Today we played the last match of the Challenger Series Spring Qualifier against Millenium Spirit. We came back from a defeat in the first game to take the match 2-1 and qualify for the Challenger Series Spring.

Starting on the 17th of February, we’ll play a league with the following six teams:

  • n!faculty
  • LowLandLions.White
  • Origen
  • Reason Gaming
  • SK Gaming Prime
  • Team Nevo

Everything will be broadcasted and you’ll finally be able to see us in action.

  • Nfawkes

    Op! Espero ver a Origen en la LCS!… Mucha suerte chicos desde LAN!

  • AlexMcLeod

    Come one Xpeke, If not for yourself, or your fans all around the world, do it for Sjokz.

  • massvz

    Hi Origen,
    I have 2 questions:
    Did you guys have a hard time to beat those teams?
    How is the synergy in the team?

    Greetings your supporter!

  • Enriqueeere

    massvz its always hard to beat any team under pressure, all games felt hard even tho we were really ahead even the first game we lost we were ahead. so yea it felt hard

    the synergy is pretty good most of the time in terms of talking out our opinion and what has to be done even tho we are not still at our best level sometimes we are not in the same page and fk up because of it

    expectations i guess are to do pretty good above the rest and stay top1-2, which can change once we get to play this teams more often

  • ManuelBonilla

    no te olvides de la gente en español xpke .. somo muchos xD

  • ManuelBonilla

    Se que copiar no es bueno pero podrias poner mas link para ver sus partidas tipo azubu con faker, asi podemos saber mas de tu equipo y que cojan aun mas notoriedad!

  • maycae

    Enhorabuena chicos, estoy muy contenta de vuestros éxitos, no esperaba menos de vosotros 🙂

  • xBlossom

    xpeke you could use twitch, azubu or youtube more with your new team, your fans want to see them 😀

  • congratulations!!!!!!!!!!i am watching it now…….

  • WildCrow


  • JoelLigeiro

    hooooooo yeah! xD

  • tsimi9

    I have only 1 question:
    Where can i see the stream of the game?
    If u say it before sorry, i didn’t saw it.
    Puedes contestar en español si quieres, te lo digo en ingles porque asi lo entendera mas gente.

  • Jets

    Ne0 Jets @Jetslove81 Here is the matches for round 2

    Round 2 games

  • DeCastroSeanVoncken

    Congratulations on the win!
    I saw how xpeke picked zed directly after the 2nd game because the MSP midlaner had a weaker laning phase, but made good plays in teamfights, but you guys dd great! You managed to find a way to counter their all-in combo’s with Sion :D! I hope you guys got a huge morale from that because you guys did great. 
    1 question tho, If you guys manage to win this Challanger series or become 2nd, will u be qualified for the LCS next year or next split?

  • revo9963
  • Shived

    Enriqueeere massvz Fast question, I really want to know who is topping and ad-carry because I like Zvanillan more he seems to have more stable performance. also Really need to know the top laner I love the top laner who played Irelia… more than the others but I really need to know who is it topping… 

    This is the only EU team I have ever supported and start to support don’t let me down!

  • Sax3r28

    What do you think about Fnatic spring-doing without you and sOAZ?
    Do you think they still need time to play like you usually did?
    And…when are we going to see you all at LCS? Wanna see how peke-amazing work at that level