During the Challenger series we played without an official coach; we had the help of analysts all this time.

Now that we’ll be playing the LCS, this role becomes necessary to strengthen our gameplay and coordinate all the staff. This will allow the players to focus on themselves and train during more time.

After evaluating many options, at this moment and time, we’ve decided that Ducky is the best candidate to fill this role. He helped us during our matches against CWA and since he won’t continue with ROCCAT, our intention is to begin a trial period under Ducky’s command. We believe this can help us reach our highest potential.

Please welcome Ducky as new coach and staff coordinator.

So today we decided to announce that im currently being tested for the coaching position of Origen!

After I left ROCCAT, I looked for a new team and chose to support Origen for their promotion series against CWA. Everybody agreed afterwards, that we should continue working together.

However, since Coaches are measured by sucess and ROCCAT had a very poor season, it’s understandable, that they want to take their time to test my input and abilities and make sure I’m a good fit for the team.
Therefore I will be supporting them until the first week of LCS and the decision if I stay will be made based on the work, that I have done to this point.
Regardless of the past and the upcoming decision, I will remain dedicated to coaching, as it is a field that is very underdeveloped and needs dedicated people to grow.

Wish me good luck.



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    Welcome ducky!

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    Welcome Ducky!!! 

    PD: What is your Twiter?

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    Welcome to Origen Ducky!!

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