Some months ago we announced the union between Origen and Ozone Gaming to begin a new product line with our brand.

Good news. Today we are happy to announce that the first result of this union is finally here. We are talking about the new Origen mouse pad, which you can find in our store.

The specifications of the mouse pad are the following:


Flawless perfOrmance

Weather you are using optical or laser mice, Ozone Origen Mousepad will work perfectly. Ozone Pro Gaming Teams just love this mousepad thanks to its microfiber texture ensuring precise and steady mouse movements.

NON-SLIP Rubber Base

The Ozone Meet the Pro Mousepad has been designed with a powerful rubber base to fix its position. So forget about correcting and moving the mousepad when you’re in action.


Size matters. Feel free to glide without restrictions. Make big and critical mouse movements thanks to its generous dimensions (400x450x4 mm).



This is only the beginning and Origen is already working hand to hand with Ozone for the new peripheral devices.

Remember that you can find and buy the new mousepad in the store.

  • Ato Martino

    Gg Origen, bonito mousepad, lo deseo D:

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    Origengg if i buy your icon can i get a free mousepad? :^)

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    Origengg are u gonna make a big version for mouse + keyboard??

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    i want this!

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    Origengg Thats one hell of a nice mousepad, but i already have 4 mousepads..

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    damn those are some sick pads guys

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    Origengg y eso seran unos 20€ yo por 3 € me lo hago en la imprenta de mi calle

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    Nosotros hicimos el diseño, CHATARRA STUDIO, puedes encontrarnos en facebook o twitter. Cualquier pregunta por privado. Un saludo.

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