started sharing the mid lane with Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage, which proved to be a great choice after the performance at IEM San Jose.

However, the first week of the spring split came to an end with a negative result for Origen, which is why we wanted to talk to xPeke about performance, future plans for Origen and all unaswered questions that everybody have been thinking about in the last couple of days.

source: Riot eSports
source: Riot eSports

Q: You crushed the Challenger series, came second in the summer split, qualified to Worlds and got to semifinals. Did you ever imagine you would go so far with Origen in such a short period of time?

xPeke: Never thought it would be possible to make it as far as we did. We pretty much came in hoping to do really good and get the most out of the experience of playing in LCS for the first time together. Which means that this year, we can focus on bigger goals – now we will have the whole spring split and summer split to improve, learn and become better and hopefully aim for Worlds once again!

Q: There was a rumor at some point that after Worlds, you will either retire or become a coach. Now with the addition of PowerofEvil to the team, things got even more confusing. Everybody is wondering: are you a sub? What is your role in Origen now?

P: Well, it’s always hard to tell, for me it was always unclear if I would stop playing or not if I was to find someone better than me. Even though we have PowerofEvil, I still feel I want to play but with the best of one format is pointless for us to practice strategies that the enemies can be ready for. I believe it will become easier when we get to the playoffs and the summer split.

source: Riot eSports
source: Riot eSports

Q: Speaking of PowerofEvil, how do you compare your playstyle to his? Are we going to witness more of your well known-style in mid or PoE’s personal style will predominate?

P: My playstyle has changed a lot during the years, I have played every kind of role on the mid lane, from assassins, to mages. Throughout last year, I adapted to play pretty much what was needed in the team and played without many resources or at least, I found them myself. For PowerofEvil, I believe he is more used to get a lot of attention and more pressure in the lane, which is why I think now we have to find a way in which he is able to get resources without changing the team dynamic too much.

Q: What are your thoughts regarding Origen’s new coach and what expectations do you hold in terms of his possible performance?

P: For a coach right now, we are trying to figure out what is the most suitable for us. We will be having Nicolai “Hazel” Larsen as our head coach on tryouts to experiment a bit and see what kind of coaching do we need. If the coach is either more dedicated to analysis and game knowledge or help outside of the game. So if he is able to help us in one of these ways and we find him suitable, we will continue working with him.

source: Riot eSports
source: Riot eSports

Q: How do you describe the level of acceptance the team has shown towards the new coach?

P: It is hard to tell at the moment, since we have been with him for only one week so far. However, the guys are really open with him and try to communicate. This week we are going to focus on a more strict practice schedule and hopefully, get our first victory.

Q: What other changes are there planned for Origen this 2016?

P: At the moment, there is nothing planned. Mostly, we want to make sure our League team is going a 100% the right way, then look into making more content for our fans about LCS. When the time is right, we will jump into other titles as well.

source: Riot eSports
source: Riot eSports

Q: How do you feel about the recent changes in the pre-season and how will this affect the team’s play style?

P: At this time, it is hard to know as I feel no team really knows what is the best way to play the game. Sure, it is more fun because you can learn much more from every game, but it will take some time until we know if it will either be good or bad for us. There is so much to discover, but hopefully, in a few weeks, we can already start mastering the new meta.

Q: Who do you see as the biggest threat in EU during this split?

P: By the looks of it, I would say H2k, Vitality and Fnatic are going to be one of the best teams, at least talent-wise, it will depend on how they match up together but they do look scary.

Q: The new season brought a lot of changes to the scene, with players moving from one region to another. What region do you see as either rising or falling?

P: I think nothing has changed much to be honest, all the regions are going to stay the same. For Europe, losing the old Fnatic line-up will hurt the most, but also new strong teams came out so we will have to wait on that. For NA, I feel like it is the same as Europe – in paper, they do have some teams that look and should be strong but you never know.

source: Riot eSports
source: Riot eSports

Q: What do you think of the imports to the scene (ex: Emperor, Trick)?

P: Spirit has been a recognized jungler for a long time now, and he had a really good season in 2015 playing for WorldElite. Regarding Gamsu, I cannot really tell how good he is, although he did play for Dignitas last season. Nonetheless, it will depend on how it works having a lot more talent now in FNATIC. For Gamers2, there is Emperor who has been a really good ADCarry for a long time and has played all around the globe now. As for Trick,  I have never known much about him, so it will probably be surprising to see if he is as good as it is rumoured.

Q: Origen is starting to become an important organization with an impressive evolution in a short period of time. Is Origen going to expand into other games? Which one would you have in mind?

P: I am a big fan of shooter games too, so I hope we will be able to expand maybe to CS:GO, but I am more inclined towards OverWatch, which seems like a really fun game and I cannot wait to see some competition on it. I have played it myself, and had lot of fun.

Q: What are your expectations for this season?

P: We have not set any goals for this season yet – the mindset should be focused on small short-term goals. For now, we need to improve on all those little mistakes we did and fix them one by one. Afterwards, we can look at the bigger picture because once we realize that we are fixing those mistakes we will also see our true potential and how fast we are improving. Until then, we are going back to basics, although I am confident that we will get back on track and then aim for the gold.

source: Riot eSports
source: Riot eSports

Q: In your opinion, what are the major factors that will allow Origen to fulfill those expectations?

P: The way we see the game and the competition, we strive to be the best, even more when someone is better than us. We will be looking to get that first spot and if we are not able to, we will try harder!

Q: Taking into consideration all the recent events, would you like to say something to the fans? 

P: Even though we had a rough start, do not worry guys, after a few weeks you will see what we are made of!


Cover image by: Dwight Casin

  • Batuhan Karanfil

    guys, bring peke back please.

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  • Michael Peters

    Great stuff, just keep working. We have faith in you!

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  • Youcef Omar Ben Younes

    I think why POE is playing so poorly & not going for crazy picks & crazy plays, because he is feeling pressured of being in a team that he didn’t start with, back in UOL it used to be a team built around friends & trolling around with surprising picks & unexpected things & now he is in a team owned by someone else he does not want to take any risks. It’s like taking a creative chef from his kitchen & put him in another kitchen not owned by him. he won’t take any risks

  • DerToel

    xPeke we love you!!!!!! OG keep up the good job <333

  • JunaW001

    I love this guy so much haha<3 it would be nice if he did like a sub-team in LAN

  • Ryo Nakamine

    ^ that is very true tho a good player will have to take a risk at sometime thats how success comes 🙂

  • Chiro Seraph

    I just can’t wait to see how xpeke has improved his game during his breaks. Would he perform better or be at his best form when he comes back? I want to see riskier moves from him. Hope to see you play again as soon as possible, xpeke.

  • Corentin Deschamps

    True sadly, I think it will take some time and discussions between the team and PoE, but I think it can be really good. Come on guys, if xPeke chose him it’s because he has faith in him, let him some time 🙂

  • Matias Astete

    Quien me traduce lo que dice :c xD

  • Björn Wegener

    why r ppl complaining about poe he is by far the best in the team. 1st game was defently failed by soaz 2nd by amazing.

  • Samo Unger

    The team need you!

  • Storm Chaser

    Just let soaz play GP or any tanky champ and amazing things will happen…. Or just tell him that there is baguette in enemy nexus, he will backdoor them in no time !

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    Fenna spü is des!

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    Don’t worry guys
    We know you have potential. It’s just a matter of time, before you get into your performance from worlds 🙂

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    pls guys xpeke is my favourite player i just want too see him at least one game

  • ReecePruis

    Its only the 1st week mate. You guys will settle In soon and start tearing the scene to shreds, after all, its only the Spring split as well. #OGWIN

  • May_Mrad

    we want to see Xpeke for at least one game pls ! :$

  • Aesthetic Rafas

    the issue is that you all are rusty. Mechanicly speaking.. also try to play more early/mid game champs. Have amazing on more playmaking champs. like lee but make him play it tank not damage.

  • Stjepan Dodlek

    Niels > Zven even tho they are the same person Sven had some issues this week he is usually the strong carry now ge was trying to be just the carry he should return to the old nick probably stay positive 😀

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    Don’t you even dare to become a full time coach or retire.. that would kill my fandom.. >.<

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    Play more fast paced champs 🙂 and more wave clears 🙂 GO for the WIN Origen !!

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