We are delighted to announce that we will be attending a bootcamp in Korea. After a long season of hard work and dedication from the players, we managed to overcome a series of unfavourable odds to clinch the third European spot for Worlds.

Being the last seed in our region means that we are likely to be drawn against some of the toughest teams in League of Legends. We have no intention of showing up for worlds just to play; our intention is fight for every game and push ourselves as hard as possible. Getting out of group stages will be no easy feat, so we took the logical step to go to Korea to start practicing now.

The players are really pumped despite the long season. We had a short break this week with Amazing and Mithy going home for a few days, and sOAZ, xPeke and Niels staying in the gaming house. We still continued to scrim but took some time to breathe between the Play-off finals and the gauntlet before travelling to Korea.

Peke tearing up the howling abyss during some downtime

The hard work now begins all over again. We have about a month to prepare for Worlds and we decided to go to bootcamp to practice with the best teams to give the guys the best chance possible of succeeding in October. We will be flying out next week and will then get started straight away.

In the meantime, we caught up with some of the players to ask them a few questions about how they felt about the bootcamp.



Are you anticipating yet another shift in the jungle this season for worlds that you will want to practice during scrims?

Definitely, carry Junglers have shown to be more than effective once again with the likes of Elise, Lee, Kha’Zix and Rek’Sai gaining popularity recently. I see this trend continuing, and I anticipate to be on carry roles just like last year around Worlds.

What Jungler would you like to face during scrims?

I would definitely like to face Clearlove during scrims. He was quite mediocre last season but has turned it up with EDG this year and is potentially the best Jungler in the world. I want to test his greatness.

How effective do you think bootcamps are?

I think bootcamps are extremely effective if you have them in the right environment and the right mind-set. You shouldn’t come in to beat teams from other regions, you should come in and focus on what they are doing better than you and how you can learn their domestically specific strategies, picks and playstyles; just as they’ll learn from you.



How do you feel about going to Korea for the first time?

Think it’s going to be exciting if we get to scrim good Korean teams, and will be fun to see how good they are and how they play. It will also be an experience traveling to Korea.

What botlane would you most like to duo lane against?

I don’t really care that much about 2v2 laning but it would be fun to play vs the best bot lanes, like SKT or LGD.

What AD carries do you think will be strongest at worlds considering the recent patches and meta?

I honestly don’t know, I think we might see a big swing in AD picks. I think picks like Ashe, Twitch, Sivir, Kalista may be important but it could also just be the usual champs and maybe even Mordekaiser.



What do you think the bootcamp will help the most with?

It will be great to improve both individually and as a team. During bootcamp, the training environment is much better as everyone plays a lot more and improves mechanically. Discussing games as a team and preparing strategy also becomes more meaningful as you have a short term goal: improve for Worlds.

What advice would you give to players who are attending a bootcamp for the first time?

Enjoy the experience! It’s really exhausting but really fun at the same time.


20465392973_f3b3067e37_o (1)

What is the one area you would be looking to improve the most during that time?

I’m probably going to look to improve on trying to master more champions than just Lulu & Gangplank lel!

What do you think the team will be focusing on the most during scrims?

I think we are going to still focus on communication, how we give information, how to react to it the best we can and things like that.

We will keep you updated with the bootcamp and feel free to ask us questions below.


Edited by Will Kelly – @willokelly. Images from flickr – Riot Esports. 

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